Before the first morning glow

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‘ Starting the expedition in the morning, the guest will travel to his hometown in sorrow.. Every time I read Wen tingyun’s song about participating in Shangshan morning travel regulations, my heart was full of pain. Xinghui hasn’t dispersed yet. A few crows broke the silence of the night air. The moon has hung westward, revealing half a face in the distant mountain edge.. From a distance, all houses in the mountains are still closed. The wanderer living in a foreign land did not sleep all night and pushed open the window when the first cock crows. The window is still a blur, and a lonely journey will begin again.. The woman who leans on the door waiting for her is also a sleepless night. On the evening of yesterday, she must still be looking at the direction of the candidate’s departure … Ah, after today, the space is getting further and further away, too far to be measured and too far to hear the familiar sounds of the countryside..   Early in the morning, it is the beginning of a day, the start of a dream, and the setting sail of the soul again … Ah, this is just one of countless early mornings, once, countless times. Tomorrow morning, I will leave today’s self and go to an unknown distance.   The earth is still sleeping, the birds are still sleeping, and the trees are also sleeping.   Only early travelers have already set foot on the distant journey.   I began to fear the first ray of sunshine in the morning. Because, after the sun shines on the earth, it can be clearly seen that the distance behind my hometown is getting farther and farther, further and further away . Ah, I am faltering, tired before I step out of the first step, and I really want to fall before the sun rises, because in this way, I don’t have to face the increasingly distant road after I get up tomorrow morning, even, I can’t see today’s evening, and the sun is as solemn and stirring as blood.!   A rare human road, covered with morning frost. The pace is getting heavier and heavier. Is this my hometown’s retention? I believe so, because I loathe to give up my hometown, how could my hometown ever give up my leave?   Has been walking, has been far away, far away from the hometown of space, also far away from the hometown of time.   Gradually, we forgot the appearance of our hometown, the appearance of innocence, the appearance of youth, and our own appearance..   Take a deep breath, and what enters the heart is no longer the soil flavor of the hometown, at least not the familiar Sao flavor of the hometown pigsty..   Opened his eyes, is no longer a familiar face, once the laughter, only exists in the memory.   The distant childhood is far away, the once youth is far away.   All memories of my hometown are fading away as I set out day after day..   When the first ray of sunshine penetrates through the haze of dawn, a ray of local smoke melts the early frost, which is no longer a familiar sight, telling me in silent language that I am only a wanderer.   Green tea garden, straight rice paddies, golden rice fields … who can hold on to my memories, who can set back time.   In my childhood, I was a simple cowherd, leading the cattle out in the morning and returning in the evening.. Thatched grass is the staple food of cattle, kuma vine is the vegetable of cattle, cattle are my best playmate, simple playmate. Gradually, the cow grew old and died, and I also went farther and farther, forgetting the way back.   My thatch, my vine, my cow, did you abandon me, or did I abandon you?   Away from the tie of cattle rope, from the sharp edge of thatched grass, from the winding of kuma vine; However, he was bound by his work, cut his heart by the world’s cold shoulder, and disturbed by the complicated interpersonal relationships.   I clearly remember the unbridled cry from the top of the mountain and the sound spread far until it reached the sky. I clearly remember the free running in the field, the grass saluting me, the trees nodding to me … ah, many things that should be remembered are slowly forgotten by me. Many things that should be forgotten are firmly remembered by me.   What did I remember? What have I forgotten?   Want to shout loudly, only to find that his throat is already hoarse; Want to run quickly, only to find that the feet are tied with heavy sandbags . Ah, after passing through spring, summer, autumn and winter, the flowers bloom, only to find that the flowers are similar year after year, and people are different year after year..   After walking into the rain and snow, and going through the wind and rain, I discovered that my face is not old and my heart is already in vicissitudes of life..   In the rain and snow of spring, summer, autumn and winter, every morning, before the sun comes out, I am on my way out, experiencing strange wind, rain and watching strange flowers bloom..   The sun came out, the fog dispersed, the dew dropped, and a young man came from far below, holding the cow and shouting loudly. I guess he will run like me in those days..   The sound was so familiar that the scene was strikingly similar. Even the cow, after chewing a mouthful of thatched grass, will also look around for kuma vine and then taste it slowly … ah, I finally stopped my steps to bid farewell to the moon that has not yet fallen, the dewdrop that rose early, and the light coolness of the summer night.. The sky is blue, the river in the distance is very clear, and the air has the smell of other people’s pigsty … ah, close your eyes and see a familiar scene: cows graze leisurely in the field, and a teenager runs freely in the field. In the stone room in the distance, the smoke curled up and danced in the wind. The smell of the food aroused my appetite and saliva flowed down the corners of my mouth … Ah, my hometown has always been there, there is space and time left..   However, before the first morning glow appears every day, I still have to start from one hometown to another.

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