A warm harbor

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Since our ancestors invented the ship, they have to look for harbors that can avoid the wind and waves.. So is life. Parents give us life, and family is our first and safest harbor.     It is true that the course of more than 30 years has gone a long way and can not be measured with ordinary measuring tools. The annual rings of the four seasons will not be a straight line, but will always be curved. All the efforts we have made and the ships we have sailed out have returned to our starting point from the other side.. Returning to simplicity and truth is also our final destination.     From an ignorant girl to someone else’s bride, she finally finished being an ordinary mother, thus creating a new warm harbor. The warmth of home is the most important source of happiness and happiness in life. Home is our safest haven. When we encounter wind and waves outside and can’t resist them, we can only go home to avoid them.. When we are wronged outside, we can go home and talk to our family about our confusion. When we have been wandering for a long time, we will think of the harbor where we started.     Home is important to all of us. In today’s era of soaring house prices, we are still willing to be house slaves and fight for a home with our life’s fate. Why? Not just to have a home of their own. I want to have a home, a place that doesn’t need to be gorgeous, and when I am tired, I will think of it. I want to have a home, a place where I don’t need much. When I am frightened, I won’t be afraid of” Pan Meichen’s classic songs, singing the feelings of homesickness of those wandering outside.. In fact, home is not luxury, not riches and honour. Even if it looks a little poor and shabby, it is more important than anything if it can accommodate itself and feel warm.. Famous writer Yu Qiuyu said,’ Home is a kind of missing’. I want to be right. When we go out for a long time, although we are far away from home, we still can’t forget our hometown. Home is a series of social relations with home as the core link. homesickness is about family ties with home as the core. We advocate going home often, that is, advocating a kind of affection and a sense of belonging to the family. No matter how long we have been out there, a homesickness complex can never be solved. Because it contains an emotion. There is a good saying: no matter how hard you fall, home will always be your safest port.     Mother’s love is also a warm harbor, which is the kind of feeling that lies in the mother’s arms to calm the sweet smell.. Maternal love is great. She can give everything selflessly for her children.. When we were born parents, when our children encounter setbacks or diseases, the hearts of parents will naturally be broken.. In the battle against setbacks and diseases, motherly love often helps us overcome difficulties. Nothing is stronger and stronger than this.     Women are outstanding architects in building families. Women are a pillar of warm harbor. Missing is a long red line that ties two ends together. One end is a late-night sail, full of fatigue or joy; On the other side is the anxiety of holding one’s heart and waiting for another.. This kind of tie wire is the best combination for the only family. Warmth is the goal everyone dreams of pursuing, and it is the premise of happiness. When we are bathed in the warm sunshine, we look at the returning sails. When we watched fishing boats sing late and smoke fills the air, what we enjoyed was such insipidity. What is happiness? Not splendor, not delicacies, not vanity, but a down-to-earth plain life. Plain light is true.     Home is a person under the roof. The roof is used to shield against the wind and rain, and the roof is also supported by people.. A pair of strong hands, a strong shoulder and a pillar of indomitable spirit are prerequisites for maintaining family safety.     Women’s flexibility is the basis for preventing family from falling apart, while men’s rigidity is the guarantee for maintaining family stability.This rigid-flexible model is the most perfect structure in the family construction industry. If you add a lovely child, this three-legged posture is the most stable form in mechanics.     The family comes from marriage, which is the final result of marriage. The fact that the two strangers are holding hands may prove that fate 500 years ago created this life’s encounter. A heart-to-heart encounter planted a tie between the two sides; A heart-to-heart collision strikes a spark of love. Some drops are a brick and a tile. A belief is a pillar, a citron; A platform that insists on building a home. Therefore, a family was established on the land of society.     Home is an ant nest and home is a bird’s nest. Have a home to have a dream. We can fly with our dreams without worrying about the future, because there is a home behind you. We can go sailing with our dreams, because there is a harbor behind us to shelter you from the wind and rain. Warm can bring you motivation, warm can bring you happiness. Only a warm harbor can let you fly safely and sail safely.

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