Father’s Pride

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Father’s Pride Symbol Son got a job in a beautiful seaside city after graduating from college.   For this reason, the father in the countryside often said to others with a bass that could not hold back his joy: ” My son is working in A city.”.   Later, in the face of the economic crisis, his son lost his job because of his willfulness. One day, I called back to say that I wanted to go back to my hometown. His father was livid and shaking for a long time and said, ” no”. The lights of the cabin lit up all night. The next morning, the father drove the morning bus to his son’s city..   By the time they arrived, it was already dark. The large community was brightly lit and his son was playing a game.   ‘ Have you eaten yet? asked the father.   No, I didn’t even eat lunch. ‘ son looked at the computer screen, absent-minded answer.   I’ll make some noodles. ‘ father went to the kitchen. In the kitchen, the infamous bowl chopsticks filled the pool with sour taste … Ah, put a bowl of noodles in front of the computer and looked at the son who didn’t twist his head. His father walked slowly to the sofa and took a day’s car and had to rest for a while..   The window was milky white, ” there was no money to answer.”. ‘ wipe off a drop of sauce mark in front of his son with his fingers, and his father put a roll of money on the table.   ‘ Well” didn’t look up. His son’s hands were still knocking on the keyboard.. The screen reflected his face miserably green and miserably green, and even his eyes looking at the money turned purple..   Remember to look for a job! ‘ father holding the door, leaned back and said.   The son called again to buy a house, saying it was about his girlfriend’s condition. The lights of the cabin lit up all night again. In the early morning of the next day, father went to visit relatives’ houses one by one.   ‘ This is the down payment, the home can only gather together so much. ‘ dusty father put a card on his son’s desk.   ‘ Interest is very high, so I have to repay the loan for my salary. ‘ son took a face, muttering.   ‘ I and your mother pack more acres of land, also for you. ‘ Father’s speech speed is different from the usual slow, but very stable.   The son stopped calling and the cabin returned to its former calm.   Local property, ” I heard that your son is outside? Oh, in city a, you have already bought a house and taken root. Father raised his head and smiled. Pride slowly passed out on his face, rippling in every deep wrinkle.. ( Absolute Originality )[ Responsible Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]

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