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Part One: grateful hearts at the Party School, the students Lijiu Gui brother said, “man, to be grateful hearts,” this sentence, so I feel the same.An old saying: drip grace, Yongquan.In the distant heavy cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, the ancestors “knot grass title ring to grace German newspaper,” like the old saying from an early age printed on our minds.”Gratitude” is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation’s heritage for many years, Thanksgiving Gratitude is one of the most basic moral requirements.  A person from birth onwards, bathing too much kindness: parenting care, commander of preaching Tuition, husband and wife to each other, like-minded friends, loyalty, truth helping neighborhood, selfless assistance to those who have never met before, and even the nature of the sun rain, Fruitful.Crow nurturing the meaning of, there are kneeling sheep milk grace.Everyone should be grateful hearts, grateful for your birth, grateful for your dependents who appreciate educate your people, grateful people who care for you, to help you appreciate people who appreciate your daily life!  Thanksgiving is a moral positive interaction lubricant.Refused Thanksgiving, this is a moral loss, is the absence of civilization.Institute of Thanksgiving, do not pay and the resultant value exchange, but to know how to respect and cherish, and which recognize everyone’s social responsibility.  To do Thanksgiving, we must learn to understand and inclusive, always with peace of mind, sincere emotions, trusting eyes, to look at everything.Those who love to help us, and to thank them, they make us more confident to live; those who are intentional, unintentional hurt us, but also to thank them, they let us learn a better life, more cherish everything around.  Let Huaikang pious gratitude, giving thanks to God and thanks to the existence of life, thanks to the sunshine, thanks to colorful life!Would like to thank those, we gave too much care and love, support and help friends!    Part II: gratitude, “China Youth Daily” reported four consecutive times touching stories Pingliang City, Gansu Kongtong area of 16-year-old Zhang, has aroused strong repercussions in the community.It is known as the “tears running Sunshine Boys” Zhang side of hard learning, while to take care of sick mother.In the days of hardship abnormal life, he did not hold anything against mother, but take care of his mother, had each other with sick mother.Filial piety in a 16-year-old boy who embodied a leaching Li River every minute of it, suffered during the suffering and hardships, is unimaginable.While accepting the help of others, also never forget how to help others.  Coincidentally.”China Youth Daily” (see July 23) to “Mom, let me be your right leg,” reported the Wolong District, Nanyang City, Henan Province, 14-year-old girl reminders Mingwei, embarked on a study of the carrying mother touching story.Xiao Ming Wei, 12-year-old lost his father, deaf and dumb retarded mother in a traffic accident and lost his right leg.Since then, a pair of juvenile a tender shoulders have taken up a mountain.Learning, work to earn money, feed their families, serve the mother, the burden falls on the life of the body Mingwei.No matter how difficult life, Mingwei accepting donations of others, while not forgetting their responsibility, by picking up waste earned five dollars donated to students.Young age, she knew Gratitude.Xiao big ambition, she became the school learn from.  In today’s materialistic society, big heart Takayuki hard to find, rare gratitude.In stark contrast to the two teenagers is another message: Xiangfan City, Hubei Province five recipients of college students recipients of more than a year, did not take the initiative to sponsor a phone call, wrote a letter, not a word of gratitude and more Xie then phase.Their chilling indifference and disappointment make funders.These five poor students eventually canceled continued funding eligibility.One is in the sauna net recipients, thankful, to further this “love” return to the community, relatives, let it infect more people; the other is in the recipients, harbor indifference and selfishness, will accepting donations for granted, just ask, do not want to return, calm, peace of mind to accept other people’s contributions.As a proud era of college students do not even teenagers yet not as good as?To help their own people do not have even the least gratitude, imagine, after graduating from college so that the unit would be willing to accept?!Not deliberately take our reporter baited individual students, but students such behavior is hard unwilling to compliment.After all, such people fairly small number, otherwise our society will be harmonious yet?  The reason why there is such a gap, the main reason is that if there is a grateful heart.As the saying goes: “drip grace, when Chung spring with a newspaper.”.By people in favor, hepatobiliary phase Xie Nyaya.Gratitude is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also every person of conscience essential character.However, people to ponder is that some people are departing from this character, and getting away with this character, they even ridicule those who return to the community after the recipients, they are increasingly stingy with pay in return, not even a word of thanks the words are too mean to export.The resulting human indifference, so many people at the time of their love, feel the chilling and helpless, began to feel wary, think twice, not to say regarding the line.  Gratitude, not that spectacular, but in nuances, smiles enough.To seat the person to smile, say “thank you”, hearts will melt the ice of indifference; elderly parents to wash your hair, nails, make warm affection parents lot of hard work..Urumqi City, a taxi driver seriously injured in a coma after receiving Mujian Chang outside to get past drivers, passengers and donations help.Mujian Chang family and friends to thank for the help of the community, personally give a car a car on the line Thanksgiving Red Ribbon 3500 (see August 24, “China Youth Daily”).Red Ribbon, between fundraisers and recipients set up a bridge of understanding.Red Ribbon like much, but warm the hearts of donors.  Grateful hearts, not only the foundation of a healthy personality, is the cornerstone of a happy life, but also a harmonious society.The times call for gratitude, gratitude needs of the community.Create a good social atmosphere, everyone needs to carefully build.  Gratitude, you have it?

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