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He was born in Beijing in mid-1990, from childhood smart, studious, excellent results, it is not recognized as a good boy: he loved football, football has been accompanied by growing, playing several times due to injuries, but also because there are times to play football undergone surgery.He is interested in reading, from the age of 12, a chance to let him break the door of art, from now on, one will be free to stroll among the various art books.He maverick.In this there is a lesson this afternoon, he will come to ride on an empty square, with earplugs daze.He is willing to do anything, but do not want to sit in a classroom, the teacher left to go to their head cram knowledge.Just that he was born in scholarly family, parents are intellectuals, we thought more liberal, he lived relatively relaxed environment, therefore, from small to large, from the parents did not force him on what extracurricular courses, art specialty classes like.When he graduated from elementary school, are catching up with the SARS epidemic, affected RDFZ registration on the day dragged back a few days, the last day he reported his name, after he received notice, so he went to school for an interview.Interested in playing him because watermelon Taro giving her a chic hairstyle, was the principal spot interview banter, but because of his young age could careless momentum, eventually RDFZ admitted, and was incorporated into the experimental class.Enter junior high school, he reveals more and more of his maverick: In recent years stubbornly keep his trademark hairstyle watermelon Taro, usually, think together against organized class cadre of students doing something wrong.The teacher asked the students left standing a late, he felt unfairly gave the principal a letter but he was very lucky, because not done these outrageous incidents are punished, but got positive feedback from a sense of justice.One of the biggest reason may be that there is also a good academic record behind his maverick.As a student, learning at least one key thing, that he knows better than anyone else.Three years, he has been in the middle and upper grades.In the test, the fraction of the poor did not make it because of RDFZ main campus, can only be admitted RDFZ Angeles.In high school, he had read a lot of books on the arts, involving art, architecture, music, literature, movies, etc..His books have carried out a variety of art-depth discussion.By chance, he was exposed to a British playwright and poet Oscar Wilde’s works, remember he once said: a step by step followed his heart calling, writing a book is in the experience of creating.Read these words startled him, feel that these words hold in his heart for a long time, then, Wilde who lived in his heart a man.Since then, he began to focus on research Wilde.In many cases, he is a man to the cafeteria to eat, while eating, while watching the works of Oscar Wilde, or chew the words of Oscar Wilde.A long time, a lot of Oscar Wilde, he has been able to recite every word.After the people admitted to the University, he began to think about what kind of life was more meaningful.With these musings, he returned the courses, with nine months to write a book, is both a summary of their way through life, but also an attempt to create a personal, but also a tribute to Oscar Wilde.He felt that everyone has their own way to go, this road will inevitably leave a mark of the times, only those who follow your heart and stick to it, will own mark on this road branded.Later, he realized that people miss school, not that filled the papers, but papers under their own ideals buried.So he followed the call of the soul, step by step, and reached a conclusion: to do the best you can.In this way, his name along with his creative works “I do not forgive,” burst into the public eye, this is a criticism on China’s education and reflect on the works by the famous scholar Yi Zhongtian preface, published in our literature, education, social and other fields reverberate.See the book, to hear the author of the book, it is easy to think of the author of the book certain rebellious, deviant, anti-bone long, in fact, he is a pale skin, giving her fluffy Jarhead, often smiling, revealing a hint of naughty in slightly weird in college after 90.He then called Bell Road.A third-year School of Economics, Renmin University of China students.He said: People, even because he wore clothes like LadyGaga with each different, each is special.You are not qualified to take his measure funnel someone else’s brain, broken stalks that take their own scales to measure the value of others.It has been said, growth is constantly looking for points of compromise, a lot of successful people success secret is in a critical point in time to do the key things.Indeed, only a person dedicated stick, hold the key to a good life, to do their best, it may reach the highest realm of life.

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