Heart of the ocean

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Part One: Ocean hearts day in the orphanage, she plays volts whispered in my ear: “Sister, do you ever seen the sea?The sea is like a horse, or a cloud?”Little Green is a 7-year-old girl, looks Wen Wen quietly.Unfortunately, she was suffering from congenital diseases of the eye, optic atrophy, from birth have not seen the colorful world.I remember the first time to the welfare volunteer, I was to accompany the elderly chat, it plays by the timid to: “Sister, you sound really nice.Let me see you all right?”Xiaoqing said, ‘Look’, is touching.Her sense of touch is extremely sensitive.After that is also the day when her little hands to “see” through my forehead, nose and chin, she and I became friends.Because she said: “Sister, you really look good, I like you.”Although Xiaoqing live in the orphanage, but not orphans.Listen to the staff that she is not the infant, the mother abandoned her, as children gone, no one knows.Father very much love her, carrying her four workers, save money, he vowed to cure her.Staff welfare is very well-behaved sensible like her, put her in the care of the yard.That day, it plays quietly told me that her little friends have seen the sea.Taipan said that the sea was like a horse, “Wow,” came from the sky, and “Wow” ran back.Yaya said that the sea was like her home large tracts of grassland, there are rows and rows of green grass white flock.Ada said.Little Green mentioned these small partner, to varying degrees depending congenital weak, dacryocystitis, and even eye diseases such as cancer, retinoblastoma,.In their eyes, the heart, the sea of colorful natural look, how beautiful to be so beautiful.At that time, his face looked Xiaoqing expectations, a sentence or distant mood or the magnificent ancient poetry rises from my mind.Such as “Spring tide with sea level, sea moon tide students”; such as “wind and waves will be when the sail sea”; the song also read my favorite poet Hai Zi’s “spring blossoms” almost to the slide-: “from tomorrow / will be a happy man / Grooming, chopping, and traveling the world / from tomorrow, concerned about food and vegetables / I have a house, spring blossoms.”But, Xiaoqing live in a world of darkness only, nothing to do with spring.Moreover, in order for her to see a doctor, her father has been simple and honest sold the house!  Mind this, I took her little hand, decided to take her to see the sea in Dalian, a small wish round.  A few days later, we embarked on a journey to see the sea.  Along the way, it plays twitter, I did not ask over and over again to the beach?I want to talk about her gulls, wind and waves, beach to talk about after the ebb and flow, as well as hidden in the shell in the fairy tale, but in the end, I refrained.  The sea, is to feel the need to carefully.Or tenderness wild, lonely Or unruly, treacherous rough Or, tolerance Or greedy.Everyone is different vision, a different state of mind, it belongs to him will be different from the sea.And in our first visit to the beach, sea breeze blowing through the cheek of the moment, he plays happy shouting: “Sister, I smell the sea, and my father’s taste!Sister, it really and my father back as broad!”The sea, like his father, which, in the eyes of the sea is Xiaoqing.Because seawater is salty, sea breeze is salty, it plays the father of sweat is salty.Since childhood, my father Xiaoqing is in the perspiration stains on the back of growing up.That back, although a trace of fishy salty, but solid as the coast, such as gentle sea breeze, gave a wonderful daughter a warm and tranquil dream.  By this time, I am fully convinced of her dreams, the same spring!    Part II: Ocean of mind saw the sea, thrilling piece of ocean.  Time to Qingdao a few days ago to attend a short course, back and forth six days.Always feel that there are many willing to end unfinished, hurried journey home, back to less than 20 square meters in this small space.Fly like a bird, we have not yet had time to enjoy flying, and again entered their nest, begin looking for their choice between this loss, labor.  Prior to departure, it is indispensable to say a few friends envious words, while he also really appreciate the gift of God in private, so I can go to the beach, savor the wide sea, listening to the roar of the waves.  Although many times to Qingdao, but the lure of the sea can not face each his own.Aware of his no longer young, always not experienced and prudent, there are hundreds of kilometers from the sea, so it can not wait, look excitedly.Sauna net went to the beach, sit down quietly, listening to the sea to tell, like a child, silly holds the gills listen to the elders tell him that always telling endless stories; or red feet, take off the shackles of leather toward the boundless sea of red ran away.This desire, as it carries the mission has been the germination of the Chunmiao, difficult to stop.  Departure time, it is already half past one pm.Nearly sixty people onboard the bus, all the way Biezuliaojin run around Taishan, by Laiwu, too Yiyuan, breath through five base of the mountain tunnel, breathing heavily when the destination is already late in the evening.Since residence close to the beach, sunset moment it is the title of the mountain, get off at the moment, he turned and looked toward the sea, a sparkling, there will be an appointment urge my mind.So, hurry to find a room reservation, put down the luggage, to the restaurant on a hastily dinner, but also gave greetings with colleagues from various companies, he dressed sunsets alone on over to the hotel and ran Lingshan Bay Beach.  Winds and waves.March of the sea is still cold very hot, it just developed beach, pier than not inherently or Golden Sands busy in recent days and catch up with late spring weather, but no one understand the feeling of the sand Young face in this cold.The sea surprised to see a passing, seems to be a little more enthusiastic, roaring waves, with their heavy breathing walking towards me, greeted me.Everywhere you looked, the vast sea, must canthus hard look at the whole picture, poor and difficult to reach the ultimate goal.As night fell, the night the sea, has its own meaning.I visited the deeply the sea financial satisfied.Inadvertently grabbed a handful of sand, deep savor, which is tempered vicissitudes Jin Jinzuan want to play and stemming the flow of subtle fingers.Behind the tall buildings, as well as space and I thought a few hundred kilometers away, as these are the waves whipping up sand million times, seem small and insignificant.Except that the sea has a unique strength and all-inclusive mind.I suddenly felt that distant fishing boat lights flashing, but is a detail of the ocean, a sea tells the story of the moment.It jolted the sea, but also a mockery of me, so I was between these vast insight into real broad and small.So I plunged into deep meditation, walking in the epic sea in that rough experience, long-lasting suffering, arbitrary broad-minded, thrilling indulgence, and renovation of ancient life, time and space filled with concentrate, people too late to finish a long time unable to extricate themselves, two things I forgot the feeling with the wild waves of slam off spontaneously and quietly fall.At this point, it seems that decades of honor in all the joys and sorrows of the world, have put up with hardship such as drop in the ocean, it is extremely small and not worthy of recall.  As a result, this sea in my mind, it is more a sort of temptation, a few days days, each dawn, are up early, went to the beach before sunrise, mind and let the waves roll together, the hope and the red Dongsheng with Japan, is happiness and seagulls flying together, life depression fall along with the tide.No one walked on the golden beaches, out of the first curved footprints; every evening, all came in a hurry, people stepped in a mess on the beach, looking for self-morning.Look flashing neon lights, music pouring, or together with several colleagues, walk and talk, and let all happy, worry, depression and excitement, loss of a few men have shouted from the mouth, let it cool the rapid sea breeze away, disappeared without a trace.More often, a person climbing on the rocks and the wind sit and listen to the roar of the waves, watching fishing boat sway, or make sense on jump down from Tao Hai Lang, the unpredictable, unknowable deep Orinoco Ge, the whale shark as a friend , array concept fish, coral ask scrambling turtles, stroke torrent, static seabed, such as the longitudinal mind, any Imagine enjoyable.  Feel to the day of return.Got into the airtight car, along with the lost mind up and did not feel eager to go home; that the sea, as if a huge arm outstretched, beckoning to me.That kind of hid by agitation, such as caged birds, a few collisions, repeated failure, had to quiet down, so that the bus, breathing heavily, really hard to drag reluctant to go back, to fall back on me the patch of space, that piece of real space.  Also hundreds of kilometers away from home, there is a friend sent a text message: “Could am home?Jie Feng welcome home!”Subsequently, another friend called to” how not come back?Several friends came, waiting for you!”So, warmth in my heart.  Yes ah, come back, hundreds of kilometers away, not too long distance.Sea, Kuwata; dream, reality, perhaps without having to use too much time to sort out.Is not it?People such as the sea, like a song.In the vast sea, everyone, in his heart, does not have a large or small the heart of the sea?Emotional euphoric and depressed, sometimes surprises and setbacks, but is temporary maneuver, no matter how complex your momentary state of mind, as messy beach that evening, when a red sun rising again, everything is scour gone, the beach will restore tranquility to restore the natural.  - ah, my heart piece of windy rain, bitter music of the ocean!

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