Be superior to one’s opponent

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Ming Dynasty, the ancient town Yijiang two chess masters, they are a pair of brothers, Boss person living grandmaster, the second-person chess triumph.The brothers relied on his own and superb chess, opened a haughty manner Chess, chess will be specified every bet, do not bet free chess.They move it eats rice, never misses several years in the field of chess, and they slew countless players around admiring, but also earn a huge amount of silver from these people.  That afternoon, the brothers are a bunch of flower hall and a local gentleman drink tea and chat, suddenly came in a report it Qitong: Two vintage, a lady asked to see the door, he said to be looking for chess master.  Live grandmaster one was a woman, waved his hand and said: you quickly send her away, he said here do not teach chess.  Qitong kicked away, but they soon folded back, said: Master, the lady refused to go, she says she is dedicated to Chess and classic chess gambling, and said please do not master broke his self – made rule.  Live grandmaster heard music: This little bitch actually also know that there are rules Chess?So let Qitong put her brought in.  The little girl looks just like fifteen or sixteen, living grandmaster naturally not looked down on her, so exports are mocked: You call Gesha name?  The little girl broke into replied: The girl surnamed Chen, who lives in XuanZhou House, along with his father and mother at an early age to learn chess, opponents also have not been met, heard at the main hospital two chess well, especially to today will be.  Little girl look of the thing, the living chess grandmaster wins windy weather: Which of these is Huangmaoyatou, it could be so much bragging?Live grandmaster angrily said: betting on chess here, be subject to five ounces of silver from the note, do you have it?  Facial features a little girl pick: Of course, I took two silver fifty miles today!She said as she shook hands on a piece of drafts.  Live grandmaster thought: I am now open to Chess, down really did not come across such a rival, powerful today have to try to point the little girl.So he opened the door and immediately ordered Qitong chess room, let the girl take a seat, and wins the day for chess: you accompany my dear friend while drinking tea, I went to would be this girl!Then, we should go towards chess room.  Who would have thought the little girl shouted at him: slow, I just said, I am here today is to be a master of two!  Live grandmaster laughing: how?You want a Huangmaoyatou at the same time the two of us?  The little girl said: Of course!But the two of you can not talk to each other, so you have one person at a chess room and I.  A person a chess room?how about you?  Of course I ran back and forth two chess room!  Chess wins day one, got angry and roared: You bragging Huangmaoyatou, you think you are!  But the little girl gently music: how, the two main hospital dare?  Live grandmaster sneered: What are we afraid of!Just like you nonsense, spread out later, the innocent people thought it was the two of us together one do you bully!  The little girl smiled, shook his head and said: How could it, so willing to bet my own thing!  Words to this sake, girl willing to put money to send home, then why not do it?Live chess grandmaster wins the day so they split up into the chess room, living grandmaster and told Qitong said: go, a few warm pot of wine, a little later my treat!And this Huangmaoyatou chess, live grandmaster winner.  Chess grandmaster into the living room after the first execution red, day after winning chess move into another room after the player using these pieces go, girl do it from the shuttle between the two chess room, footed, turns erupted children.It’s that under the next, not long after, a living room chess grandmaster hold up the chin, another chess room, chess triumph Dengyuan his eyes, and the little girl is an easy way.  Chess harder and slower, warm up and warm wine.Flower hall, a bunch of gentlemen so anxious: how not is finished?  Some people come to watch chess room door and found the living chess grandmaster wins the day perspiring, endless distress, but the little girl is a comfortable way, they dumbfounded: Is two experts today met nemesis?  Hot wine to the twenty-second back, I saw the living grandmaster chess pale and out of the room, and barely everyone smiled and said: Let you waiting, I won my voice hardly ever, splash stumble the ground.Although he had won the chess, but ran out of God, devoting force.  The little girl said nothing, turned and ran into another room chess.Just a little too much, then hobbled down from the chess room, followed out of the back of chess triumph is dejected look.  Stumble to the ground of live chess grandmaster see a victory day anxiously asked: How results?  Chess wins the day with a sigh, sound like a small mosquito: Well, lost.  Lost?Live grandmaster roar, how can you lose it?  At this time, the crowd rushed the little girl a Baoquan, smiling, said: today we have seen, the two masters of chess really under Debu Lai, one win and one loss, and I can even play for a draw, win or lose balance, the two do not owe this girl say good-bye!Then, step by pop Chess.Outside, a carriage carrying the girl off at a gallop live chess grandmaster wins the day immediately wished he was embarrassed to find a way to seam drilling: Today, the brothers never missed a big hit and was planted, and actually being a callow Huangmaoyatou killed a tie, that little girl or a person under two miles!Besides, live grandmaster although a win, can win at that time such as gray complexion, can compare with the little girl looked relaxed and composed of it?Is there face to say, this is the fight a draw?  Upon seeing the gang, have shook his head, then shook his head meaning is clear: the original, master of chess, but so ah!  After everyone left, living chess grandmaster wins the day criticizes idea that nozzle.Finally, they grew more and more wrong, they went to the chess room Replay.  Complex with the complex and found that they were with the girl next two game, in fact, just a chess game: use the boss a little girl just spear attack in just her second child Shield.Live grandmaster sighed: We were Dang Houshua this girl!  Live grandmaster put it right, the little girl is really well prepared.  The little girl is XuanZhou native, his father surnamed Chen, Chen parent to do cloth business, but also fans of chess, and a good knot circle of experts three months to come to town procurement Yijiang cloth, with two going to take the opportunity to have long admired chess learn chess master, make friends, I thought he was not free chess chess gambling rules touched a wall.In order to Falls, Father Chen was prepared to bite the bullet and purchase one hundred and twenty silver cloth, five hundred twenty-one five hundred twenty-one chess grandmaster wins the day and live gambling to play chess, it seems the brothers a a big customer, it is trying to make itself turns on stage, the results of Chen only won twenty father, the father of Chen won silver cloth used to purchase a spotless, the last two also greatly ridiculed Chen father a lot, father Chen shame and gas, fell ill back home.  After find out what was going on, people Zhida small girl then secretly vowed, must asked his father out of this tone.Although she grew up with his mother nothing is learning poetry and painting, but when talking about chess, certainly far from the two rival chess King.How can we do one’s opponent yet?  The little girl to the night, the next day to act decisively drove straight to Yijiang town, people have to use a pair of two tricks, so in the dark of the brothers killing each other is finished chess home, little girl after his father one that, like his father’s illness on the spot.  Live chess grandmaster wins the day of it, this time know that they face lost big, from henceforth no longer continue to open Chess discredited, we had to close to the business change.

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