Cosme case Shaws old village

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Holmes bent over at a low magnification microscope looked quite a while.Now, he straightened up, looked at me with a look of triumph.Glue, Watson, he said, no problem, glue.Come and see these things disheveled!As the hole before I bent over to adjust the focus.These hairs are thread on a woolen jacket, those irregular gray block dust, left some epithelial cells.Among those small round brown foam, glue undoubtedly.Ah, I smiled and said, you say what is what.What do these things depend on it?This is a very good show, he replied, at St. Pan Gui Adams case, you remember the hat beside the dead policeman found it?The defendant denied that it was his, but he’s a worker to do the picture frame, inevitably regular contact with glue.Is that your case it?No, my friend Maruo Wei police asked me to look into this case.Ever since I found cracks in the zinc and copper sleeves coin counterfeiters, the court condemned him to let sin, they began to understand the importance of the microscope.He looked at his watch impatiently, I have a new client to come, but he was too late.Yes, Watson, do you understand horse racing?I should know, I spent half of that on top of all disability compensation.I’ll give you my ‘Baba Guide’.How Sir Robert Noble Dayton?The name you have the impression you?Ah, we can say there is.He lived in the old Dmitri Wycombe village, I know that place, because I had lived around that one summer.In fact, Norbert Dayton once almost fall within the scope of your business.what happened?That is, he whipped Division Street Lee who put the famous Sam Bulwer in new markets with heather former whip, the man almost killed.Ah, this man sounds interesting!He often do so with impunity?Ah, he was known for being dangerous, he is almost Britain’s most daring jockey a few years ago took second place in national competition.He is not the kind of people who belong to his time.He should Regency era Wan Ku son of a boxer, athlete, field speculators betting on horse races, beauty lover, there must be a debt-ridden, never turn people can not body.great!Watson, is described as concise, I seem to have about this person.Also, can you give me some impression, talk about the old Dmitri Wycombe village is what kind of place it?I only know that it is located in the center of Dmitry Cosme Park, famous Dmitri Cosme horse farm and training ground right there.Training leader John Mason, Holmes said, do not feel surprised to my knowledge, Watson, it was he who opened the letter I.But let’s talk more Dmitri Cosme, I seem to dig into the treasure house.There Shaws Cosme long-haired dog, I said, almost hear their names in a dog show in each of the UK’s best dog, they are also proud old Dmitri Cosme village hostess.Noble Sir Robert Gordon’s wife, right!Sir Robert Noble Dayton never married.I think this is good, you think he’s the kind of person future.He and his widowed sister lived with Mrs. Feld than Beatrice.Are you saying that she lived in his place?No, no, that place is her husband, Sir James died, and Norbert Dayton does not have any property rights.She is currently live on pension income, return on real estate after the death of her husband’s brother.I guess, who spent all his brother Robert certain annuity?Probably so.He was a nasty guy, make sure she looks bad.However, I heard that she loves him.Shaws Cosme village in the end what happened?Oh, this is what I want to know.I think, in front of you can come to tell us.The door opened, servants brought in a tall, clean face, his face firm and serious, is the kind of talent or training horses and some expressions of schoolboys.Mr. John Mason momentum seems to do both, and certainly competent.He bowed calm and restraint, Holmes got into the hands of the chair schematic.Did you get my letter yet, Mr. Holmes?Yes, but there did not say anything.This matter is too sensitive, too complex, I can not write it down in detail, only face to face in order to make it clear.Well, we all ears.First of all, Mr. Holmes, I think Sir Robert My employer must be crazy.Holmes raised his eyebrows.This is Baker Street, not doctors centralized Harry Street.He said, however, why do you say so?Ah, sir, if a person did something, or even two strange things, may have his reasons, but if he did everything very strange, you have to begin to wonder.I think Prince Dmitri Comcast is saying to participate in that game in his head messed up.What you intended to participating small horse colt?UK is the best horse, Mr. Holmes, I know best.Now, I frankly say to you, I know you are a gentleman, not spread out.Sir Robert got to win this Marseille, he has been desperate, this is his last chance.He can raise to, borrowed all the money, all cast on the horse and compensation multiples roulette wheel is also very scary!Four times before, but when he put nearly a hundred times turn.But if the horse so well, doing what is wrong with it?The general public does not know how good it is, Sir Robert too smart, asking not see any horse racing news spies.He took a half-brother Prince ran out, most people can not tell, but when the sprint, the gap between them and revealed the.His head and thought except horse race, nothing else.His properties and lives are tied up here.His eyes also can moneylenders hold, but if the prince loses, he would be finished.It looks like a very risky gamble, but how can it be considered crazy?Ah, first of all, you just look at him.I believe he did not go to bed at night, he stayed all day stables, eyes wild, all of this is beyond the limit he can afford the spirit.Sifu Chui and his comparison of human behavior!what!how about it?They have been very good close friends.They taste the same, and like him she loves horses, at the same time every day, she would drive over to see them, especially her beloved prince.Every morning, it heard the sound of her vehicle was issued on gravel, it will be pricked his ears and ran to her car and eat little sugar to bring her for it.But now it’s all gone.why?Ah, she seems to have lost all interest in horses.There has been a week, she passed the stables, most just say good morning!You guess they had a dispute?Field must be very serious vicious brawl, or else how would he treat her dog paternity of it given away?A few days ago, he gave it to three miles away Baines cunday old town of Green Dragon Inn.This is indeed very strange.Of course, her weakened heart disease and edema, everyone will think she is unlikely to deal with him again, but he was in her room every night until two hours.He did also, because she was his little friend.But now all this has become in the past, he could not approach her, but she is also very sad.She moping all day drinking, Mr. Holmes drink like a fish as.Before this time they alienated her to drink it?Ah, sometimes drink some, but now she often drink a bottle a night.Steve told me of such a footman.Everything changed, Mr. Holmes, there must be a very bad thing to happen.Also, the old man of the house at night to do what the church cellar?Where he met with Who?Holmes rubbed his hands.Go on, Mr. Mason, the more you say the more interesting.A butler to see him go.Midnight and raining hard.The next night, I did not sleep, and so on in the house, a little good, he went to.Steve told me secretly followed him, but this work is very insurance, if he finds us on the bad.If he had been alerted, no matter who, his fist will fall severely, so we can not follow too close, but we stared at him.He is to go to the haunted cellar, a man was there waiting for him.What is this haunted cellar?Ah, sir, in the garden there is a dilapidated old church, it too old and no one knows it’s built.The church has a cellar below, we have heard that there is terrible.Inside the dark tide that day and desolate, For the evening, the county probably can not find a few people dare to go in, but the owner was not afraid, not afraid of him this life anything.However, he was to be there to do it?Wait!Holmes said, you said there was a person in there, it must be your barn or house people!You will be able to see who is then questioned him.I did not know do you know?Because I saw him, Mr. Holmes, that is, that the next night.Sir Robert turned back, after I talked to Steve as we near the two little rabbits, shivering hiding in the bushes.That night some moonlight.We heard the other man walking behind us, and we are not afraid of him, so after Sir Robert is gone, we drilled out, two people are pretending to moon walk, without the knowledge of the way to meet him.”Hey, friend, you who are?”I’m asking.I suppose he did not hear footsteps approaching us, he turned around, his face like hell to see the appearance of the devil, he uttered a cry, and then ran away as fast as.He runs so quickly!I can definitely say.Less than a minute, he has disappeared without a trace.Who he is, what it does, we could not ask the.You can see very clearly in the moonlight?Yes, I clearly saw that big yellow faces should say, a slice of humble dog.Sir Robert and he will have anything to do?Holmes sat thinking for a while.Who accompanied Mrs. Beatrice ratio Feld?He finally asked..She had a maid named Hyatt Evans, she has been with her for five years.There is no doubt that it is very loyal?Mr. Mason writhing uneasily.She is very loyal, he finally answered, but I’m not sure to whom.what!Said Holmes..I can not rumors out of thin air.I understand, Mr. Mason.Of course, the situation has been very clear.From the description of Dr Watson, I do not understand Sir Robert together with a woman is safe.Do you think the dispute between them is therefore siblings sky?Ah, the rumors have been for some time.Maybe she had not witnessed.Let us suppose that she suddenly found she wanted to dismiss the woman, but his brother refused.However, because of her weak heart, and mobility, unable to carry out her wishes, so that annoying maid remained at her side.The lady refused to speak, disconsolate, instead alcoholism, and then angrily to Sir Robert sent her dog people.All this is not very reasonable it?Ah, so far it is possible.Little good!so far.This has to do with him in the evening to the old cellar move?This is something we can not put it entered our series of stories.No, sir, but there are other things Rom.Why dig up the corpse of Sir Robert?Holmes suddenly sat up.Yesterday we found in my letter to you later.Yesterday Sir Robert went to London, so Steve and I entered the cellar.All things are not moving off, sir, in addition to one of the corners there are some people wreckage.You immediately informed the police, right?Our visitor smiled darkly.Oh, sir, I think that does not make them interested.Just a corpse’s head and some of the bones, and that there may be a thousand years.But before that pile is not there, I’m sure this point, Steve can.It is to be stacked in the corner, covered with a piece of wood, but before that corner is empty.Then how do you do?Oh, we still put it there.This is very clever.You say Sir Robert to go out yesterday, he was back yet?We expect him back today.Sir Robert was sent away when the dog?one week ago.The little things outside the house howl, Sir Robert just angry that morning, he caught it up, I thought he was going to kill it.Later, he took it to jockey brother-Penn Hills, asking him to give it to the old Green Dragon Baines, he said he never saw it again.Holmes silently ponder for a moment, he lit Flanagan oldest and smelly pipe.I do not know what you want me to do, Mr. Mason.He finally said, you can say it a little more precise?Perhaps this can be expressed more precisely, Mr. Holmes..Our visitors say.His pocket and pulled out a paper bag and carefully opened, is a small piece of charred bones.Holmes watched it with great interest.Where did you find the?Sifu Chui than the people in the room below the basement, there is a central heating furnace system, is no longer used, but these days Sir Robert complained about the room is too cold, and it flew open.One of the young man in charge of Harvey heating furnace him to help me do things.This morning, he took this came to me, he said, was picked clean up the ashes.He believes that it found something in the oven, will not be a good thing.I think so, Holmes said, you see what this is, Watson?During that bones had been burnt, but no doubt also left its characteristic anatomical.This is a human femur condyle.I say.Little good!Holmes became very serious attitude.This young man what time to take care of heating furnace?He later went every evening lit it and went away.So no matter who, you can go there at night edge?Yes, sir.You go directly from outside do?Aisle where there is a direct access to the outside door and another door open to the stairs, you can pass to the people in the room than Sifu Chui.These things are complicated, Mr. Mason, is not only complicated and very ferocious.You say Sir Robert was not at home last night?Absence, Mr..If he is not, then who is going to burn the bones of it?Yes ah, Mr..You mentioned what was the name of the hotel?Green Dragon.The honest trainer’s face clearly showed that he was confident that there are a madman into his life quite calm.Polk County, a place with no good fishing?Ah, sir, I heard eels in the stream, there are pike in the Hall lake.That’s it.Watson and I are fishing experts are right, Watson?Green Dragon in the future you can contact us, we’ll go tonight.Mr. Mason, I do not have to say you know, we do not want to see you there, if anything, to write a note, if we find you, you will be able to find.Once we further investigation implicated in the case, I will let you know comments.So, in that bright May evening Holmes and I sat in the first-class carriage, go only stopped to greet a small Dmitri Cosme station.Our overhead luggage rack there are some scattered fishing rod, coil and creel.To the destination, sit a short carriage, we came to an old-fashioned small hotel, the owner who loves outdoor activities Garcia Bynes immediately not wait to join the program we want to make the best of all nearby fish.What opportunities Huo pike fishing lake?Said Holmes..His face a sad hotel owner.No, Mr..Before you do not catch fish, afraid that they launched the first.why?Sir Robert, Mr..He hated asking extremely Marseille message spies.If you two strangers so close to his training ground, he would surely pick up your.He absolutely refused to run the risk of information leakage, Sir Robert must stand.I heard that he would have a horse to participate in competition?Yes, and it is an excellent small horse colt.We bet their money to its body, and all the belongings of Sir Robert also went in gambling.Oh, yes, we looked deeply into his eyes, I think of you it is not betting on horse races?No, absolutely not the case, but two very Polk County hopes to breathe the fresh air of idlers.Ah, then you’re in the right place.This neighborhood has a lot of good places to go, but I remind you to remember something about Sir Robert.He is the kind of attack first and then on the unreasonable man, do not be close to his estate.of course!Mr. Baines, we must listen to advice.Ah, what a beautiful bird in the corridor noisy long-haired dog.Indeed, it is pure Dmitri Cosme species, can not find better than it breeds in the UK.I am a dog person, said Holmes, ah, can I ask you, buy a dog like this award-winning how much to spend?Sir, I can not afford to pay, Sir Robert, I give it to me, that’s why I have to put it to fasten.If I release it, it will immediately ran back to the manor.We already have some cards on hand, Watson, after the owner left, Holmes said, this thing is not easy to handle, but within a day or two should be some results.By the way, I heard that Sir Robert is still in London, maybe we will not go to the old church was his attack tonight.There are one or two places I need to reconfirm.You have been concluded yet, Holmes?Watson, only a little, that is, about a week ago something happened, greatly affected the Shaws Cosme estate family life.As for what it was, we can only guess by the impact it caused.However, these effects have many different strange characteristics, it will instead help us.Only those cases will make people helpless bland.Let us consider all the information.The brother who no longer went to visit his beloved sister and mobility, and he also put her dog away.Her dog!Watson, do not make this point what do you see?In addition to the parody that made his brother with anger, and I do not see what.Ah, it could be like this, or ah, there is a possibility.If all this is due to the quarrel started, then let us come now to think about what happens after quarrel.The lady uncharacteristically, in addition to driving out with the maid, but she did not leave the room, do not go say hello to the horse stables and love, and apparently also alcoholism.That’s everything, is not it?In addition to the cellar to do.That is another line of thought, please do not confuse the two.The first idea is about more than Sifu Chui people, some dangerous, is not it?I can not think.Okay, now we want to come second thought, with about Sir Robert.He wants to win the crazy Marseille.He mastered creditors, the family property at any time may be auctioned, check stables are creditors.He was a bold and desperate man who lives by his sister’s income, his sister’s maid is his helper.So far, we seem to have to speculate very correct, is not it?But it cellar?Ah, yes, the cellar!Watson, let’s just assume that malicious assumption, in order to justify the assumptions and do not need to assume that Sir Robert had his sister.God, Holmes, it’s too much of it.It is likely that Watson.Sir Robert was of noble birth, but occasionally also good bird life villain.Let’s start with this assumption.Unless he fulfilled his property, otherwise he would not escape the country, and to honor his property, must use the method of Prince Dmitry Cosme.Therefore, he had to leave.And to do so, he must find a way to deal with the bodies of people he killed, but he had to find a substitute for her.There are maid on his side, this is not impossible.The woman’s body may have been moved to the cellar, where few people go, then go at it burned, leaving evidence that we have seen.What is your opinion on these, Watson?If you start to do such a ferocious assumption, of course, that these are likely to.I think tomorrow we can probably do a little experiment, Watson, so that may bring some dawn implicated in the case.At the same time, if we want to continue our current identity, I suggested that the best drink a glass of wine please the owner of his own shop, to talk about his topic and sash eel fish like the most interesting.In between, you may be able to hear some helpful local gossip.Morning, Holmes found that we had forgotten our fake bait, which makes us not a day to catch fish.About eleven o’clock, we went for a walk, as he would with his arm and go with black long-haired dog.Here is when we went to have a monster erected in front of the coat of arms on a post, he said, Mr. Baines told me about noon, the old one will come out the car, opened the door, the carriage will slow down.In the horse drove out of the gate, before accelerating, Watson, I want you to pretend to ask questions, let the driver stopped the carriage.After leave me, I’ll hide in these holly bushes and see what can be done.And did not wait long, only about a quarter of an hour after, we saw a yellow convertible wagon pulled out by a long driveway, driving a pair of tall, handsome gray horse.After Holmes took the dog squatted on the trees, I look like an idle, standing in the middle of the road waving his walking stick.Carriage slow down, I can clearly see the person above.Left sat a well-dressed young woman, there is a light yellow hair and a pair of eyes does not seem authentic, the right sat an elderly man, hunched, a large shawl to her face and shoulder wrapped thick and indeed, show her poor health.When the coach rolled, I’m awesome waved the driver to stop the car, I asked him Sir Robert old Dmitri Cosme village home without.At this point, Holmes stepped out of open long-haired dog.It is a cry of joy, rushed to the front of the car, jumped into the saddle.However, at the moment, it is eager to cheer replaced by fury, biting black dress on its head.Hurry!Hurry!A gruff voice called.The driver pulled the reins, so we were thrown at the roadside.OK, Watson, pulled off.Holmes still chained to the excitement of the long-haired dog’s neck, he said, it was thought that its owner, only to find a stranger.Dogs unmistakable.It was a man’s voice!I cried.Little good!The addition of a card in our hands, Watson, but we have to be careful out the card, otherwise the consequences will be different.My companion that day seems to be no other plans, we did go to the river to catch fish, and thus enjoy a dinner chub.After dinner, Holmes told me that there are only task was carried out, so we once again embark on the road traveled in the morning, they came to the front of the manor.A tall dark figure there waiting for us, it is originally met in London’s tame Mr. Marsh John Mason.Good night, gentlemen!He said, I got your note, Mr. Holmes..Sir Robert has not come back, but I heard that he’ll be back tonight.How far from the house cellar?Holmes asked..A full quarter of a mile.I think we can completely ignore Sir Robert.I can not do that, Mr. Holmes.He will be a door to see me and asked about the latest status of Prince Dmitri of Cosme.what!If so, then we just will not let you go together, Mr. Mason.You can take us to the cellar, and then you go back.Dark outside, there is no trace of the moon, Mason took us through a meadow, until a big shadow in front of our buildings.That is the old church.We entered a church by the broken entrance, there is a porch before.Our guide stumbled shuttle in between piles of loose stones fall, groped his way to a corner of the building, where there is a steep staircase to the cellar.Struck a match, he lit up the ghastly place rancid smell with suffocating, dilapidated walls of rough stone is ancient, there are a bunch of coffins piled up in there, have a lead coffin, sarcophagus, stacked by the side of the corner since, it has been stacked to the roof arches and dark.Holmes lit the lamp, in this dark place, shot a dim light.Lighting oil lamps in the coffin, you can see half-lion, half-eagle on some monster graphics trimmed coffin lid, some trimmed with crown decorated with a knighthood, as though they would take away the glory of the family together after death.You say there are some bones, Mr. Mason, before you tell me where to go?It was at this corner.Trainer strode past.However, when the light shines in the past, and he froze when he.They disappeared.He says.This is what I expect.Holmes chuckled and said, I guess, now that the ashes can probably already burned part of the heating furnace at last found.But who will go to burn a dead dry bones of a thousand years?John Mason asked.That’s why we came here for answers.Holmes said it may take a long time, we do not have to keep you up.I think before dawn, we should be able to get an answer.When John Mason to leave, Holmes began closely watching the grave by the central very old Saxon times looks, Norman Hugo and Otis these aristocratic families, until the eighteenth century Sir William and Ghani Sir disabilities Velde.After more than an hour, Holmes came to a lead coffin placed in the cellar at the entrance, uttered a satisfactory exclaimed, eager to see him but meaningful move, I knew he achieved the purpose of.He uses his magnifier hastily examined the heavy edge of the lid, and then remove the child from the pocket of a sled, a rift within the loot inserted, and that only the two pry the coffin lid is nailed.When the board forced open the coffin, he issued a harsh tearing sound A system that, but before the not yet fully open, exposing the inside of things, we met is not expected to interfere.Someone walking on top of the church, firm and rapid footsteps, apparently come familiar path, and has the purpose of.Dynasty next shot on the stairs, a person appears in the Gothic arch.He looked very terrible, violent attitude and tall stature.A large lantern in front of him, sporting a bushy beard lit up his face, and a pair of angry eyes, eyes that glared at each corner of the crypt until fiercely to stop my companion and me.Who you really are?He growled, what are you doing on my boundaries?Holmes did not answer, so he took two steps forward, he waved a heavy stick.You hear me?He exclaimed, Who are you?I came here to do?His batons waving in the air.However, Holmes not only did not flinch, but going forward.I also have a question for you, Sir Robert.He said the tone of his most ruthless, who is this?What is it doing here?He turned and opened the coffin lid behind.In light of the oil lamp, I saw a head to foot was wrapped too tight body, revealing only a terrible witch like the same face, prominent nose and chin, a pair of dull eyes bloodless wrinkled face the wide open.Sir uttered a cry, staggering back, leaning on a beautiful sarcophagus.How did you know?He cried..Then, he took savage attitude and continue to say, that what you do off?My name is Sherlock Holmes, my companion said, you may be familiar with me.Anyway, I like the responsibility of maintaining law every good citizen.In my opinion, you have to answer a lot of questions.Sir Robert glared at him, but Holmes quiet tone and calm and positive attitude played a role.God, Mr. Holmes, everything is no problem, he said, seemingly against me, which I admit, but I had no choice.I’d like to think so, but I’m afraid you get in front of the police to explain.Sir Robert shrugged his broad shoulders.Ah, if we must do so, it must be done so.Go into the house, I let you to determine this matter.After a quarter of an hour, we came to a rear glass of a row of shiny barrel of the gun room I judge Manor.It got a very comfortable.Sir Robert us to stay there for a while, he brought the two men came back, what we see in a carriage that bright young woman, the other is a little rat face, looks like a thieving man.The two men apparently not figure out exactly how it is, which means that our Lord had no time to explain things to have changed.It is, Sir Robert waved and said, Rolette couple.Mrs. Rolette the surname Evans, is my sister many years of portable maid.I got them, because I think the best way is to tell you my real situation, and the two men are the only people in this world can add my description it necessary?Sir Robert, you thought about doing it?The woman cried.As for me, absolutely no responsibility.Her husband said.Sir Robert glanced at him in disgust.I will take all responsibility, he said, well, Mr. Holmes, now I’d like to state the facts.You obviously already know much about my private affairs, otherwise I will not find you in just that place.You must know, I have a dark horse to participate in the contest, my everything depends on the victory.If I win, everything is very simple, if I lose I can not imagine!I understand this situation.Said Holmes..My thanks to all my sister than Sifu Chui people.But we all know, this family property only when she was alive she could have, and myself, is heavily in debt.I know that if my sister’s death, then the creditors will rush like a pack of vultures, like the manor, they all will be fastened my stables, my horses everything.However, Mr. Holmes, a week before my sister ‘really’ dead.And you did not tell anyone!what can I do?I face total destruction.If I could make something hiding three weeks, everything is gone.Her maid’s husband is an actor this man.I think we can expect him to temporarily disguise my sister, because in addition to her maid, no one need to enter her room, but she must appear once a day for a ride.This is not difficult to arrange.My sister died of edema, her long afflicted by the disease.It needs to be determined by coroner.Her doctor can prove that the past few months, she has been subject to the state’s death.Well, how do you do it?Corpse can not always stay here.The first night, Rolette, and I put the corpse in the room moved to the old wells, wells that have for many years without the.But her long-haired dog has been with us, kept howling at the door, so I think it must get a safe place to go.I hijacked long-haired dog, then moved to the body of the church cellar.Mr. Holmes, in the middle, not at all disrespectful act, I do not think what I disrespect for the dead at.Sir Robert, your behavior is inexcusable in my opinion.Jazz shook his head impatiently..Say religion is very simple, he says, if you are sitting my situation, the feeling will be different.One can not watch him all the hopes and all programs crushed at the last minute, without making any effort.In my opinion, with a coffin of her husband’s ancestors as her resting place, no disrespect, not to mention those coffins parked in a quite sacred place.We opened a coffin, removed the bones inside, put her into it, just as it looks like you can see.As we move out of the remains, you can not just throw on the ground in the cellar.Rolette and I put it away in the evening to the following heating furnace to burn.This is my story, Mr. Holmes, but you are forced to use what I had to say all this way, but I guess the.Holmes sat deep in thought.Your narrative there is a loophole, Sir Robert, he finally began, you bet, that is all you want, even if creditors withhold property should not be affected.The horse is one of the property.How they will care about my bet?Chances are they will not let it go run.My biggest creditor, unfortunately, is my greatest enemy of a rogue, a man named Sam Bulwer.Once, in the new market heather original, so I had mercilessly with his whip pumping.You think he’ll save me?Ah, Sir Robert Holmes stood up, it was of course the police.My responsibility is to make things clear, the other is not my thing.As to whether your actions are consistent with moral or ethical code, which I can not determine the.It has almost midnight, Watson, I think we should go back to that humble little inn.As we all know, Sir outcome of this strange story than Robert behavior deserve much better.Prince Dmitry Cosme really won that contest, the owner of the horse that won eighty thousand pounds.Sir, those creditors have to wait until after the end of the contest for payment, after paying their money, the rest of paying the money enough for Sir Robert restart a nice life.Police and coroner’s handling of these things are very large, in addition to some of the blame for the delay declare the death of the lady, the lucky owner of a horse by the unusual events in his awful, harmlessly off the body.Now it has been forgotten, and his later years would be spent with dignity.

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