Be brave, not to cry

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I have a big disadvantage is crying.But fortunately, only the courage to cry in front of people closest to.I said my tears it takes courage, this is entirely true, at least reveal their true nature is also not an easy thing in front of people close.I said in the first letter, always embracing warmth and kindness, perhaps nature to do so, my heart really is not as powerful as the appearance seen.    Among the other day accidentally saw a message on the Internet Phoenix, MARIUSSABO photographer captured the two brave goat Enter the Dragon staged in the Italian mountain scene.This is actually two goats standing on peaks more than 13,000 feet, near a rock in a fierce fighting, if an inattentive, there is always the risk of pieces falling from the mountain.And even more surprising it is that people, even a goat also lurking in the vicinity of these two goats, looks like the same act as referee in the battle for the two goats.    It really is called the world’s most courageous goat, but I want to say to yourself is not so great courage today.    I do not know what, I found myself getting a little childish.Can be moved to cry out, pity can cry out, he is happy to be crying out.Friends often said that you are too emotional a.Maybe what he said is right, but I think more is they are too fragile.    Sometimes, I really envy those worldly children, they can only belong to their carefree playing a simple game, you can also fearless in doing what they want to do.and I?Fearless already thrown them do not know where the original share of insistence, the original that confidence, boundless completely without a trace.Now, I can not even share the dream had also lost almost.Once, I stood on tiptoe, only a touch closer to the stars in the sky; once, despite my opposition and disappointment of his family, chose their favorite professional now; who, without the knowledge of my own friends and relatives and friends to find a part-time experience……But, once these are.If a person still miss the old self, so that he was not good enough today.    University has been a half, this day really can not be sustained.No amount of waiting, only blank.From tomorrow, I want to be a brave man.Efforts to break through the difficulties of obstruction, not afraid, not sad, do not give up.Courage to assume their responsibilities, wonderful enrichment live.Not for others, only for themselves, brave live each day.Make a break through the waves Swallow, the brave fly as their faith.    Life is a game, cowardly people never know where it’s wonderful.Life, too, the cries of loss does not change anything.If you do not brave, strong and who is for you?So, be brave, not to cry!

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