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This afternoon, the school and broke into several uninvited guest.Afternoon after school, fourth grade, the most mischievous kid came in and said to me, outside of a few people is not our school.I told him I go out and take a look, let him tell me what a few, usually have been very naughty, courageous he actually counsels.I went out to see that a few people should be a community of young people riding on electric and positive confrontation with my classmates.Because it is the student, what we can not adopt tough measures, civilization does not work out the way they please, and we can only live to see that they can not let him do bad things.So keep watching them until they leave school until the.Later the students said that several young people in society just wants to play naughty student, what is the reason we have asked out, you can only do strike.Why do I say it broke into several uninvited guests?Because the people of this simple rural primary schools is usually no access control, and even fences just a low-grade primary school students can turn over, so there is often not known to break into.For this problem we have had a headache, but can not address the root causes, it can only step up inspections.Although there is no access, we countryside so many days, except for the occasional outsiders into this matter outside the campus, no other unsafe things happen, which also shows the simple folk here.Maybe they meant no harm, but we have to take preventive measures.

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