Bali prolonged volcanic ash closed the airport to make thousands of passengers were stranded

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BEIJING, Nov. 29, according to foreign media reports, local time on the 28th, due to the volcanic ash enveloped in Bali, the Indonesian government to extend the closure of the airport island time, hundreds of flights affected thousands of passengers stranded on the island the local government is trying to persuade residents to evacuate their homes near the volcano。
Local time on November 27, Bali, Indonesia Agung volcano eruption after another few days ago, local people and authorities are alert to this。 "Flight path covered with volcanic ash," the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation said the draft quoted by air traffic control authorities。 Bali Agung airport about 60 km from the volcano, said the Ministry of Transportation, the airport will remain closed to the local time at 7:00 on the 28th。 The airport is the second largest airport in passenger traffic in Indonesia, an estimated 2,000 people requested a refund and change tickets, travelers discontent begins to boil。 Local time on November 27, Bali, Indonesia people were evacuated from the foot of the Gunung Agung。 Airport operating company, said the airport has 10 flights scheduled to prepare to receive Bali, including in the neighboring provinces of airport, airport authorities also help people arrange another flight reservations, and provide food for the stranded passengers and。 There were no indications that the eruption will end in a short time, industry experts say, given the long-term reservation dips and ash damage sustained risk aircraft, the airline may consider making long-term adjustments to the frequency of flights。
Most airlines currently offer a variety of programs, trying to minimize the impact of short-term, to inform passengers of flight cases interference is expected to continue until at least December 4。 Editor: Fei Fan。

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