A Qiu, a Sentimental

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A Qiu, a Sentimental rainy night, the window tick, accompanied by the sound of the wind rustling, to this quiet night played some notes.   This autumn, it unwittingly came.   For me, autumn is desolate, desert synonymous with cold, as encountered in life, there will always be some time, make you feel lonely, feel lonely.   Breezy in my city, rain probably will not be cold, but just a hair, will feel the biting cold, let alone in the darkness and dreariness of the season.   Life in a hurry, in the sands of time, we are passing each other, might leave marks, and trace is recalled, people were memories and lonely, lonely and sad because people, just like this game Qiu, leaves rustling, endless solitude.   Hazy, glare of the sun blinded me, cicadas and downs, mixed with innocent laughter, which is in my memories, but also in my youth, I was most impressed by the life time, but also happiest time.   There are so remember a girl with short hair, little freckles on his face, a clean uniforms, carrying a bag, filled with a smile came up to me, her glare of the sun is blocked, and I was embarrassed carried away to go, etc. I recovered, she has gone, left me with a handsome silhouette, haunted by her ear just say the words: class, also play?   Adolescent ignorant, perhaps each of us heart, there is another person in our memory, perhaps she was not beautiful, perhaps not gentle, probably not a good performance, but it is such a man, who walked into your heart, it is clean and without dust alight the green, it is the first early summer morning dawn wiping.   No one corridor, very quiet, occasionally chanting the reading voice, and breezy, to bring touch of cool this summer.   For this age, and lack of class is always tasteless, like a yoke, locked freedom, longing for the extra-curricular life.   At the time we, like football, a school, to be released on the day that green grass cage, running, laughing, carefree, and now we, who can no worries.   We also set up a school team, are a few football-loving classmate, now think about it, these students, over the years, lopsided, youth, never found, each have their own life.   Sunset, sway a day of sweat, little dust on a clean cloth shoes, his face wearing a satisfied smile, walk their way home, although tired and feel tired, which is a simple happiness.   My hometown, is an ancient city, stone road, there is the historical legacy of the ancient city walls, gates whenever crossing that road, I have kind of the feeling back in time.   This trail, quiet long, deep, quiet no one, feel the vicissitudes of the years, it seems to precipitate a restless adolescent mind.   The other end of the trail, there was a man, a girl, getting underway ripples quiet heart, she is my classmate, I think pretending to see, but only this way, only to face.   Yeah you come home, I went to play?   Oh.Yes.Yes, where are you going?   I have to go home to die.   Oh.Raglan over, embarrassed in a little excited, mouth hanging giggle, it was a chance encounter, and only once, to this trail, added a bit of color, and the passage of time, after graduation, we can not goodbye.   Back home, his mother has been doing delicious meals sitting at the dinner table, returning to the attack on the heart feeling, it was the warmth of home, happy and calm, how many times a night dream of going back to the past, then the time is not allow, life can not go backwards, as if the dead can not come back the same.   If we can freeze time at this moment, be nice!   I do not know where life autumn, I remember the next autumn, because I have such autumn, lonely and desolate, cold wind and percussion gently on the body, the body does not feel the cold, but the heart is cold.   Memories are not all bitter, I want to remember those good times, good things, good people, to spur the rest of my life, like that moisture vigorous youth, freedom, sunshine.   Although we have grown, each have their own family business, but they do not forget a Sentimental beginning of the heart, so life will be a little less to worry about, we can be more relaxed to face the future life.   Yellow leaves fluttering, Qiu a dream, he in no longer, but also look at the present, next spring, is willing to maintain a youthful heart, to strive, to struggle and live this life is enough.

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