Holding your hand

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In July of that year, Chang ‘an Street was full of hot and dim depression. The benches on the street were full of people like me who were living in the north. They were unwilling to be in the general mood of youthful exuberance. They did not want to die of old age in one place as the final explanation. They always believed that’ distant places are a temptation’ was written to me.. On one side was the bustling Chang ‘an Street, but on the other side was a drop in the sea. She seemed to be drowning in the torrent. At this moment, a group of people came to my attention: it was a family, a woman pulling a flatbed truck and a man sitting on the car, followed by three young children, perhaps because of the heat, or perhaps because she saw so many people resting under the shade, the woman stopped the car, and the three children enjoyed each other, and the woman took a slice from the car and turned around to hold the man down in the shade.. At that time, it was also a moment when all the loss, loss and blindness seemed to disappear. My heart was full of emotion, hope and encouragement. I stood up and rubbed my hands hard and turned around and walked into the endless stream of people…… This was the experience many years ago. Every time my heart is not feeling well, I think of the family. My heart is still excited, and I cannot leave it alone. What a blessing it takes to meet each other.? It’s not easy to travel together on a long journey. How long does it take to get married with the child?? My heart is toward Buddha.

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