If you gather and disperse in a hurry, this hatred is endless

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On a warm afternoon, the warm woman walked between the lines of many words and saw many tearful and touching things. Suddenly she remembered that she had been hurt by the’ girl’ cry, and that the sound had swept through my body and mind like a tidal wave, a suffocating pain.. The person who loved will be the Zhu Shazhi of the whole life. – Wen: The fence is sparsely covered with a sound of’ girl’ and’ how much love you travel through to the end, hiding the tranquility of the years and leaving the last memory behind.. Some of the time, after all, go far and remember carefully in tears, those flowing water that easily passed through the year of China. Once upon a time, dreams were not concerned, and once upon a time, life was as thin as a cicada. Today, the genius realizes the love flowing into the heart pool, so thick and so hot. The stranded memory, a person, a city, a little heartache, a wisp of warmth, writes down the drops of heart language. In the time of separation, I still stood at the intersection of acquaintance, quietly waiting for poetry, only waiting for the reunion of strangers to meet my persistent gaze..     I like to play a slow piece of music to accompany the passing time. I am infatuated with these notes, watching them slide in the air, and have a full posture. I melt my continuous feelings into the flowing music, let the slightly sad feelings catch the fragrance of flowers, and purify my soul in the clear music.. Place your body and mind in the sea of words, savor the sweet smell in light ink, and find a comfortable place in the context of peace and harmony.. With a wisp of tenderness, decorate the beautiful time you have given.     Whether you remember or forget, in the long river of time, I came to keep the appointment with the dignity of love.. I care, your eyes cherish each other’s eyes; But no, the only way to keep you from going away is to hold fast to your relationship with your left hand, while your right hand is the end of the world scattered with dust.. Although I don’t know how to start and end each paragraph, I don’t know what kind of silent ending we might have at the beginning, let alone how to describe the dots between the lines.. The window sill of the flower still has its mark on it and reads the ” Yumeiren” you wrote for me..     Ask the world what love is? Direct teaching of life and death. The world is affectionate, the world is strange, how many infatuated beautiful women, how many persistent handsome young men, such as white head, such as broken heart, such as the sea is dry and the stone is rotten, such as the wasteland is old, but not the love of that life. On the other side of colchicine, love robbery, fate robbery, the world of mortals if more bitter. But it is difficult for two feelings to be separated forever.     Crowded in the crowd, seeing the old shadow passing through the bustling streets, I couldn’t help looking back and gazing at those familiar days.. Lonely, always expect all emotions to flow out under the pen point. Even though some scenery is not visible by the window, those beautiful scenery will not disappear. The scenery is still there, but the regret of the deceased will not be there again. In fact, only oneself can read yourself when lonely, and only when walking alone on the edge of the city can you read these stories of joys and sorrows..     Memories are a very strange thing, always let a person unprepared, at a casual moment quietly with dark wounds gently care for a weak heart. So I wrote for you one paragraph after another of acacia text, just to let you know that I miss you as much as you do. Maybe this life is destined to be a kind of woman, always believing that there is a kind of love that will blend into life with the passage of time. Even if I lose myself, I won’t lose you, it will make my heart move. Maybe life can’t last forever, but in the depths of time, hold on to the hand of my lover and keep a love that will last for a long time in the plain years. This love will be more beautiful than it first appeared..     Standing on the edge of the season, watching an empty city, covering hands and loneliness, sadness is a wisp of wind, passing through your fingertips and falling in a faint time. Miss a person, miss a period of love, sadness in the left, happiness in the right, cut constantly, bright sadness, one petal falls full of brow. Li also disorderly, is sorrow, don’t have a general taste in my heart. If you gather and disperse in a hurry, this hatred is endless.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719. ” Mo Dao Fireworks Can’t Be Cut”[ ]All the way through the buildings, a collection of fallen flowers[ Original ]was published and distributed, and all the friends who need to buy the collection of essays to participate in the ” Time Flotation Regulations”[ ]please contact me by withholding[ Original ]

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