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[ Editor’s Note ]Greeting cards, messengers of love, and angels of spring have brought many warm and fragrant memories to people … Ah, small greeting cards have condensed the deep feeling and kindness between teachers and students. They represent not only simple blessings, but also thanksgiving hearts behind them..     At the end of the year, I was delighted to receive a greeting card from my friend. Looking at this beautifully printed greeting card, I couldn’t help thinking of the story about my father’s greeting card.     My father is a village teacher who has been teaching for more than 30 years, and he has many peaches and plums.. I remember when I was a junior high school student, my father brought a graduating class from grade three, and every time the New Year approached, the students he had taught sent greeting cards from all over the country to thank him for his kindness. At that time, it seemed to be called postcards, with scenery, paintings and calligraphy, and so on, to name a few.. It can be said that in school, father receives the most cards every year, and for this reason, father is always proud of it.. Isn’t it, paid, somewhat in return. Perhaps, at that time, the relationship between teachers and students was very harmonious and simple.. Father never forgets to buy guidance books and extra-curricular books for his students every time he goes to work in the city. Sometimes our sisters can’t even watch them.. Speaking from the bottom of my heart, my father was selfless to his students, even loving them like a father.. Every time the senior high school entrance exam reports a wish, the father did not plan his ideas for his disciples, or even lobbied his parents, because some of the students are suitable for enrolling in high school, some for enrolling in technical secondary school, and some for enrolling in normal schools. If there is a problem with voluntary reporting, it may affect a person’s life. In those years, many students were successfully admitted to the ideal school under the careful planning of their father.. In my memory, Chen Zonghui was the most impressed person. His family condition was not very good. His father took care of him and often said to him, ” Face adversity and face it calmly.”. In good times there will be adversities, overcoming difficulties, and life will be more exciting. Later, also under the strong persuasion of his father, he was admitted to Zhongyuan Oil Field Technical School as he wished. Since then, he has sent a greeting card to his father every year, and his father has often written to encourage him and to give him a message: Men are willing to live in the future, but progress is not enough.. A few years later, he was left to teach in school, and later, he was promoted to director of the office of Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau.. In order to thank his father, Chen Zonghui and his wife specially drove from Puyang to visit his father the year before last. Father always mentions his love, and he is a face of happiness. At the banquet that day, Chen Zonghui sincerely said ” Time is fleeting, Spring Festival is unforgettable” when he toasted his father, which made his father feel very . Ah, today, he still feels warm in his heart..     Later, when there were more cards, my father pinned them on his office wall with thumbtacks. Dozens of cards with exquisite printing and different contents immediately brightened the eyes and added a beautiful look to the office. Sometimes, when my father was tired of his homework, he would turn around and rest in front of the cards for a while. It was these small cards that reminded him of his past memories.. At the moment, greeting cards are turning into childish smiling faces that linger in front of his father’s eyes… Of course, father didn’t do this to show off, but to encourage more students to learn from their teachers and sisters, and our sisters were also very encouraged.. Every time someone visits, when they see a greeting card on the wall, they cannot help asking questions. My father introduced the school where the greeting card sender was admitted and the situation in the school at that time.. Ah, small greeting cards have condensed the deep feeling and kindness between teachers and students. Perhaps they represent not only simple blessings, but also grateful hearts behind them..     Ah, greeting cards, messengers of love, and angels of spring bring many warm and fragrant memories to people …[ responsibility editor: butterfly lovers[ original ]

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