Be in awe

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In this world, some people believe in God, some people do not believe, thus divided into theists and atheists, religious believers and laity.However, this distinction is not very important.Another important distinction is much more than this, and some people believe is sacred, some people do not believe that people thus separation of the noble and despicable.    A person can not believe in God, but can not not believe in divine.Whether or not believe in God, Buddha, Allah or whatever masters of the universe mysterious force, often depends on the individual is affiliated national traditions, cultural background and personal experience special, and even some kind of mystical experience depends on the individual, this is not the barely.A religion without these people may still be a good person.However, if they do not believe there are any sacred value of the human world, let yourself go, do whatever they want, so people with a brutish.    I believe people have a sacred awe.In his mind, there is always something fundamental part of life, is not of blasphemy.He was not afraid of being punished, but refused to lose the basic personality.No matter how full of life he desires, he always understood, once sweeping personality, he had also lost a man of dignity and self-confidence in front of their own, then, can not satisfy all the desires of a total failure to save his life.    Conversely, for those who have no awe of, it is not self-reflection on the presence of personality.If the “shamed”, then this person because they show a kind of shameless rogue cowardly and cruel phase phase.As long as impunity, they can do anything evil in broad daylight, bullying, persecution and even killing innocent weak.Among the bandits, more than this ignorance and fear of nothing believers.A negative performance is extreme indifference to the lives of others, they refused to help, and now both of these things occur frequently in many passers sidelines criminals attack the site, also known as frequently occurs in some hospitals actually saving lives in disregard for human life.Similar behavior often make good people puzzled, because good people can not believe that the world has indeed there is such a person lost at least human nature.In a normal society, which is always a handful of people, and will be punished by law or the forces of justice.However, when a general loss of faith in the nation’s sacred values, such person shall be possible to breed out quite a lot, become decadent signs shocking.    Savage naked and shameless indifference just rough form, there is a little shameless some fine form.Some people have a high education level, still may have no awe.He can play really love his woman, betray his friend to be honest, innocent face and then Zhuangchuyifu.His footsteps wherever he went, and then dare to trample on sacred things, then good things dared to destroy, not the slightest anxiety and heart.No matter how much his mind knowledge, his heart is ignorance, not to where the light of truth.Such people have more love affairs, there is no ability to really love a return, pay more buddies, can not appreciate the pure friendship, get more fame, I do not know what is honorable.I do not doubt: do not believe in the divine person, the world will be abandoned by all things divine.    1996?1 [Editor: Rain is also odd]

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