20 years ago, language textbooks, full of all the memories

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20 years ago, language textbooks, full of all the memories Source: Chongqing Youth Daily remember that young, you love talk I love to laugh.  One day sitting side by side under the peach tree, the wind Linshao birds called.  I do not know how asleep, dream Whispering Color.  Remember the childhood textbooks do?  Jun poetry gave you coming pulls out!  Each sentence, each illustration is filled with memories, remember the pronunciation of nervous excitement beginner when it?  When first learning, the teacher took the class with the sound, and instantly we have become animals.  While geese become, for a moment turn into ravens, now turned into fish.  At that time no cell phone, all the knowledge from teachers and books.  Not a lot of tutorial classes, I did not finish the job, did not show such fierce competition.  School issued new book, there is always a first time with a beautiful book bag up the paper.  So over a period of time apart, with a new cover exactly the same, unique sense of accomplishment.  At that time illustrator, though not high-definition 4K, but each one we all memories.  And not every day the number of physical and chemical linked to the mouth, do not have to prepare to win at the starting line.  Only need to be A, B, C, will Pinyin, know how much like one plus one equals.  Now, the article also vaguely remember that time, a lot of text can come in handy.  Although there is no street skyscrapers, there are red brick and green tiles, no passing cars, children can freely run around in the street.  Remember this lesson crow to drink, when we praise the crow wit, but now the argument is that, even from the river Diao stones, why do not drink water directly from the river.  There is this “hoe Wo”, remember that lunch, the teacher made us read aloud before a meal again.  We lamented the little hero king for two resourceful, determined to have become a Hero.  Although there was no computer phone, network communications, but black and white TV in the cartoon adequate lighting color childhood.  Of course, there are illustrations inside the book, because in black and white TV, the big rooster is always only black and white gray color.  Until changed the TV, we know that the duo A dream turned out to be blue, although we have not yet gourd Altman brothers accompanied Naruto there are no black sergeant.  Remember every textbook cover is particularly good-looking, but also especially like the pattern in the book with a pencil on the print-out coin.  He then used to see these books, I think just learned how to write their own, crooked name written in pencil.  Think of yourself like a long time ago neotenous, many had forgotten that bit by bit, we are clear in their minds.  In your book, whether full teacher to sign the back of it?  Do you remember your elementary school classmate who is it?  That small difference is to play with friends, or to speak with you a male and female at the same table just shy of it?  Do you still remember the smell of ink book it?  I am afraid that taste now can not find it.  Some memories have been gathering dust for many years, at the moment to see these illustrations, as if yesterday once, vividly.  Remember Dong Cunrui suicide bomb bunker it?  The teacher was also gestures Dong Cunrui of course, demonstrates a way to move explosives, and now think about it, the teacher was nice, actually will meet students so strange request.  Time is money, that we have been familiar with even memorized the text, and now has forgotten about.  See the end, some inexplicable sorrow and grief.  Wish I could go back to previous years, feel that innocent era, however, never be brought back those childhood long ago fled the.

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