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[ Editor’s Note ]It is sad to participate in the Tea Lady Regulations, but your article gives people thinking. Tear for a story in a dream and meditate for a hero. It can be seen that the author has been feeling it with his heart and thinking with his head. The article has a good beginning and a good extended description. It would be perfect if we could strengthen our deep understanding in thought..   I suddenly dreamed that I became Margaret Gauthie in the Tea Lady Regulations. The story was played in my dream all night.. I clearly saw that at the moment of my death, clear rain was falling in the sky, I was standing in a forest in a black cloak, Armand was standing not far away from me cleaning the carriage and wearing a Swiss army knife.. I started coughing, coughing, then vomiting blood, blood everywhere. At the moment of confusion, I saw Armand running towards me. At that moment, there was a sad happiness and pain.     Margarite died of lung disease. I read the regulations for tea girls when I was in my teens. After so many years, the plot of the story has been blurred and even the name of the protagonist has been forgotten. But why was it so clear in my dream on the tail of April 2009??     The alarm clock sounded at 6: 20 am. The alarm clock was for the Attachment Bill. This piece of music sounded so sad to me that it drowned me this morning mixed with the sadness in my dream.. Margaret’s despair, love, sadness, sadness, happiness, tears, hope, regret and thorough understanding seemed to me all understood in a flash. Although I have not experienced such deep feelings.     There was a time when I thought I understood the love of the tea lady.. At 6: 20 a.m. on April 30, 2009, I found that I completely felt all her despair and happiness. The happiness of love, the despair of unacknowledged love.     My heart is not used to happiness. Perhaps it is better to live in your heart. In your heart, the world will not see me. I thought of this sentence, so I cried in my dream all the time. Perhaps the heart has been crying all the time, until I wake up and cry till the sky is bright..     Love itself is a kind of slight pain, and people enjoy it as well.. Because of a little pain, it seems that love can bring happiness to people.     Margaret is not a lucky woman. Fortunately, she met Armand, who could make her love, and Armand left her under the pressure of her father..     Although the old count was willing to support her later, as long as she left her former life of lavish drinking.. Only poor Margaret chose to leave the old count’s help in order to let her die quickly.     Why did she die? For her love.     Love is a very complicated thing.     Originally I thought, love is only a matter of two people. However, it was later discovered that love has to face the reality and the families of both sides..     I spent a long time reading and participating in the Resurrection Bill. This is not a very interesting book. It is very boring. I can only read a few pages and put down my rest and think about it a little.. I was very happy to see that Maslova was not with Nekhludoff in the end.. Although Nehrudov helped Maslova a lot and a lot later, it does not make up for the fact that Maslova was abandoned by him, gave birth to a child for him and finally died. The fact that Maslova became a prostitute was directly caused by Nehrudov.. If they are still together in the end, then I think I will hate the author’s arrangement.     Although it is not their love story that is mainly expressed in the resurrection regulations.     Love has inevitable such and such injuries. And can Nekhludoff forgive the damage done to Maslova?? Maslova finally forgave him, but refused to marry him again. Maslova was with someone else. I think, after so many things, even if Maslova doesn’t marry someone else, it’s impossible to stay with Nehrudov..     Once upon a time, I felt that forgiveness was the most beautiful thing in the world. So I am willing to forgive those who hurt me. Only now did I find out, forgive, only because these injuries are insignificant to my life. Yes, it is insignificant. One day I will forget, forget those who bring me great mental stress and physical pain.Because one day I will become healthy, those injuries and memories will disappear because of my health, and finally I will forgive, because we are related by blood and our relationship will be as good as before.. Of course, this is affection.     There are many people who say my view of love is too extreme. I do not deny myself that I think love is happy, beautiful, pure and pure. If love brings pain to both sides, then such love is not necessary. Moreover, in my concept, love cannot be flawed, at least I can’t accept flawed love. A black dot is added to a beautiful and pure crystal, which makes people uncomfortable.? Probably, it was my love cleanliness that led to my inability to have love all the time.. However, I don’t feel sorry. In this materialistic world, I will stick to my insistence, rather than lack it..     At the time of writing here, a friend asked me if I had any desires of the heart recently, and I wanted to tease her by saying: Well, yes, there are still a lot.. He smiled before he finished speaking.     Oh! Desires of the heart!     Love is everyone’s dream, and love contains too many necessary elements. Without any element, love will not continue. Therefore, love can be met but not sought. The chance of meeting the right person at the right time is really too low. Wait slowly and watch the scenery along the way. Well, this is a good idea..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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