Daughter goes home

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The eldest daughter married Guangdong far away and didn’t go home for three years.     My daughter is pregnant again and wants to go home. Grandpa paid for protective talisman and they will come back.     The strangeness lasted only one night. The next day, the little guy will not treat himself as an outsider. He will analyze the situation. He will analyze when he sees the intimacy between my mother and me. I am a relative of my mother.. He heard his mother call my mother, and Zou pondered over it for a moment with his eyebrows. Finally he analyzed that’ Grandma is the mother of my mother and Grandma is the mother of my father. ”” grandma spoil him, grandma will spoil him. As a result, the family became his own. He kept chasing this ” Little Grandma” for a second ( I don’t know how he classified me as ” Little” ). We played a TV series. Young aunt bought a set of toy tableware for us. We cooked, stewed soup, fried fish, stir-fried dishes – everything, trash cans, refrigerators, washing machines, smoking machines, water taps, air conditioners – everything, of course, are substitutes.. We also have a group of little friends, little female rabbits, batman rabbits, black children, little donkeys and wolves – we have our own house, our own bed and our own sofa. We do morning exercises, sing ” returning from shooting”, we perform programs, sing ” black child”, sing ” little donkey” and sing – he looks at me smiling, blinking his eyes, seemingly casually, and when we don’t care, he even sings those songs with vivid colors, even turning, whispering, pitch, movement and expression, all of which are just me alive and well..     Little guys will be jealous and jealous. The younger sister came with her sister, who was only 11 months old. This mixed boy came to anger. He started with a public slap, a drag and a sneak attack under our reprimand. In fact, he was eating my vinegar. The little girl came. I couldn’t play series with him wholeheartedly. The little girl always made trouble. He was annoyed and envious of my intimacy with the little girl – Grandma was his and his own.. This day he beat his sister again and was reprimanded by his mother. I was lying in the house. He came in and pushed me hard. His eyes looked at me straight, his eyes, his grievances, his discontent, his questions, and more of them were expectations.. I said, ” Ah, injustice.”! Mom scolded you. Come on, Grandma. ‘ His small mouth was flat. It was a real grievance, not a normal grievance. He hugged me tightly and said, ” Grandma, play with me.”. Yes, my sister is here. I didn’t play well with him. I said, ” OK, come on, let’s play.”. ‘ We are serious about starting TV series. Just as she was on the rise, the little girl came and grabbed me by the back at once.. This is good. The boy was in a hurry and broke his throat and shouted, ” You go, you go, grandpa, you go.”. ‘ finally cried. I said, ” Take it away quickly. It’s too small to understand. Take it away.”. ‘ He is playing wild in Dalian and doesn’t want to go back. If anyone wants to say he wants to go back, his face will be pulled down immediately. This day we played with our walkie – talkie, and I said, ” Did he learn a *’ XX”’? I was in Dalian, you asked express delivery to send me away – ” Speaking of which, his face was pulled down and his tone was urgent. I haven’t said the next sentence yet. He came up with a groan:” Grandma doesn’t want me anymore. ”. We all laughed and I quickly said, ” Yes, yes, Grandma wants you.”. ”

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