4 departments: management-related service industries to strengthen institutions for disabled persons shall be registered according to law

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Data for: the disabled vocational skills competition。
Reporter Liu Yang Ran taken "measures" to strengthen the management of the service sector made a clear request for Disabled。 In recent years, services for the disabled organized by the state, society, individuals in large numbers, but based on the lack of industry management, management responsibilities are not clear and other issues put forward specific provisions to strengthen the management of the service sector of persons with disabilities。
  "Measures" to define the target range of services people with disabilities。
That state, society and individuals organized, legally registered specifically to provide support for people with disabilities, care support, care, institutional rehabilitation, employment and other related auxiliary services, but excluding the "Individuals with Disabilities Education Regulations", "special education schools Interim order "and other provisions of the disabled vocational education institutions, so as to limit the scope of restructuring and management of objects in various institutions to provide maintenance and other service-based care。   "Measures" clear industry management service organizations of persons with disabilities as well as responsibilities and tasks China Disabled Persons Federation。
Proposed civil affairs at all levels, health planning, human resources and social security departments and other industry management service organizations of persons with disabilities, according to the main content regulation functions and Disability Services to provide services, China Disabled Persons' Federation in accordance with laws and regulations or to accept government Disabled commissioned services regulation, which provides direct evidence for regulatory Disability services。
  "Approach" emphasizes the Disability Services should be registered according to law requirements。 Propose different industries, different nature, different investment subject Disability Services held should be registered in the appropriate registration authority in accordance with existing laws and regulations。 Management proposed registration requirements of non-profit and for-profit service organizations of persons with disabilities service organization of people with disabilities, regulate the registration and management services behavior of people with disabilities in accordance with law, thus emphasizing the access requirements of people with disabilities service organization, will help protect people with disabilities when the legitimate rights and interests of receiving services。   "Measures" provide standardized service requirements of persons with disabilities service organization。 "Measures" on the basis of summarizing the practical development results, provides assessment services, service agreements, fees, service standards, labor training, health care services, rehabilitation aids configuration, psychological counseling, recreation services, special requirements, service termination 11 aspects of service delivery requirements。 "Measure" service organizations of persons with disabilities to receive people with disabilities, to assess their basic information, it should be signed, clear responsibilities of the service agreement has the force of law and to accept service of people with disabilities or their agents, and the general provisions of the service agreement should set out 10 issues, so as to promote Disability services to improve program management, standardized and scientific level。   "Measures" to define the internal organization of the disabled service management requirements。
It provides management requirements seven aspects of the management system, personnel management, financial management, accessibility, file management, charitable donations, security management。 In particular, it provides for the establishment Disability Services improve the safety management system and working mechanisms of responsibility for care, nursing, meals, and other special facilities and equipment, real-time monitoring device installed in public areas, develop emergency plans, as well as in accordance with emergency procedures handle emergencies and other security and emergency management requirements, the maximum level of protection of disabled persons personal safety and legitimate rights。
  "Measures" to define the requirements of supervision and management service organizations of persons with disabilities。
Disability Services defined the legal liability and penalties and industry management, improve service specialization, standardization of the management level of service organizations of persons with disabilities。 "Measures" from information sharing, seven aspects of the industry watchdog, professional assessment, internal supervision, social supervision, statistical analysis, and down supervision, supervision and management requirements for the proposed services for persons with disabilities, reflecting the government, social, institutional multi-stakeholder involvement , both internal governance and external oversight, to jointly promote the development of standardized Disability services health ideas。

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