be lost

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She said: “Lan Ling, you’re off course, if we do not return to a designated route, you’ll get lost.”My soul warned me never to disagree. Sure enough, one day, lost. In the endless depths of the forest, every tree is so strange, every bird is so solitary, every sunbeam is so bizarre. I am afraid, he said the Soul “disobedient child, I finally had to help it!Or me help you.”I’m ecstatic, seize the last straw, and more want to leave early this gloomy hell, but it leads to a bright road is so bumpy, hardship. Get out feeling.From here you want to fly, that may be the result seems to be a luxury. So, I’m waiting for the arrival of the night, relying on the direction of Polaris guide. Yet still recently it is cloudy. I kept praying in his heart, which to redeem my lucky star, lost feeling, people near collapse, gone. Lost feeling envious of his soul, are free floating stuff.

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