Heart of room

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Married people, the heart of the room, people are mostly so divided: couples room: This room is the largest, but they can only accommodate two people, other people get.    Parents room: both parents are in this room.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) have children, increases the children’s room, this room is composed of true and pure.Under no circumstances will ruin.    Living room: Small in size, big flow of people, relatives, friends, co-workers can only stay in the living room.Residence time will vary in length, but no matter how long, can only be in the living room.    During the long years, the time will cool the temperature of the couple, so they have a secret room.This room is set up, the couples room, parents room crowded shrink.This room is idle most of the time, people never even go in, but it exists.There waiting.Waiting people who hold the keys, and who the key to open the lock on the door, who can go.Take care of a good room, you can live for a long time.Take care of the bad will not live long.This room accommodates many people, one or two.The second went in, it is very likely the first squeeze.Some people will be forced to expand into the area of the room.Let more people go.Some people go in not a long time will leave.Some come only hide in a corner of rest.    Secret room, but a couple touches the room, it had to open its doors.Do not look at this small room, a person can dig deep energy; it can bring a second spring to life; it can change your life path.It will leave a deep mark in this room.Some take it as a life post, some were out of it ruin.Either way, it still exists.We will accompany you come to the end of life.

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