Correctional satyr small daughter

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In the past, there zhangjiazhuang Hebei Cangzhou, a woman in the town Zhang members outside there, this man can do no other, only to rely on grandparents left behind family wealth Chihepiaodu, ten years down the family silver Wada production is already let him toss almost the same, only 28 big old also insisted Zhang style in the village.That day, Zhang members outside fooling around one day, when the fast slowly toward the house to go near black, approaching Zhangjiazhuang, he suddenly saw the country road came a young woman, looks lovely.Zhang members outside this woman know, is the new wife Zhuangzi tofu Hu three of clouds.Speaking of Hu three, turned out to be a scholar, can be ten years down the chance to read, even a scholar nor exams, had to put down the book, honestly at home to start a tofu.Zhang members outside and saw clouds graceful figure, and my heart raised an evil, and see no one around him, came to him, laughs and says: yo, this is not it sister Hu Jiadi?Such a beautiful sister to our zhangjiazhuang, which makes a big girl small daughter in the village are afraid to look up to the clouds hear the words of Zhang members outside in the light, Bu Zhisheng, a sideways want to walk around from Councilor Zhang, Zhang members outside but take advantage of the clouds in his arms, Xipixiaolian said: sister, and I later Well, my family had a house there, there are silver, more than a Maidou Fu Hu Sanjiang!Clouds struggling to break free, ran towards Chuang Tzu, Councilor Zhang did not give up, and the clouds in the butt touched a harsh.Zhang members outside the home Shihai a little worried, but in the past several days, Hu did little movement, thought, and that is certainly no small daughter and told Hu three, where the woman Chong Ming Festival, especially the newly married wife some suffered bullying, humiliation and would rather hang himself and would not give the truth, afraid to disgrace her family and her husband’s family.Besides that Hu three honest with his kind, also could not get any excuse.Gradually, Zhang members outside the code to put this thing to forget.It took another for a month, that night, Councilor Zhang was awakened by a burst of noise, they dressed and went to the lobby, the family marched a thief came in and said: Master, the thief stealing tiles on our family room!Zhang members outside look eye look, the thief thirties, like Zhuang Huren, and asked: What’s your name?Where are?Tiles on the room can be worth some money?Even this is how you steal?But no matter how Councilor Zhang asked the thief is silent, and finally to the desperate, ferocious also said: You are not official sir, why should I tell you?Hey, thief than the outer cross members also!Zhang members outside the gas is not one to play: Well, let me ask you lord official.See you fooling or official of a hard nip roll!Then he told his family: he was optimistic about tomorrow morning to send county government!The next day, Zhang took several family members outside this thief detention hall, and looked plaint outside the county master Zhang members, also feel very strange, and asked the thief: you name even name who?Get out your actions attracted from the real, flesh lest hardship!This time the good thief, replied: villain, surnamed Li, Gui called, live in lijiazhuang, is to build a house, can not afford tile, went to Zhang members stole a few pieces away from home.Gui finished speaking, the magistrate would laugh: Gui Gui ah, you will not even raised that tale.Zhangjiazhuang in the north, lijiazhuang in the south, a distance of forty miles, you run so far just to steal a few pieces of tile on the others room?I do not suffer, you are not telling the truth!Then he told the runners: give me!Two runners up class is a pass in front of Gui sticks, initially Gui also bite the bullet bulging, after he could no word within a dozen, cried for mercy: great lord, do not fight, I move, my whole trick!The magistrate took a gavel: truthfully provoke!Gui had revealed the whole story: I have a distant relative, the early years of the military government’s poor Handan, responsible for managing libraries silver.On one occasion, the prefect errands, foreman also leave to go home, my relatives bought wine and meat, in the wine under the ** medicine, the other two with him when the military value of the difference between hemp turn, then stole the town hall 100 gold bars, ran out a magistrate, nodded in agreement: the early years there is this sort of thing, when ignited, it may have yet to solve the case.You say, then say!Gui said: my family and relatives who fled with gold bars from a brick kiln dry coolies, he bullion secretly burned into 100 tiles, those tiles again hidden in the innermost corner, always care.But one day he went out to work, come back actually a gray tile kilns are gone, were a big zhangjiazhuang bought.This is a big Zhang members outside of the father.My family and relatives who made many trips to zhangjiazhuang, you had better find a 100-watt on the roof of 28 houses, easier said than done!Until his death, he did not back a gold bar.I have relatives who have not descendants until the death and only then told me the secret, I recently wife was very ill, I have to give her a treat heavily in debt, no way, this idea of playing Zhang tile house.As a result, there is a gold bullion tiles did not find, let Zhang people to catch the lord, I mean every word is real, you give me a break Gui words so that the people’s surprise, Councilor Zhang said: classic this crazy man, say he did not steal something, I put him see it finished, it does not answer the magistrate, led the family to leave the county government.Zhang members outside the home, the family all called everyone up and said: You all gave me the never ending, the roof tiles to move me down.Remember, who are not allowed to crack the tile!So, the whole family hands together, the tiles on all 28 houses mortgage down, Zhang members outside carrying a hammer, a tile to him, is a hammer smashing down.He has smashed two hour, but did not find a gold bar in the tiles in.At this point, the magistrate with a bunch of runners rushed to the scene, saw Zhang members away from home tiles on the housing 28 into a field full of junk, and asked Zhang members outside: bullion you find it?That is the treasury of the things, I can not be misappropriated.Councilor Zhang long face, said: great lord, we have been the thief cheated, I put 28 houses full of tiles smashed, did not find a gold bar.Magistrate sneer, said: You do not say no?You ranging why the officer concluded hurried back to?Why hurry to smash all of the tiles on your home room?You do not pay out those gold bars, the officer will cure your pocket Treasury sin!Then the magistrate, and then they shouted: Zhang’s back to the county government, severely tortured!Gui Besides that, he returned home from the county government, to get things back and forth related to waiting at his home, said Hu three, and finally patting him on the shoulder Hu three, said: brother, you can not think of a tofu, some really trick, we poor people fighting evil, only with the poor way

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