40 and confused ( 2 ) )

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I am not a full fatalist, but I also agree that people should speak of nature.. A person’s life is ordered by what family he was born in, what environment he grew up in and what era he lived in..     Bathed in the afterglow of the national package distribution policy, the’ mixed fellow’ and’ different moods’ parted from Guizishan. I was assigned to Hubei Province / Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Western Hubei Province / Enshi City / Shengjiaba District Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. / Maluhe Rosa roxburghii Experimental Station, and I couldn’t go to the grass-roots level anymore. Compared with many college students who are unemployed when they graduate, we were lucky at that time. Somehow there is a unit that accepts you.. Director Wan of the District Supply and Marketing Cooperative is a respectable old leader, with more than 100 men, women and children in the unit, accounting for nearly half of the total number of retirees alone, and there are still graduates and employees’ children waiting to be arranged continuously every year.. With the rise of individual industrial and commercial households, the situation of supply and marketing cooperatives is getting worse every year. Despite this, Shengjiaba Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. has become one of the few profit units in the city’s supply and marketing system under his leadership.. I was chosen by him personally. He said he had his shadow when he looked at my file in the city association, and I could read his father’s love from his eyes.. In the office of the unit, there are three generations of old, middle and young people together, so I understand the difficulties of leadership in my work arrangement.. Although I was also prepared, I gasped when I reported to the Malukhe Rosa roxburgh test station with my bedding roll: cliffs on both sides of the river, deep and quiet valleys, a stone arch bridge on the river connecting the two sides of the road, and two or three families lying on both sides of the road.. The open area of the floodplain is a piece of Rosa roxburghii land, where a boy who has just taken part in the work will work at sunrise and rest at sunset. Maybe my heart will be deserted when it is no longer overgrown with weeds.. I can’t help but be moved by this strange river, the Malu River, which winds for nearly 30km in Shengjiaba, flows into the Yangtze River through Tangya River in Fuling, Chongqing, and flows back more than 3800 miles from east to west. I don’t know if it shows me anything.! My youth will flow away with it, my loneliness and sadness will flow away with it, my thoughts and cares will flow away with it, and my hopes and prayers will flow away with it … There is no TV in the canyon. Fortunately, I have set the rules for participating in prose and the draft for participating in pop songs. They accompany me through shy youth with the clinging and difficult climbing Gu Teng on the cliff..     Later, several jobs were also transferred in the system, but they were still alive and well, and the general trend was difficult to reverse.. My smart, beautiful, kind and simple Badong girl is also in a bad situation. Whenever I think of her, I can’t help singing to participate in the Northern Spring Bill. For many years, we have only put each other in our hearts and carefully guarded a sacred but dare not stretch out my hand to touch it.. Unwilling to bow to fate, she left her job without pay and went to the south. Where does she need to call affectionately?? For her and for myself, I set up a stall in every market, went all over the state to sell chickens in eight counties and one city, saved up thousands of oceans in the shortest time, and then threw away the broken iron rice bowl’ thud’ with the determination that the strong men will never return.. This is the second watershed in my life. After seven or eight years’ delay, we have no more capital to consume.     ( to be continued ) )

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