Hometown care

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One mountain and one water is not as good as Guilin’s landscape, but it is also a love that I can’t give up from the bottom of my heart. Like my parents who gave birth to me, blood is thicker than water. One flower and one leaf, the affectionate eyes of my hometown are pulling the footsteps of traveling children to go out to study, and the feeling of hometown is pervading and has become a concern.. – The inscription grew up in northern Serbia from an early age and became accustomed to the magnificence of the mountains and rivers in northern China. The tawny mountains are like soldiers guarding the motherland and stand upright on the land of the Three Jin Dynasty.. Since ancient times, green hills and green waters have made the scenery in the south less rugged than that in the north, the grandeur of the terracotta warriors and the magnificence of the Yungang grottoes. this unique scenery in the north looks pale in any euphemism..     When I was a child, I often meandered all the way along the flagstone road, looking for playmates in my childhood, and also looking for lost childlike innocence.. At that time, there was no clear definition of the future, only knowing that they enjoyed their own happiness among countless bricks and dolls made of cloth.. I am a very quiet girl. I seldom play with children of the same age in my spare time. It seems that my childhood life is full of memories and has deserted most of it and become a scenery that can never stop in real life.. Now that I think about it, I cannot help regretting that countless children are proud of their childhood life, but they have nothing to do with me..     Slowly, I grew up. Because of grandpa’s bookshelf, childlike eyes have the breath of hope again. I was dazzled by the mountain of books of literature, history and philosophy. I hungrily took nourishment from the sea of books and fell in love with words bit by bit. I remember that I was facing an entrance examination in junior high school. I spent a week reading a thick draft of the Water Margin Regulations after studying hard. Until a week, I was still immersed in the story of the novel.. At that time, I loved literature very much, and felt that it would be fun to travel in the text..     My hometown has dyed my soul with her unique charm. In the past decade or so of studying in my hometown, I have gradually changed from an ignorant girl to a man with knowledge and ideals. I think this is inseparable from the edification of hometown customs and the education of parents’ elders.. It is because of the existence of many people who pay silently behind us that we can not lose our way in the face of prosperity and not sink in the face of adversity.. But rather supercilious, striving hard and enterprising in our own study or work position.     The years are gone forever. The little girl who didn’t know anything now also left her hometown to study on a speeding train.. Every Mid – Autumn Festival, I really want to go back to my hometown immediately and tell my family about it, watching the local residents and their family enjoy themselves at the table.. The full moon sends homesickness, and my heart rests on the bright moon. Su Shi said, ” I don’t know what year is this evening in the palace of heaven.”. ‘ Yes, I am in a foreign land, looking at the bright moon in the sky. I seem to see the boundless landscape of my hometown in my trance, but I don’t know what day or night I am at this time.. Stay calm down, then heart sad again.     Hometown, please take my care with my blessing. May you fight bravely against the socialist sky with your happy wings. Tomorrow, you will be better..

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