"Wolf 2" red Oscar was friends Tucao: 10 years bumpy road review

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October 9 to October every power, on the mainland film Oscar news will impact uproar, either to guess which films will be on the list, either to send the results of the election talking about, this year is no exception。
National Day holiday, in addition to travel and wedding photos full circle of friends, there flurry of Oscar。
Recently, the official website announced the list of Oscar best foreign film Oscar sending the application。 There are 92 countries participating in this year's Oscar competition, it is by far the most of the time, setting a record Oscar history。
Mainland of China chose this summer's box office champion "Wolf 2" impact the "Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film"。 The summer of 2017, "Wolf 2" is a phenomenal work, the box office has reached a million digital Guards, break the "Mermaid" 100 million at the box office record, with audiences also break the "Titanic" million person records, bits the worldwide box office TOP100 list of 55, is the world's first one hundred box office charts the only Chinese-language film。 Ministry of National Day, when several blockbuster fight was going on, the release of more than 70 days, "Wolf 2" There are still one or two million at the box office every day, Mid-day box office even more than 2 million。 Even more unusual is that at the same time continue to refresh box office records, "Wolf 2" also maintained a good reputation, there has been an unprecedented score uniform in the major ticket platform, which played a cat's eye more ultra-high score。
However, in other countries, "Wolf 2" is not to be optimistic, it is not ideal for the North American box office。
"Wolf 2" Rotten Tomatoes score of 40%。 So, for some users, "Wolf 2" elected not too optimistic。
The impact of Oscar Oscar China despite bumpy road is the American film industry awards event, but because of its extraordinary international influence, countries only "best foreign film" are flocking。 "Although I liked 'her', but has not told 'her', because I know that things are not is the best。 "In the Cannes International Film, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival has successively after the gains, Oscar this holy virgin 'tempt' filmmakers fought the Mainland of China, it is nothing but playing with toys。 We look back at the past 10 years, the Mainland of China to send video on the Oscar for best foreign film。 2016 "Tang Xuan Zang" 2015 "get out now!Jun tumor "2014" Nightingale "2013" one thousand nine hundred forty-two "2012" for "2011" Jinling 13 hairpin "2010" Tangshan Earthquake "in 2009," Mei Lanfang, "the 2008" Dream 2008 " 2007 "The Knot" 2006 "Curse of the Golden Flower," 2005, "The Promise" in 2004, "House of Flying Daggers" in 2003, "heaven and earth" 2002 "hero" 2000 "beautiful mother" Throughout the past decade China Mainland choose to send videos can be found, mostly drama。 These years of Chinese cinema, has been working towards the general direction of the film's genre and heavy commercial blockbuster move closer, from the strong commercial atmosphere of these films chosen in line with the Oscar selection criteria, and can get the film industry representatives agree, it does not good selection。 And out of the "business circle", struggling to survive in the art film industry has been representing the "discrimination"。
Oscar and domestic films of different routines in recent years, China's film and television work has indeed been changed, either from the shooting levels, themes or types of Xuan hair, has a great leap forward, but also the overseas market has a place, but for so many years past Mainland China always pass with Oscar。
Hollywood film and television education Holdings, HIPAC CEO Parker Group, the US Navy's David Woody has admitted: "(mainland) Chinese film and television works to bring people, Americans often do not understand。
"Oscar for best foreign film award, it is biased in favor of increasing the flow of European standards of beauty。 Oscar Foreign Language Film Award for the presence of relatively fixed aesthetic taste, in short, little people are like the next great background fate and confused。 US media people, film expert Dr. Zhu Yi said that the formation of a century-long American movie industry, will not easily change。 Hollywood's so-called "Chinese elements", "Kung Fu Panda" and "Mulan", in essence, or to the aesthetic taste of the American standard, rather than the Chinese people express complex emotions。 We do not need the Oscar as the only measure of the merits of the movie。 After all, the judge can award as a benchmark the domestic film is itself a misunderstanding on the foreign Oscar。 "Dream 2008" director Gu Yun said: Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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