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The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival of the Chinese nation and is called’ Year’ by the majority of the people. The’ Year’ can be said to be common to the Chinese nation, and the customs and habits are generally the same – what kind of reunion and celebration! However, its specific details are different. For example, the past festival customs in Nanyang Basin in southwest Henan have different tastes..     Nanyang Basin is located in the north of Han River and the south of the Central Plains of China. It has ” Nanzhao ape man site” as far back as 450,000 years ago, and ” Shenlu kingdom” as the ancestral fief of Jiang Taigong in the Western Zhou Dynasty.. The ancient basin has a simple folkway and unique customs since ancient times – what is it like years: from the point of view, the year of Nanyang basin should start from the winter solstice. Du Fu, a great poet, wrote: ” The day of personnel and the day of personnel are urging each other, and the winter solstice is the day when the sun rises and the spring comes again.”. Nanyang basin has’ winter solstice, winter solstice, every family eats dumplings. ‘ of the said. In terms of time, when the winter solstice gets cold, it is time for farmers who have worked for a year to leave their hoes and rest. From the past,’ eating dumplings during the New Year’, it was said that there was a smell of the year after the winter solstice..     The next step is ” Laba Er”, and the eighth day of the twelfth month is the starting point of the countdown to the Spring Festival.. After the ” laba festival”, leave a bowl and a half of laba porridge cooked on laba until the 23rd of the twelfth month of the month.. As the saying goes, ” Don’t get upset, the old lady. The year after the twelfth lunar month is the year.”. Laba porridge, drink for a few days? After the twelfth lunar month, every family began preparations for the Spring Festival. First, the rice, wheat, radish and sweet potato saved in the past year were picked up one by one after raising chickens, ducks and geese for a year, cutting firewood and even baking matches for a year, and then they were scraped and sold at the market. Then they bought the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, pots and pans, clothes, shoes and hats, octagonal anise and so on for the New Year one by one.. These are all going on slowly and gradually, or even intentionally or unintentionally.. What is tight is marriage and marriage. Nanyang basin has the theory that ” to hand in the twelfth lunar month is a” good son ” ( auspicious day for marriage and marriage ), but in fact it is mostly concentrated between the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month and the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month.”. Early people said you were in a hurry and late when you missed the New Year’s Day – right, right? Don’t you all miss it?! As a result, all the married people were busy during this period, and every day in the street, on the road and in the village they could see the wedding procession that married the girl and married the daughter – in – law.. Even the flower shop in the street was impatient and raised the price of the flower cart a little more!     ‘ Twenty – three children live in a younger age.”. It is said that on the 23rd of December every year, the Kitchen God asked the Jade Emperor to ” report on his work” – to report the good and evil of each household and let the Jade Emperor reward and punish him.. Therefore, when the 23rd of December is a young year, it is necessary to sacrifice to the Kitchen God so that his old man’s family can ” say good things from heaven, and descend to heaven for good luck.”. I heard that candy, clear water, cooking beans and grass were supplied to the Kitchen God when sending stoves from other places ( the latter three are the feed for the Kitchen God’s mount, etc. ), while the Nanyang Basin is a fire ( baked pancakes in the stove ). It is said that once upon a time, there were two brothers named Zhang, who gave the nickname of Kitchen King Zhang to the pan – setter. He fell in love with eating fire in the pan – setter and died on the 23rd of December.. Brother can draw pictures, but his daughter-in-law is lazy and does not honor his parents. The younger brother drew his brother’s portrait on the 23rd of December, when his brother died, saying that he became a fairy and used him to scare his daughter – in – law, and it was on the evening of the 23rd – what kitchen god was afraid of corruption and bribery?! I think it may be because there is no other good food in the past, and it also means thriving. Because of this, on the 23rd of December, it was a hot day to sell fire, and the kang was opened several days in advance. On the 23rd, long buyers were expelled from every fire stall, and even other stewed noodle shops and ramen shops set up kang fire stoves in front of them. After the 23rd of December, families can begin to’ panic years’. Twenty – three years ago, an absolute number of office workers and their young people knew the date of the solar calendar, but did not remember the date of the lunar calendar. It seems that people all over China know that it is the 20th of the twelfth lunar month, but they forget the Gregorian calendar! First,’ 24 / 3 house sweeping”, after the 23rd, every family will sweep away the dust and remove the old in order to welcome the new.. Murakami has a ” good man” wearing a straw hat and a coir coat, carrying a broom specially lengthened to sweep from house to house.. Each household first covered up the beds, furniture, pots and pans in the house, sweeping the walls and beams of the house and sweeping it all over the floor. In fact, in the past, most people lived in straw houses with earth walls and exposed rafters of land and earth walls. The three stamps and two sweeps alone won’t do much good. It’s just an atmosphere. Of course, while sweeping the house, we can still scrub everything we can, such as pots, tables and chairs, in vain. Twenty – five? ‘ Twenty – five Turn Tofu” Ah. Every family cleans up the beans they have accumulated for a long time and takes them to the mill. If they can’t reach the mill ( a certain amount ), they grind them themselves. If they can’t reach it, they exchange them with others – what else can’t afford, tofu is always indispensable. ‘ 26 When crops grow old and cut meat, they do not cut the head of the trough ( from the neck of the pig to the front of the rib )’ – Year’s waist and the head of the trough are fat, you can cut meat, marinate meat and bake it with oil.. Of course, on the 26th of the twelfth month of December, when pigs were killed, they must be killed – what left a pig’s head in tatters and sold it as a whole. ” Kill the rooster 27” and ” Cut the meat home 26”. The big event of the New Year is basically done, killing chickens and buying fish to make some small things to match with. Twenty – eight is steamed jujube flower ( also known as decal flower, which means sticking new year pictures ), and steamed jujube flower is steamed white flour jujube flower bun. In fact, steamed buns started after the 23rd, but all steamed buns are black – what white buns are waiting to entertain guests after eating on the first day of the new year. In the old days, there were also some poor families who were ” fighting for rice and noodles without steaming steamed buns”. ‘ 29 sit quietly and keep”, all the new year’s goods are ready to sit down and wait for the new year’s day, which is relatively speaking. In fact, December 29 is still a rich collection. Those who work overtime, go out and lose three times and four times in the half-moon episode ( such as five spices powder, switch lines and other places ) all snapped up on this day.. This day’s bazaar, street or even the main road of traffic can be described as a sea of people rushing forward and crowding round. All the people are crazy. They can buy what they want with what they can or cannot use. ‘ Thirty sons pinching their noses”, that is, making dumplings. On the morning of the 30th of December, there is also a collection of poor people. Poor families who have no money or those who do not gather together for the time being have to wait until the morning of the 30th of the year to catch up with a collection of poor people and, to a greater or lesser extent, have to buy back some necessities for the New Year.. In fact, most families do not buy Spring Festival couplets and firecrackers until this morning for storage convenience. What else?What’s more, the carefree people are waiting in the street to pick up leaks ( pick up cheap ). This is called catching a rabbit on the 30th of the year – what makes it New Year’s Day without it?. After a simple lunch, all the women began to make dumplings, and all the men led the children to put colorful spring couplets and their’ happy to go out’,’ full courtyard spring’,’ thriving livestock’ and so on at each door.. When the Spring Festival couplets are posted up, the dumplings will be wrapped and put into the pot.. It was still very early, and the firecrackers from door to door rang out one after another – what year finally came in the expectation and busy time of people! First, the family lit incense and served the first pot of dumplings in front of the memorial tablet of the ancestor in the main hall, and then the family gathered round and round to eat dumplings.. After the meal, families took out the large, burning – resistant, and smoke-free firewood that had long been prepared and put a pot of fire in the cage, and began to ” endure the year” and ” keep the year” with joy and excitement.. Sitting in the warm and warm room, watching the blazing fire, watching the ” Spring Festival Gala” which is very lively, there is a sound of firecrackers coming from far and near – what is the happiest moment of the family! The zero point is still a few minutes away. The firecracker for the New Year is ringing off, just like the whips and cannons made all over the world in the past year, and all the colorful fireworks are lit at this moment – what New Year is coming!     ” The first bow ridge”. On New Year’s Eve, people were having a good time, but the first morning was much looser.. Adults are always lazy and refuse to get up early, while children mostly wear a new set of firecrackers when the sky is not clear. After setting off a string of firecrackers at home, they go from house to house to check who sets off the most firecrackers and rob the unburned firecrackers falling on the ground.. At daybreak, fathers brought offerings, took their children to their grave yard, and burned paper for the deceased ancestors ( all in the dark during the Cultural Revolution ). At that time, groups of people wearing new clothes were setting off firecrackers and burning paper – what is a unique landscape. After the New Year’s breakfast at eight or nine o’clock, all the adults went to the village to say ” bright clothes” and ” bright clothes” to each other and wish each other well.. What about young people? Wave after wave is Murakami going from house to house to pay New Year’s greetings. What about the second day of the new year? On the second day of the new year’ waiting for new guests’. Whoever marries a girl during the year will be entertained on this day for the first time in the new year.. This is the first official door-to-door visit of the new uncle, which is a further confirmation of this new relationship and a comprehensive recognition of the woman’s relatives by the new uncle ( so that the man can work better for the woman in the future, the man doesn’t matter ). Therefore, waiting for new guests on the second day of the new year naturally shows its importance. The new uncle came with a four-color gift ( pork thigh, half-foot wide pork ribs, whole big carp, snack bag ), and the woman followed the standard of waiting for big guests ( chicken, fish, steamed bowl, etc.” big size” ), soup, water, alcohol and tobacco. It is generally’ 846”, four meat, four vegetable, eight vegetables, six sweet and sour soup, and four’ big pieces’ ). This day is the only time in a son-in-law’s life and the most respected time in a woman’s life. Therefore, the banquet for the new uncle was definitely set to take ” mount guard ( main seat )”. At the same time, in order to make the new uncle fully understand and perform. When waiting for a new guest, it is necessary to have a big fight with the new daughter – in – law’s ” busy room”. The protagonist of the uproar is the sister-in-law and sister-in-law who married the girl far and near. They only gave a chopstick for the egg tea for the new uncle, wrapped a lot of chili pepper in the dumplings for the new uncle, tried their best to make the new uncle drink more wine, but also smeared a pot of soot on his face while he was unprepared.! Of course, the new uncle is well prepared and has brought his wit and wit to the door, and he also has a heavy capacity for liquor.. If the woman is afraid of making a fool of herself or showing mercy to her new uncle, ” crooked neck guest” has become the focus of the uproar.. If the ” crooked neck guest” is not clever and cunning enough, it will really become a crooked neck guest full of ugly images, and the lively atmosphere will reach a new high in the ” crooked neck guest” series of ugly images.!     In addition, the third-grade old girl returned to her family, from the fourth to the fifth day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, all families went to visit their old friends.. Over the’ slope five’, everyone’s new journey begins! Again, there are lanterns on the fifteenth day of the first month!     Here, here it is. The New Year is coming. I hope this daily affair of rotten sesame seeds in old millet can add a little warmth and joy to everyone.. I wish you a happy New Year and all the best!     Zhai Chuanhai 0377 – 63323885, Nanyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China

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