Corner smile

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Their mind is not clear exactly where the food stalls put how long, every morning is riding electric cars and galloped off, they have not noticed, there is no interest in what they do, much the same streets pancake oil Guo.    Once in a while, purely by chance, without any reason, I slow down, stop, bought two scones, a five cents.25 yards soles look, golden yellow.Bite, crisp, minced meat inside is also very pure flavor of meat.The next day, I bought their scones.On the third day, I did not change the content of breakfast.The fourth day.I finally noticed them, they should be a couple, three or four years old, looks ordinary, ordinary clothes.His wife do not speak, it is always buried in a busy, kneading, rolling surface, make cakes.The husband is responsible for all shapes and flavors of bread oven advance.His outgoing personality to some of.Every time I buy breakfast, he must take the initiative to sack early the line, hanging on the handlebars of my hand, take a word: “You go to work early ah.”” Oh, the rain is not convenient to go to work.”Whether sunny or windy rain, and even snow in the winter morning, they have been waiting there, never one day, I pass the time, but they are not.I do not know why, ever since they liked the taste of the snack, in addition to scones, as well as dumplings, boiled eggs.That can not help but dwell in the morning every day to dealers there that someday I’d love to, I will deliberately avoid the road that day I did not eat breakfast they do, they seem to be lost approximately.    Once I had a better breakfast, only to find forgotten money with.I’m embarrassed to say: “Next to.”They smiled and said in unison:” Never mind, all right.”Another time, heavy rain.I buy breakfast when a taxi stopped at the roadside, the driver rolled down the glass window, stuck his head out and asked: “What breakfast?”The answer is:” scones, dumplings, boiled eggs have.”Asked:” What stuffing dumplings, it good?”I immediately said to him:” meat, good food, better than the taste of Jiaxing dumplings, only two dollars!I eat here every day.”I do not know why I do this to try to give them publicity.The man had still hesitant, listen to me say this, open the door immediately buy a few dumplings.They looked at me, smiled and said: “Thank you,.”I suddenly feel very happy.    Sometimes I think: They do this kind of small business how much money one day?Enough life?They have no worry for a living?They have children?How old child?Go to school?The child will not be living in such a family feel inferior?However, in their faces, in addition to the years weathered carved imprinted, I do not complain slightest, slightest melancholy misery, their faces, always calm, contented, smiling face.

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