Be a bitch’s mother

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Up to now, I don’t understand whether it was a divine will or a divine arrangement. Grandma died of illness two years after Grandpa’s death.. Grandma is two years younger than Grandpa. They died at the same age, aged 59, and no one will spend the year of flower armour..     I still don’t understand why grandma gave birth only to her father, the only child, in an age when there were many people, many children and many blessings.. When I was a child, I often doubted that my father might have been found under the bridge when he was collecting firewood or brought back by grandma when she was down in the ditch, but with some adults chatting, I slowly recognized my father as their only sibling, because grandma was born in a snowy winter night and couldn’t go to the commune hospital at all, and grandpa knocked on the door of the midwife in the village through the thick snow.. Grandma was afraid that her father would be frozen. A sack was wrapped around her father and she only wore a thin layer of cotton-padded clothes. She lost her ability to strengthen her family at this point when she fell ill in the moon.. As a result, grandma and grandpa lived a very humble, cowardly, confused and fearful life in such an airless time..     With’ qi deficiency’, grandma must marry a’ disappointing’ mother again. Mother gave birth to three of our girl films one after another. It’s a real family misfortune. Perhaps the premature death of grandparents is related to our ” three thousand catties”, which has weighed heavily on their minds, made them stand up and lift their heads, and even their father has lost all face … Ah, but the mother is an obedient and easy person, and she thinks it’s destined to be so.. The girl film is at least a warm coat, which is much milder than the one with an empty heart and a cool body.. Father taught abroad and seldom came home when he was unhappy, but it happened that he was very rare when he was happy in the year, so we didn’t seem to have much to do with him at that time, and only knew in vague thoughts that we also had a father and only earned money far away from home.. We don’t know where to go. Mother said that our father was tall, handsome, hardworking and kind, and that our flower jackets were all bought by the father for money, but the father wanted us to be rare. We lit our heads and saw our mother wipe tears with a smile or wipe tears with a smile … Ah, although she couldn’t find anything to do with giving birth to children, she had her own set in running the house.. Grandparents and grandmothers wear clean clothes to death. They comb their hair, cut their nails, and mothers often do these tasks for them and talk about household chores.. When grandma died, she took her mother’s hand and said, ” Girl, she’s mother, live well with three girl movies. I can also think about it … Mother cried for two days and two nights in front of grandpa’s and grandma’s tomb … Mother became more silent, mother became more industrious, and she seemed to hold her breath and work cleanly and quickly … After grandma left, the scene of our family became a hollow family in the eyes of the people around us, although we live flexibly.”.     Father’s four cousins razed the vegetables grandma planted before her death and planted saplings in the yard where grandma and grandpa once lived. My mother found out the reason why my fourth uncle’s family questioned him. The fourth uncle’s belly was big and his waist was thick and his spirit was strong: this courtyard should be owned by his family and has nothing to do with his account.. The mother said, ” If a girl is half a child, I have half a son.”. Fourth uncle laughed in the air: ha ha, it’s too late to be unfilial. do you want to be crazy?! Mother said: Yes, I naturally want to have a daughter, and I will also want to have grandchildren and grandchildren, but you haven’t even thought about a woman so far. I’m afraid you won’t even have a daughter at that time, and you will lose your family than I do.! Nearly 30 – year – old fourth uncle’s family circumstances were bad and ugly, and he was immediately stunned with embarrassment, then quickly blushed and cursed his mother.. He didn’t scold his mother. He spilt dirty words on us maliciously. He knew it would be the mother’s most sore spot . Ah, listen to his bad words, which are worse than animals. For the first time, I know what it is like to be sad and what it tastes like to be insulted. For the first time, I realized that we were living in the crevice of the crowd, wandering in people’s critical eyes, climbing in indifference without human dignity … Ah, at that moment, I gathered strength, clenched my fist, and tears in my eyes hurt. I decided to rush toward the hungry wolf and hit the evil dog with my strength.. My mother grabbed me, took my sister’s hand, stared at fourth uncle bitterly for a while, and turned to go home. Let fourth uncle jumped up behind his back and scolded him, never saying anything again . Ah, my tears brushed down at that moment, but I didn’t cry. I lifted up my face and looked at my mother, who seemed calm and hard.. I don’t understand why my mother wanted to do this. I thought I couldn’t stand the moment when my mother would pounce on the villain frantically, slapping his face with her fingernails and biting his ears with her mouth. Ah, although these mothers may not be able to do this, she doesn’t even have a try. Do we allow anyone to trample on this?? With what? With what? Suddenly I hated her a little at that moment. It turned out that she was just a plain wife and a good mother. Even if she had a knife rest around her neck, she could not change her original goodness.. I also began to hate myself for being a daughter . Ah, my mother still left me with an unexplained move. She took us to the house, poured sugar water and let us drink a large bowl of it.. Mother can not even touch sugar particles at ordinary times, how suddenly so extravagant? Mother boiled the eight eggs in the basket, one for each of the three of us, and she swallowed the other five in front of us. I was dismayed: Has mother’s brain been stimulated or she no longer loved the three girls who brought’ shame’ to the family?? My mother gave us some dry food and said she had a headache and asked me to take my sister to aunt Li’s house in the east courtyard to play.. Don’t come back if you don’t find us . Ah, I pulled my sister into Aunt Li’s house with wishful thinking.. The yard of aunt Li’s house is very large. generally, we don’t know if we play with aunt Li’s children outside, but I don’t seem to be in the mood to play like before. I need to see my mother who drank sugar water, ate eggs and had headaches.. I entrusted my sister to aunt Li to lie about getting things home. My mother was closing the door. I hid in the corner and looked at a hammer in her armpit without making any noise and silly wait for a while.. Mother walked straight to the fourth uncle’s house. Mother first came under the shack in his house and smashed his pot with a thud. She rushed into the main house and smashed his dinner table without waiting for his family’s response.. Mother’s long hair and wailing cry: Sib turtle, you wasted my daughter’s fart but you let it go. I’ll go to the brigade commune and sue you for a turtle when I’ve smashed your home! You don’t give Lao tze clarify this matter, Lao tze let you do eight years jail to destroy your lifeblood! If you come out to me and the wimp sows bad food, I’ll let you cheat in three points and cheat in four points. I’m not only out of business today, but I don’t even want my life.. Grandparents bullied me, and today my life is here for ancestors … ah, where did the fourth uncle’s family see this kind of appearance, and they expected that the always docile mother would jump back so desperately and get up and down into chaos in the phalanx.. Fourth uncle’s brothers and sisters all came to persuade him, and the big ye slapped him severely according to fourth uncle’s face: the pig and dog are inferior to what the beast said! Turn to mother again: it’s all my fault. don’t be like this animal.The whole family can’t be angry and break their bodies … Ah, mother is still indomitable: everything else is said, my good girl will let this animal’s mouth dirty, I must make a statement.. Let him go to the police station with me to make it clear, otherwise it would be useless to bring you here for eight generations . Ah, the fourth uncle suddenly had to plop down in front of his mother and take her hand and hit him in the face: sister – in – law! sister-in-law! You give me a break! That’s what I said, asshole. I made amends to three nieces, and I made amends to ancestor. I just want to occupy the yard of uncle . Ah, occupy the yard? Don’t wipe your eyedroppings and see clearly. You won’t get your share in my family for eight generations. Don’t be wishful thinking about it on my head.. I’m good at bullying, aren’t I? Many people are strength. That was the time of fighting devils. I don’t respond to the national family planning policy. I can also have children. Even if I didn’t know anything about your little darling in my life . Ah Si Shu and his sister-in-law pulled out all the seedlings planted, comforted my mother for a while and dispersed one after another . Ah, my mother sat cross-legged on the stone in grandma’s yard, with the hammer on her leg, and she looked around the yard dazed at the old houses.. I know: My mother must be very tired … Ah, I squatted down the corner of the room, covered my tears eyes with my palm, and my heart trembled with astringency: My mother seized me and left the harsh and harsh place in order not to hurt us more.. I moistened my throat with sugar water, gathered strength with eggs, and then saved our lives to redeem our dignity and lay the foundation for our survival … Ah, my mother is 60 years old this year, past the age when my grandparents left.. The mother’s body is very hale and hearty, and her three grandsons are her strongest strength.     Fourth uncle finally married a widow in the next village at the age of 35 and brought back a pretty little girl. Four aunts never gave birth again, but fourth uncle took the girl as if she had already given birth . ah, my humble pen carved a scene like a mother’s shrew, and the pain accumulated in my heart for many years has swung away layer by layer . ah, no matter what kind of human nature the mother developed, it was out of love for her children. I understand this point and I will always remember it.!     Mother, you don’t know to love you when you don’t understand, but you grow old when you know to love you. This love is related to life and death, love when life exists and love when life dies out. Love always shines brightly, and those who know love love love endlessly!![ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]

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