Cosmetic “adventure”

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1, midnight visitors after two years of hard study day and night, Wei Xiaojie finally learned to plastic surgery.In order not to compete with the master jobs, Wei Xiaojie came a medium-sized coastal city opened a cosmetic shop, because of his skilled, enthusiastic service, business is hot.That evening, the clock has been pointing to 0:00, Wei Xiaojie busy the last customer is preparing to close, a young man wearing sunglasses walked in.This person into the store to shop quickly shut the door, then beckoned toward Wei Xiaojie: small business owners, give me the entire contents.Having picked up wearing sunglasses.Wei Xiaojie look, the other is a almost like their age, stature almost twenty-year-old boy, at this time, the man sat down on a chair, Wei Xiaojie carefully looked at each other, suddenly, after his eyes swept away towards the door, then his face shiver, slight think this move is clearly captured the other party to the.The man turned his chair toward the back door and saw a striking wanted Eddie Fong stick behind the door.That was half a month ago, the provincial capital took place with armed bank robbery, heinous criminals, not only robbed money, but also killed an armed bank clerk, three criminals wanted by the provincial Public Security Department, which wanted a few days before the local public security department posted.Boss, just from the expression, you have to recognize the three men in me.Reality does not tell lies, I was one of the principal called Wang Hao, sometimes mistakes it led to today’s big mistake.Visit your store today, it is that you give me a good overall capacity, your skill is high, let my old Wang Hao completely disappear from this world, right.Of course I will not ill-treat you, with the bounty on the arrest warrant as remuneration is twenty thousand yuan.The suspect called Wang Hao took the brush from the body of the bag and two Tazi one hundred yuan big ticket thrown on the table.Wei Xiaojie Mangjiang money pushed past: big brother, my poor skills, too much of you, or find someone else it.Wei Xiaojie, then just finished, Wang Hao Teng pulled out a pistol from his waist Wei Xiaojie: Boy, be honest with you, I’m coming at you fame, is not afraid to cover up my criminal?Today you do have to do, not do we have to do, otherwise, I call you disappear from this moment on this earth!Under threat, Wei Xiaojie had to give in.After more than three hours of intense work, Wang Hao completely changed man.At this time, Wang Hao and from the large bag and pulled out a few hundred votes: small business owners, this life I will not forget you.To, is this your overtime.Wang Hao finished on the go.And so on, Wei Xiaojie in the back shouted, big brother, I have a suggestion, though plastic surgery you become another person, but exhaustive, others will listen to your voice out.We do good in the end, I was good at voice change surgery, your voice has changed, you have a completely carefree.Really, you will change the sound?Wang Hao pleased to call up.And after more than an hour, Wang Hao’s voice really changed, a little hoarse.He was pleased to hold Wei Xiaojie hand: From the point of view of business license, you call Wei Xiaojie.Brother, you really buddy, let’s meet again.Wei Xiaojie said: It does not matter, who is not a fault and difficulties.Said as he took out a piece of paper and handed it to Wang Hao: They say this place is good fortune, it is easy to be a small business, a small place do not provoke people pay attention.Wang Hao gratefully accepted the paper out of the door, while Wei Xiaojie is pleased to holding a two Tazi one hundred yuan big ticket, his face revealing a sly smile.2, after being locked up in a detention center to save Wang Hao Wei Xiaojie held to address, came to a town called Longjiang.Here are really very busy, feeling the bag there are tens of thousands of dollars, he abacus at a restaurant.Positive and looked, he saw in front of a hotel, take the train for a few days, he does not have a good rest.So he used to do in the stall new fake ID to register a single room, watching TV while lying in bed asleep.Suddenly, sleeping Wang Hao felt dizzy, shaking the house strongly.earthquake!His first reaction was refused to get out of the hotel on the bag.Moment, the hotel collapsed, shop around also collapsed, crying, shouting together into one.Earthquake, fast rescue doll ah!Several women came from far and near.Wang Hao quickly ran past.School dolls buried in the earth, and quickly save them!One woman shouted towards Wang Hao.Wang Hao followed them came to the front, and she came a cry from a mound.Wang Hao hard to pick up a shovel to dig the earth, out to save a baby, and a baby rescued the.In those few woman’s help, Wang Hao rescued 12 baby breath, his hands are full of blood soaked, and his face was scratched.That day, Wang Hao are victims in settlements from the car back to the tent people a voice in the back shouted: Areva, my son, how do you come back?Wang Hao turned around and saw an old woman, busy, said: aunt, are you looking ah?Son, you do not know how mom?You are away for more than two years, every day thinking about you ah mom!When did you come back, how can you come back yet, hurry, or they should pay attention to you.Aunt, you got the wrong person, I am not Areva.Wang Hao Having to go, then came a young policeman from the front, pass in front of Wang Hao, I saw the police walking carefully looked at Wang Hao, he suddenly grabbed Wang Hao, not far cry loudly towards Road: director, Zhang Wancun that caused serious injury Areva come back, come ah!Just at that moment, several police quickly came Wensheng, Wang Hao will be tightly grasped.The old woman kept tapping the side of his head, his mouth talking about: You die Areva, you run back doing it!

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