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Deletion of trees is a technical activity. It requires high skill and boldness. Most of us are poplars, elms and red willows. I don’t know whether’ deletion of trees’ or’ deletion of trees’ should be written like this, but the meaning is still close to the truth, because deletion of trees is simple and easy, cutting off redundant notes and making trees grow gracefully so that they can become pillars of talent.. If you don’t delete the branches from the side of it in time, let it be natural, and finally it will only be firewood burning, and it won’t be a big material.   Elms are not easy to grow up. Under normal circumstances, people cut off branches of wrist thickness and make a hammer handle and sickle handle. Because they are small, people with a little strength will cut them off.. Not to mention the red willow, people often cut off a large number of branches when it grows thick and dense, bundle them into bundles, carry them to their homes, and lay them on rafters to make roofs when they build new houses or thatched sheds.. Sometimes it is also for cutting willow trees. As the saying goes,’ intentionally planting flowers without hair, unintentionally cutting willow trees into shade.” Well, the vitality of the willow tree is extremely tenacious. If you cut a branch and cut it down, it will survive. A few years later, it will be green and willow trees into shade.. The willow that has cut off its branches looks bare at first, but before long, it will take out new buds. In a period of time, the willow branches have already spread out in the breeze..   The difficulty of deleting trees lies in poplars. Although poplars are extremely common and easy to grow, when they were young, they could cut off the extra branches with tools such as sickles. The problem is that they should be cut every year. If they don’t delete the extra branches in people’s hearts in time and allow them to grow naturally, even if the crown of the tree is like a giant umbrella, it can block the rain and cover the sun and cast a large shade of green, but it will not become a great material after all. Villagers need not only rafters and purlins, but also beams. Even if they don’t build new houses, they can also sell a few money and spend money.. Of course, the cut branches of poplar trees can still germinate and grow if they are casually inserted into the soil.. So when I was a child, I planted trees and saplings were not specially cultivated. The big trees cut several branches and were saplings.. The problem is that when poplars grow to the point where adults can’t hold each other together, the crown of the tree is already high above the ground, and not everyone can climb up and delete the tree. Only those who are highly skilled and bold can climb up and bow their heads with axes smartly. With the’ click click’ sound, the chopped branches’ brush’ fall to the ground, and the dusts fanned up everywhere float in the sky.. The man smartly held the axe in his waist and folded his skirt before leaving, like a monkey, holding wood with both hands, swishing several times, sitting in the tree early, looking down at the living below, and sometimes performing some difficult breathtaking actions to win everyone’s applause.. At the end of the work, I swished a few more times and slipped down early.   I often walk by the river. How can I not wet my shoes. When I was a child, I saw a man who had deleted trees for the production team stumble and fell from the crown of the tree, and everyone quickly came running round and round. The man was lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth and unconscious.. Cries and cries were heard in unison. Still experienced people looked at it, reached out to the man and snorted, saying that it was no big deal. It would be good to find some baby urine to fill it down. As a result, he hurried to find children to pee, acted boldly and immediately, and went back timidly. Later, he drank the boy’s urine, and it wasn’t long before he finally woke up, narrowly missed. However, I was deeply impressed by the incident. Since then, I have not dared to climb the tree end to end..   Later, when the production was fixed to each household, my family also divided the small woods at the village entrance. There were several big trees inside. When the trees were to be deleted in spring, parents could only hire people. Murakami was full of highly skilled and brave young men. As long as he said a word, the family would take time to climb up and finish the task three times five divided by two.. After a few years, the trees were used and sold, and the young trees were not grown up. Many people cut down their trees and transformed them into heaven and earth. The original ” we watch the green trees that circle your village” scene is gone, and the wonderful performance and thrilling story of deleting trees has never been performed again..   I once read an article and wrote a similar deletion of trees, but it was not called ” deletion of trees” but ” castration of trees”, and it was also a simple deletion of trees and branches from the side.. However, since it is called’ castrated tree’, it is to inflict castration on the tree, and the tree that has been’ castrated’ will naturally become’ eunuch’ in the tree, which is killing life. The tree has become a doll of human beings, growing according to the utilitarian purpose of human beings, losing its nature and destroying the laws of nature.. However, I have no better idea than others to talk about these issues from the perspective of harmonious ecology between man and nature.. If there is no act of deleting trees, let poplars, elms, willows and so on grow naturally, follow the laws of nature and preserve the original appearance of nature, it can also be regarded as a landscape. One of the deleted trees I remember was also for planting trees at that time, directly selecting branches and planting them, became its offspring and became a forest, which was also understandable at that time.. As for people’s utilitarian purpose of making trees useful by building them, that’s another matter.   However, the cultivation of people is the same as the cultivation of trees. Only when the branches of poplars are trimmed, can they be towering. It is self-evident that only when the branches of people’s ” escape from side to side” are deleted can they go the right way and become successful..

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