At first, why I chose to study section?

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At first, why I chose to study section?  Text / left pregnant students 01 April, and there are a lot of people, just embarked on the road of PubMed.  Yesterday prepare a re-examination of school girl asked me: seniors, I feel very hard, but learning when to go or old God, how do?  I replied to her: the victory soon, you should try a point.  Think before seen in the online word, effort and doing all the difference is, when you work hard, it will feel like doing all up; but when you really doing all the time, you will find yourself hard enough.  When we are trying to do one thing, it was always easy to be moved by themselves, feeling very bitter, self-pity, or even feel that they are the hardest working people in the world, every minute can not wait to find someone to share the history of their misery.  But the fact is, we want what we want, want to adopt their own longing for life, efforts should be, there is nothing worth showing off.And, when you’re not strong enough, good enough when you complain, you are suffering, not many people really care about.  After starting from the junior half of the semester, a lot of people entangled in the end is still working PubMed?PubMed meaningful, or work better point?  In fact, I personally think, PubMed and work are two roads, the road itself is not right or wrong, whether it makes sense, mainly to see the process of walking people walking.  In college, mature, but also as early as possible.Think about what you want, not what you want, so your choices will be more directional.Do not often I was a student to confuse yourself, you are grown up, to be responsible for their own future.  Crossroads of life, your choices will determine your future life.  And I had resolutely chose PubMed.  02 Yes, I was that applied for the Huai left literature graduate, now, 6:30 am, school dorm memories are the reason I was in PubMed.  In fact, many people are opposed.Eight quarters, beginning, I was the only one that something his family back home to find a stable job and feel it, do not take risks PubMed; and many of my friends advised me to study literature it easy to find work, or work directly it…I grew up as a child to be stocked is king I recommended, in my opinion, at most, even if a suggestion.No one can decide my life, unless I.  I did not ask sense, because I know that we can not now vision to estimate the future value.  I’m not afraid to fail, I have failed more than enough, so I fail to grow.In fact, failure is not terrible in itself, most sadly, it has not yet begun on their own counsels.Years later think, in fact I could have, and how to comprehend the pain.  I do not care about other people’s eyes, because I know he is really like literature.Those who like to stand on the side of gloating, first, they and my life has nothing to do; second, they are a lot of people are afraid the effort will fail, the people did not dare try.  I just ask myself a question: If not that something in the future, I would regret it?  meeting!Because I really love literature.  Whether poor or rich, one day when I think, I would feel infinitely sad: I could!  Before 03 Actually, I do not know how life postgraduate courses do not understand the literature and art, PubMed, all relying on a hot blood.  College, I was a pure science slag, do not care about credit, do not like the class, never on, most of the time, are used to do the things they like the.In fact, I personally think that is normal, after the university as an amusement park, pay a ticket, I just chose their favorite projects.  University is to enhance their place all day along with others parrot, they do not like to do, nothing to improve things, I can not stand one day.Of course, in the case of people around generally more regular, I always seem maverick.  So, many people first came to graduate school, you can not adapt, but I, on the first day to adapt.  I think of town, school, reading, writing, exercise, play, brag force, the same did not fall.Of course, I’m not a good student, even if the graduate student, still skipping.  Select the graduate school, I was just a lifestyle choice, the peers are working hard to fight competition in society, I do not want to, in the school when a small sheep.  There are a lot of pressure, but my mindset is living in the moment, every day is the most precious day, do something you enjoy, do their utmost to life.Every day, enrich and perfect.  I get up every day before seven o’clock, midnight sleep, do not play games do not chase drama, but I still feel not enough time.  Occasionally feel tired, but more often are very happy, I currently live their own love life, but also are working to the future to live the life you want to become the kind of person they want to become.  04 Many people ask me: What to do after you graduate?  I like honest: a lot of thought, but still see opportunity and situation right time.  Assuming that there is no need, no need to explain more, the future has not yet come, the world has been changing, I can do is to try to develop their own core competencies, the sense of effort.  Future, always coming out, not thought out.  If you can, I hope you are reading the text, and I can work together, grow together, hugging together, belong to our own future.  After 05 graduate school, many people regret, and that they expected in life is not the same.  I think, sometimes, they do too little to think too much.Road to put in there, how to get, how well go, never, and the road has nothing to do, and just about people.  When do choose to follow your heart, to consider their own situation, not just parroting.  After doing the selection, will be responsible for their actions, do our best to have a good life of their own.  Efforts, is nothing more than thought about the life I really like.  Source: Wiley left classmate, Jane book signing authors, graduate students in reading literature, micro-channel public number: Huai left snail diary – Recommended reading – you are so lonely, why not fall in love?  And chat boys do not talk of these eight topics, get you into trouble.  When the performance of boys and girls crush what difference?

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