Cost much to spend, perhaps the opportunity to come

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In most people’s thinking inside, including me, it was for a very long period of time feel that we must strive, our efforts than others, certainly more than we gain than others.This is it right, is right, but in fact can be sublimated.  For example, a lot of things, we spend little cost able to get, why should we insist on ourselves silly.  Azeri group in the group that can not find a girlfriend are generally not willing to pay, I think it does, it should not.He says, or you tell the truth for 10 people at the next test, or you try to tell the truth under 100 people, keeping married this year, next year children.  I think that seems to be such a reason.One is not possible, but 10, 100 to the Federation.  I used to think of college, If I had know this just fine, at least a lot more exciting.  Is rejected is rejected Well, anyway, there is the next one, the cost is not great, right.Moreover, in case if it has become.  Reflect on their own, really is not comparable initiative, this is true, I see a lot of people around, had never met before, by phone can also talk to the brothers than brothers, and I was the matchmaker yet, they are not so familiar with.  The main thing is that we did not awareness, not to take the first step and that, in fact, cost not much really count.  I have a friend in this area to do well, he saw me in to talk about what to do better, if it is in Fuzhou, it must then take the phone number to him, and he really called in the past , of course, he came to Fuzhou, please eat Guarantee.  In fact, how much money to spend to eat, how much money was spent telephone Oh, he’s the most important is to do a project into a.  Please let him 300 times, 500 times are not enough copies, but we do not really willing to.  The surface of the above, in fact, really have become, but also had two students in our class, I have written before.  There is not reading, there are times in class, the teacher did not come, he went to the podium and said, XX, I love you.Read a long letter of confession.That woman, it will read, in our class members to learn.  That study members, at that time, his face all red, and said, I do not like you, but that boys or cool down.  Back then, maybe we can think of, they are really together.  And then later, the boy told us that, in fact, tell him when that woman are smiling stealing it.Now they are married.Can be considered to create a small miracle, a not read, will read a very, even together, even marry.  But be honest, in fact, related with the character, but also to do with habits.  It is bound to be some very introverted character, but some people are destined to be very outgoing personality.Of course, we can not change personality, but we can change habits.Often say that a person was brainwashed, not really, a lot is the result of the environmental impact of.  For example Originally introverted, extroverted, together with the people together, he had also been XI brain, but we do not say that to be washed NAO.  So we can see that a lot of business from coming out, and in the end they will base their own businesses, and basically would have done quite well.Why is this way, because they are accustomed to being hit, but also how to eat a share of bitter entrepreneurship.  So this is Ma once very proud of, many entrepreneurs are from out that Ali.  Such as their strange call, such as they take the initiative, such as how many customers find their day.  If we allow the average person to do this, we certainly will not meet, but they find it very simple and necessary.  I said above that, I said to see Fuzhou, very often I will call this person know.  Once there is a hit selling works of art, but they talk, as if a friend.And this man, though not from Ali Baba out, but also ran a large company out of business, what he is selling it, selling high-end works of art.  A work of art is thousands of thousands, his business is doing well, he also used his method was previously run the business.  He registered a company, then packaged under their own, such as larger venues, such as car.  Then often go to mixed Chamber of Commerce, everywhere go to the meeting, listen to people everywhere in class.  Say he met absolutely first card issued before the meeting time, and then will call them back.Not to mention really, really a lot of bosses asked him to buy the works of art.And many are looking for him to buy, take gifts.  Originally, he was actually very common, but because accustomed to big companies, but also take the initiative to get used to, accustomed to find accurate customer.So he did the things will become.But be honest, in fact, these costs are minimal.  I’m not talking about his small cost of the product, but he has done these things cost very little, but perhaps the opportunity to come.  Now he opened the three companies, of course, he did not care, still learning every day, meetings.  Because he has been convinced that it was his precise customer.He always believed that the rich, then he can bring a lot of.  Think of our own, and if go to the meeting, will be issued cards Well.Certainly will not.Made a business card, we will contact back Well.We should not have, that we simply do not like the habit of.But they are not the same.  Talk to strangers became friends, a good friend to chat with friends, become customers, it has become lifelong customers, partners and even customers.  And it all is that he took part in the meeting, he called, we also participated in the meeting, but we gain much.  If we think he just told us a good person, you would be wrong.He told a lot of people are like this.  Last Coffee Fuzhou, he has been studying the business model, he said, if you open a store, you business is doing well, earn 300,000 a year, then how can you make one million.Many people will want, and then open three, it.  Because more than Minato 4, a 300,000, and then remove the artificial, make people’s wages, you can have one million, Minato.  But coffee, this is not the fastest, but also the pressure of funds.  I said, how do you want it.  He said, in fact, should be playing Agent.Because many people are actually in the hands of the wealthy, but they did not expect, if the investment 100,000 300,000 a year to earn a lot of people are willing to vote, our family income 50,000 a year to close by the end of.  And all the dishes must enter from us.Our constitution must be.  Many people want to start out, can this child be honest, a lot of people will join, and for that boss, in fact, pay is not much, his method of copying someone else on it.For him, there is no loss, but also earn long.  There are no one will do it, there are people who will do so coffee that is very important mode.  Many people with the above that entrepreneurs are not the same, that is, like most when we started, we always think that we can open several are few, two on two, right.Earn less than 1 million, we earned 400,000 first line, after a bitter point on.  But later we will find, in fact, a lot of things really do not need us so bitter.  In fact, a lot of things that can be outsourced, a lot of things, a small step, little by little cost you can get.  Otherwise, just as I love people, do not take the initiative, waited and waited four years of university graduate, graduated only to find themselves silly.  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