Autumn whispers

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– The weather was fine this morning when you visited Tai Chi Island, and with days of overtime, you were bored and anxious and rarely came out for a walk.. I’m determined to ride a bike, ” a long journey” to tai chi island.     Walking on the broad riverside road, the clear river water along the way, the melon and fruit in the surrounding farmland are fragrant and warm, and autumn is dense.. A lock of neat rows of vegetable beds, rows of elegant farmyards and green lotus ponds, tingting’s pure lotus flowers are dotted with stars on the thick lotus leaves that do not meet the water. it’s really’ the lotus leaves are infinite blue next to the sky, and the lotus flowers on the sun are different in color’. Approaching the lotus pond, occasionally poof wait for a while surprised and flew up ducks. In the distance, one or two yachts raced across the calm water, rippling round and round over the surrounding villages.? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? KW Type = 0 & KEYWORD = + % C1 % F4′ TARGET =’ _ BLANK’ > Would you like to take it because of the collapse of the mountain in the south of the city? Low – income countries; Warming the remote village and the smoke in yiyi market. Early – rising fishing enthusiasts, some of whom are taking out’ equipment’, some of whom are already fishing leisurely, are admired for their calm, steady and persistent talk on their faces.. Although the mid – autumn sun has risen, it is not hot and dry, but warm and warm. a pale gray cloud in the sky and distant mountains such as Dai constitute an extremely beautiful picture scroll.     I put down my car and sat down in a quiet place by the river. I enjoyed and squandered this rare leisure and freedom wantonly. In a comfortable and leisurely, casual and rambling place, I slowly let go of the multifarious and noisy world dust, the heavy and trivial life, and the hypocrisy and impetuosity of the soul. I like quiet, more like plain, I like simplicity, more like simplicity.. I sat on a stone, surrounded by dense reeds and lush vegetation, so that I could hardly see everything around me but the lake in front of me.. All right, I’m temporarily separated from reality and allowed my thoughts to float in the sky and my soul to indulge.. I quietly looked at everything around me. Autumn is a season full of life. Some moths, small reptiles, earthworms and birds flying by from time to time that I have never seen before are more interesting than others.! Everything seemed so fresh and natural, although it was in the morning, only when I was a child did I hear insects and cicadas singing in the summer and night in the fields, and it seemed to bring people into a carefree and childlike childhood. At that time, we could say everything we could do was to swim by the Taohe River, climb up the tall apricot trees to steal apricots and dig bird nests, catch fish in the Huangqu, and catch pheasants on the hill next to the village.. There are all kinds of games that can’t be called names now, often playing in a dark world, forgetting parents’ instructions on housework when they leave, forgetting to eat, and certainly returning home without a storm.. ‘ Spit spit spit – ” Suddenly a rapid sound of the speedboat Mada surprised my mind. The speedboat left ripples on the calm lake, and at the same time it set off ripples on my heart lake.. I sat quietly and looked woodenly at the distance, flying grey cranes and waterfowl from time to time on the flourishing bird island to play in the sky and return to their habitat suddenly and calmly. This is really their paradise, because it is an island, so there are few threats from other natural enemies and people’s troubles, enjoying the rare pure land and tranquility in the modern industrialized society, like a paradise. ” Ha ha ha -” Not far away, a few boys and girls were carrying bags, holding hands and rolling up their trousers to play by the river, watching them bring a lot of things and relaxing while taking advantage of this rare leisure time. I looked at my watch and said, ” Oh, it’s time to cook for my daughter, and my thoughts and people have to return to reality.”.     Along the way, I thought as I walked, people are actually putting invisible shackles on themselves and will not adjust or relax themselves.. Strive for fame and profit, aim high and get tired of fame. This is not enough, nor is it enough, nor is it too few. In this society full of copper fishy smell and material desires, in fact, I want to untie myself. As Miss Wei Shusheng said, the most rare thing for people is a common heart.. In this strange society, as an educator, when dealing with gains and losses, successes and losses, and gains and losses, the most rare thing is a common heart. Only in this way can people be calm, relieved and suddenly enlightened..     On Sept. 2011, fifteen was in liujiaxia

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