Corruption is widespread root cause analysis

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The so-called ten nine official corruption, which is a somewhat exaggerated in some people’s eyes, perhaps in the eyes of some people find it very appropriate.But one thing we can not deny that corrupt officials everywhere, trading power and authority, power and money transactions, power and sex trade are everywhere in this society, everywhere.About the arrest of corrupt officials, that corrupt officials were detained for interrogation, where gangs of corrupt officials, where corrupt officials sentenced.This news events almost every day, everywhere.It’s just been caught, checked, unfortunately leakage his true features, which are in the minority.Those who have not been caught yet?Probably ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times right!Maybe more.Can be said that corrupt officials everywhere, maybe office, large or small, more or less the amount of corruption.    So the problem is a corrupt general social problem.There exist natural causes and roots of its existence.Why no matter how harsh measures and laws, we can not always prevent corruption?Why work so hard anti-corruption?Where is the root cause of the problem in?How can we solve this thing fundamentally?Analysis of the nature, fundamental research.We can be truly effective solution to such things, the establishment of a truly corrupt social system and social environment.    One reason: the greed of human nature.Human nature is very complex thing, but also many faces.Between good and evil, between right and wrong, often in an idea, a fine line between.Surface behavior of a person’s inner world and are often two very different extremes.Those at the conference morally doing impassioned anti-corruption report of senior officials, often secretly is a big corrupt.At the meeting today also do the report, vowed to do the servants of the people, and tomorrow because of corruption under investigation, was arrested.Such examples, too numerous to mention, everything.Human desire is endless, and when the power loss of control, excessive centralization, it also desires more expansion, which is very scary.An honest soul, had a good clean and fair government, there are a few to resist the temptation of money and woman rights, pollution withstand officialdom this big vat of it.Sometimes easy to clean, they clean up difficult.Not to mention the clever tricks bribe people to do everything possible, even if I sometimes can not break through, so it relatives?Household!?Moreover, corruption is often an atmosphere, an environment that sometimes they are not complicit simply can not survive.    Excessive concentration of rights: the second reason.China is a country thousands of years of feudal history, feudal, monarchical idea pernicious influence of deep-rooted in the national consciousness in the.Not experienced capitalism directly into the development stage of the liberalization of the socialist system.It had previously been an inward-looking self-reliant state, but after three decades of reform and development, but now belongs to the social doctrine morphogenesis of a semi-feudal capitalism.Development is still in the primary stage of socialism, it requires a lengthy process to achieve the ideal of communism.The current legal supervision mechanism is not perfect, reflected in the official who is the excessive concentration of power.We know that in a single unit, the official big one people crushed to death in the phenomenon exists everywhere, a pen to sign in favor of management, but the excessive concentration and loss of control rights, and unlimited expansion of desires often leads to the creation and spread of corruption.Whether organs and units of director responsibility system, the education sector or principal responsibility, or the enterprise’s director responsibility system, there are drawbacks.    The third reason: inadequate oversight mechanisms.The current status of each unit in our country is basically no monitoring mechanism, nor the same as Hong Kong’s ICAC, and no real property disclosure system implemented officials.Only a Commission for Discipline Inspection, but only after the Commission for Discipline Inspection found the problem after receiving the report, under compelling circumstances, will really involved in the investigation.And mostly as a precondition to saving lives.And after all, limited energy, material and human resources.The lack of oversight mechanisms is among the kind of power use.A monitoring system of supervision of trading power for money.And this system is not perfect, which will lose the right to use the process control, curb corruption will not be fundamentally.But also for the corruption of the law or not tough enough, like Singapore, penny corruption will be subject to severe legal sanctions.    Reason four: the contradiction between the low- and high consumption.Officials wage is very low, because the current Chinese economic situation and wage conditions.If only from the point of view of wage income, payroll officer, not much more than the wages of ordinary workers.And their spending it?Often much greater.Eat, drink money, RBI joint money if the wages are paid, it is simply to make ends meet.Therefore, only the use of money power in the hands of the expenditure of public funds.This is corruption and pave the way.Then there are the high-end of life do?Villa car mistress it?There is no way, in order to enjoy these, only the adventurous use of their right to be traded power for money.And without power, once expired, it would void ah!This is also the root of so many corrupt officials willing to take big thing in the world is not, take the prison, run the risk of decapitation, where the conduct corruption.The so-called high salary, is unrealistic, people bottomless pit, in the end how much salary in order to meet these corrupt officials want to sink it?I am afraid that is a bottomless pit filled up forever.    Reason five: the contradiction between the public and private ownership of property rights.China’s current public economy is still dominated, institutions enterprises belong to the state property, which holds the power of life and death of these state-owned assets, are those of the unit number one, the so-called legal.Closure of business with them or not does not matter, a large number of state-owned assets, is not related to them, they would not mind, because they are not private property.Their only concern is how a limited term, within the validity period of power, how to find ways little more than fishing.Because they are very aware of a term to age comes, they will have nothing, nothing is a.This is also the root cause of many huge loss of state assets, and also the root cause of many state-owned enterprises because of poor management losses where.    Bodhi tree, said: corruption was widespread in society, the root cause of its own existence, and the deep roots of the reasons as much as eleven can not do.As the saying goes one foot, the law is strong.Good and evil are twin brothers.Although evil triumphs, but the process is long and bumpy struggle of.To truly eliminate corruption, but also a clean and fair world, it may take a long process, but also all of the ruling Communists as the most drastic of determination and perseverance!Only starting from the root, we can really solve the problem, in order to achieve a real victory of anti-corruption work.This is the most serious test of a ruling party past, present and future!Also giving the new era communists sacred mission!(Word Count: 2332) [Editor: Can children]

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