Essay – Morning

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Essay – Morning is like a shuttle. My life has been in a hurry for 38 years. At the beginning, the restless heart has also been put on a hazy coat by the years. Now, memories have become my most enjoyable moment.     The happiness, sadness and even tears of the past have become a good thing in my memory, because it records my once young figure.     A cup of coffee, a book and a wisp of morning sun have opened the beginning of my day. I am used to getting up early and can often appreciate the change of light at sunrise. I like to look at the empty streets in the morning and smell the dew – smelling air. Even the occasional dog barks or two do not sound boring to me at ordinary times.. After enjoying a short period of quiet, the traffic that followed in the street also revealed the preface to my busy day, as if peace in the morning were the life of two worlds!     The heart beats for itself in the morning, and even the breath belongs to the little grinder after that. I don’t know when this little thing will grow up and grow up to enjoy the caress of the sunrise and the beauty of the sunset side by side with me. Can share with me the joy in my heart and the throb of my first love! It must be time for wrinkles to climb up my face by then, but I still look forward to that day!     Although life has troubles, it is beautiful because I exist! I will try my best to learn to continue this wonderful thing that belongs to me indefinitely!

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