Be strong in life experiences

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Be strong in life experiences when you left its warm air blowing, flowers, mountains, when the fertile hills of spring, will be intoxicated; like when you are faced with, such as gold silver, while fruitful autumn season, will delight incessantly.You may have thought that it is full of spring after the cold after heroic baptism, that is the beauty of autumn after the summer melting crystalline accepted.Looking back food for thought, in fact, our life is also true.Not ideal and struggle through some of the biting cold, how can I get the smell of incense covered harvest?  ideal.It is the first layer of state, just as a tree, but it is just a seed..Life ideal gloss need to be modified, it gives the life of the brightest lights.With it, we will insist farther and farther down the road of our own, a great ideal, it may be desirable ideal, a stage of life, the ideal year.But the ideal is very small, even a month, one day, one hour, one minute ideals most beautiful spark can ignite your heart, thus washing away the dust a vast way, all the way forward.How spring flowers in full bloom how gorgeous, summer blinking stars Silverlit, the road of life, how to sail, attracted a poetry to the Bi Xiao?I think the answer is simple it is to make the hearts sinking seed can grow into a tree landing, take root, sprout.  Struggle, is the second layer of state.Then a big tree, its growth process also requires.Youth itself, is a bright and dazzling words, we are in at under so bright for Love.Young at heart can not help but also look forward to a lot of, ah, who does not aspire to be their helmsman, lead the life boat navigation into another piece of a brighter future?School literacy of students from the school decided to become a dedicated office workers hurry, we crossed the dividing line between adult life in the most beautiful chapters also quietly began to be staged from here.To parents obsessed with flying wing guard, fighting their own weight Xiao nine days, after all, my youth, to call the shots by our own!And just after a big way, shouted slogans, desperate from the greenhouse, the face of the vast world, whether we lost, whether calm down: my youth, how I call the shots?In life, everyone will encounter unpleasant things, setbacks, are misunderstood, criticized, etc..The feeling is undoubtedly an insurmountable obstacle.But this does not do the ups and downs is growing, tree growth is the need sunlight with nutrients.When necessary, please send your self-confidence and courage generosity.Remember: Although Yan hothouse flowers long, but fundamentally it was not always exudes aroma soak into the depths.  Harvest, is the third layer of the realm: autumn comes, we will really grown up trees.Its growth reflects the way of life for some shiny.Regardless of whether this tall trees, lush foliage, and even bloom, bear fruit the.This tree does not say whether the final harvest equivalent to its former pay.As long as the harvest, already a result,.As in life, success, and then harvest the flowers and applause, failed, then the harvest period of experience, how many lessons, and then start all over again.As long as we use persistent break the shackles of fate, illuminating life with confidence and courage.Ideally kinds of unremitting struggle, I believe there will eventually lead goose heart to worry, good mountain-month title of the day, I believe there will be a final harvest!  Cantabile past, in the journey of life, although there have been ups and downs, there have been regrettable, but without losing the beauty of youth.Believe in yourself, always hope, let us remember that sentence: miss the sun, I do not cry, otherwise, I will miss the moon and the stars.So, let’s cheer together!

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