I love the world of mortals and thank you all the way

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Life is carrying us from ignorance to understanding and maturity, all the way through wind and rain, and we have met many people who have been kind to us during the journey, who have not thanked us or thanked us for giving them back.. The time is still vaguely in life, accompanying the process until everything is over, and it took a long time for the heart to be moved.. I will always remember the person who helped me, how much love it was that made me have a firm step towards the four seasons of my life.. No matter how hard the journey was, I felt warm and moved when I remembered them, and I was pleased when I remembered their smiles.. Moved often hung in my heart, teary-eyed and thinking about meeting again, telling the words of one cavity in return, has improved my heart, not carrying this guilt bag, leaving empty and full of worries unknown.     Since the beginning of the school year, I have been very busy and have no time to tap the keyboard to vent my mood. I have a strange tremor in my heart.. My heart told me that I should write something, but I couldn’t write it. What should I write? Can my tender words express my inner gratitude? I know, no! But I still started writing. Because there are so many people I want to thank along the way, some people I can’t even say’ thank you’ to them in person.! But those who have helped me and given me warmth will be remembered in my heart. ‘ The grace of dripping water, when Yongquan reported”! But I thank too many people on the road to the world of mortals, but you are the one who can’t make me forget the most.!     These days, I have been puzzled by one thing, making me feel extremely exhausted physically and mentally.! However, I regret that no matter in the online or real life, I have never had anyone who can let me trust my heart, and in my helpless situation, I will inadvertently think of you.! Because you know me best, because your career and work experience tell me that even you know me better than I do. But there has been no news from you, and I have been worried about your illness. Maybe you don’t want me to be sad and share the sorrow for you, so you disappear silently. Although there is no news from you, my heart has been thinking about your life, your illness, everything you have, and I’m holding you all the time.!     When I was sad and confused because I couldn’t find the right answer to this matter, I sat quietly in front of the screen, playing the piano melodiously by my ears and moving around in my heart like you now and then! Think of the confusion on the internet at the beginning, the panic at the bottom of my heart when I came across it, the worry like a lotus flower, and the sigh like a dream … ah, although there are also some ups and downs, it is more warm and comfortable at the bottom of my heart.. I am lucky, because I met you, because I have you. Your heart is real and pure. Your sincerity and kindness make me like this place where you have warmth. Your words of concern and selfless care have made me understand that I am not so lonely and helpless as I thought.     Day by day, year by year, you accompany me slowly on the road of time with your heart and care for my smile, my warmth, and you tell me that even if you already know the ending, even if it is a wound, you would rather give without regret, because the truth in the world is the most beautiful and it is not easy to know each other.! The network is illusory, but it is full of sunshine because of you. The network is ethereal, but it is full of joy and singing because of you..     You use your smile to infect me who was sad, and you use your warmth to warm my cold heart. I gradually smiled and sang. Cinderella’s me also had a gorgeous princess-like light. And you are all my wonderful motivation and source. Even if I am a lonely dancer on the stage of life, even if there is no cheering audience, I can feel your attentive and deep eyes at every gorgeous turn.!     Whenever I hesitate and hesitate, you will always reappear. When I opened the buckle the day before yesterday morning, I saw a familiar picture flashing, instantly making me feel happy! It makes me feel more warm to see the message you are familiar with and concerned about. I learned from the message that your condition has greatly improved. In the months that you lost contact, you went abroad to Japan and had a major operation. Although you spent a huge amount of operating expenses, you saved your precious life. When I saw the message, my tears blurred instantly. It was tears of relief, you know? In the absence of your news, I thought you really went to heaven, and I thought I would never see you again in this life! Unexpectedly, you challenged the disease to success again, you did not live up to the wishes of me and more people for you, and you really stood up again! In you, I really realized that good people still have good returns!     To my surprise, you really came to me in the buckle in the afternoon. Before I could greet your illness when I saw you talking, you were eager to ask me if I was unhappy.? Ever since I was born, I really admire you. You can always feel the fluctuation of my mood. You will always greet me, care about me and pay attention to me in the first place when I am sad.. You will, as always, patiently give me psychological counseling and not tolerate it to enlighten me until I am happy. I regret my character and mentality. You have always wanted me to live happily, but I will always let you down.!     In the past few days, you have spent a lot of time to ease my mind and let me escape from obscurity. I know your illness has not yet healed and I still need regular rehabilitation treatment. But I feel that you have talked to me these days, which is much better than the spirit before the operation, and I also feel that you have forgotten some of your unhappiness.! My son is studying very hard now, and I also feel that your son’s progress is also the driving force for you to live! You will also place all your desire for survival on your children, and I sincerely wish your son success in the next year’s college entrance exam.! When you come, your wish is fulfilled. At the same time, you have fulfilled the promise of your wife in heaven.! You have to live a strong life. I believe you can, and you can fight it no matter what happens to you.! Before your illness is cured, you will come to work, which is enough to show your strength! You will always be the idol that I and more people admire!     In recent days, I have had your psychological counseling, and my mood is much better. I also thank you very much for your care and attention along the way.! Autumn is the season for all things to mature and harvest.Autumn is also the season we once met. The joy is like the water of ying ying trickling down in the heart. Close your eyes to feel your breath and enjoy the happiness you bring me. The vast sea of people meets you may be fate or fate. My life is destined to have your footprints. On this beautiful day, a touch of autumn wind smoothes the tears from the bottom of my heart and the uneasy heart becomes clever because of this gentle wind.. Although I am not a writer, I hope to weave a soft memory from my immature words!     Sometimes I feel really sorry, but I pay little attention to you. Remember, you once said to me that all your efforts need not be repaid. I have been deeply moved by this sentence and moved to make me happy.. Years change with beautiful melody like the wind, but you have been watching me silently from time to time. You will always protect me like a big brother. The care you give me will moisten my heart with lines. In the long years, you gently tap my closed heart door with your eyes. From then on, your name will be hidden in your mind. Some people say that friendship years are like wine brewed for thousands of years, which will taste more delicious and will fill your air step by step.!     In fact, life is very beautiful, and there will always be gains in giving, no matter what difficulties and twists and turns in front of us, because everyone will have unhappy and open heart rhythm in front of fate.. My stubborn and lofty character is a defect that God has given me, but God has given me many friends who care about me and let me know that there is another bright color in life.. The deepest and most beautiful friendship turned into a romantic pure feeling, sentimentally attached to each other and caring for each other, so sincere, so pure, silently sending words, and unforgettable all the time. Just for you, thank you all the way!     On the long journey, no matter where I wander and where I am, I quietly embrace my relatives, friends and loved ones in my heart in the quiet night.. Affection makes me experience a true one, friendship makes me feel a pure one, and love makes me enjoy a beloved one. The change of seasons is just like the change of life in drive of life, but in the season when I walk, a frank heart still hasn’t faded. In spring there are dreams I sow, in summer there is my passion, in Qiu Li there is my quiet maturity, and in winter there is my quiet meditation.     There are numerous ups and downs in the world, and we sincerely walk all the way hand in hand, laughing at the colorful scenery of the world and listening to the clouds of smoke and smoke of the years.. The stranger once performed kindness in the meeting, moved little by little during walking, condensed and sublimated into the bright spot of friendship, and silently cultivated the most beautiful dream in my heart with a love. Quietly with a grateful heart, to protect the true friendship. The persistent pursuit without regret is due to an emotion that has not yet been lost in the heart. The diary in the depths of the memory is all because of the shadow you walk with.     Thanks for having you, from now on I left a beautiful memory in my field of vision. Thanks for you, my heart will no longer be lonely in silently supporting me all the way. Learn to cherish, I will harvest many bags that move to enrich my memory. Thanks also, I understood the tenderness left by the two-phase grip in the cold wind. I didn’t expect a lot and a lot. I only wanted to keep the truth that makes me comfortable and regretless in the course of walking all the way.. Not wishing for many, many, but only willing to appear in each other’s seasons, the sun is shining in the heart instead of the gray shadow..     Thanks for you, let’s meet, thank life, let’s know each other, thank you, let me learn to be grateful. The meeting with you is a kind of fate, the existence of fate is to create a beauty in memory. Life is beautiful because it is precious, years are lasting because it is precious, and life is wonderful because it is precious. Gratitude is a beauty. Gratitude is a good thing! Gratitude is a truth. Gratitude is honesty!     Now, I have enjoyed the joy and freedom that life has brought me. You asked me to smooth my edges and corners to live up to all the people who loved me.! I will try my best to perfect myself and not lose what you expect! Because of your company all the way, I will drink all my loneliness and sorrow, keep this friendship feeling and comfort each other in the cold winter. Hot your heart, at the same time also glad my love. This situation cannot be waited for, but when? I only wish to continue the unfinished work in the clear sky tomorrow and release myself like the strong goshawk.! Reluctant to the world of mortals, thanks for having you all the way … ah

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