Korean lady resident suspected derailed her husband with scissors is almost self-mutilation disfigured

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Korean lady resident suspected derailed her husband with scissors is almost self-mutilation disfigured || According to Hong Kong Daily News reported living in Happy Valley luxury Korean woman suspected her husband had a mistress, then ran away from home, the girlfriend staying at Hiram mansion and complain, the more talk the more excited, suddenly self-mutilation with scissors, almost disfigured。
The woman eventually sent to hospital for treatment, but after the incident, no hospital to visit her husband。
27 am 7 pm, Police received a 51-year-old Korean woman reported, referring to their female friends emotional, Marina Cove, Sai Kung in the unit with the scissors self-mutilation。 Police and ambulance rushed to the report, the woman found the head, chest, neck multiple injuries, forehead Location cut signs of damage, after a preliminary field dressing, accompanied by a report sent straight friends by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the victim sent when sober homes。
Police confirmed that the woman, surnamed Li (48 years old), married, living in the former Leighton Hill, Happy Valley, earlier suspected hear the ambiguous attitude of her husband talking on the phone with others, suspected her husband was having an affair, namely her husband, "showdown" big after a quarrel angrily away from home, they go to homes of fellow women, women during Qi Su Li emotional, self-mutilation results hold up scissors。
After receiving the report, the injured ambulance sent to hospital, accompanied her to hospital girlfriend who refused to respond to events。
Lee Women's Hospital to visit her husband not appeared。
Initial investigations believe that no suspicious circumstances, attempted suicide process column。

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