Pearl family reunion 18 years in contrast to past and present actors "My Fair Princess"

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Beijing April 26, the film "left ear" red carpet premiere in Beijing。
Director Chen actor Alec carrying Turin, Au Ho, Yang Yang, Ma Sichun, Hu Xia, Duan Bowen, Guan Xiaotong attend。
On the red carpet, also attracted to the "Pearl Gang" joined portrait。 This one has "crape myrtle" Ruby, "Rong Momo" Ming-Qi Li, the new version of "Ziwei" Qin Lan, the new version of "Wu Age" Leo, etc.。 On the red carpet, we also together with a needle "bar" Alec tribute Rong Momo acupuncture treatment crape myrtle。 Rong Momo Wu Age 18 years and no crape myrtle!On the red carpet, when Li Mingqi, Ruby Qin Lan, Leo debut, triggering bursts of screaming fans。 Ming-Qi Li is hugged Alec Su, Ruby Lin, said it had not seen for 18 years。 And because of that year in "My Fair Princess", "Rong Momo" Always know anything about it with a needle, "crape myrtle", so the day Ruby constantly shouting: "Do not tie me, do not tie me!"Ming-Qi Li this year to 80-year-old full of air, shouted to clarify at the scene on the 26th:" I have not played them at!"She says that when all martial artists Rong Momo wearing clothes, pants, punched and kicked two men on, 'I only have hard face'。 Ruby also said: "She is a very loving grandmother, do not go to play。 "Alec said if the break 700 million on the election actor streaking addition to the" left "creative and 'Pearl also help', many insiders today also came to join, including Xu Zheng, Gu Wei, Zhang Bai, Static, including Bell and other。 Scene, Xu Zheng said he was very looking forward to director Alec masterpiece。 Director Zhang Bai believes that his film "Fleet of Time" and "left" are "family", "I believe the box office will be very good."。
In addition, as a starring Masi pure Gu Changwei's uncle, niece grow up, admitted watching "Every time she performed, I Nie Bahan for her, but this time she is fine."。
Scene, the director Alec said with a smile if eventually break 700 million at the box office, they chose an actor a "naked"。
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