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Really no words to tell myself at a loss for the kind of confusion that college life.Although already a trance and by the end of the year, but what I got during which they lost, I really do not know.    University, a person’s University, the University, who care deeply about dreams day and night vision, when you really got was disappointed.Because of their youth nowhere to place it appears to be so hard for me to talk about it or no youth?Probably been watching too much about the cynical, about the university system failure article, become the so-called boycott of these things with a kind of mood.Step by step lesson on the ground every day, playing computer, around the park, get some fresh air, and occasionally sad sad thing about the fuss, day so flies out of my hands, I’m still not have enough time before the end of the day as it records what point on campus sleeping in past.Always felt out of tune, always feel that they should not have, always felt different from others, a person does not know his own self-righteous always think they are as a spectator to examine the university society, with his face the pessimism indifferent expression, seems detached from this world, which is really a ridiculous and even absurd.Nightlife net youth, youth no place to place, you want to own in the end what kind of youth even until now unclear, overwhelmed, about love, about friendship, I do not know how to run, I’m not brave, I do not even very timid, but you never knew how much I paid courage, only to take the initiative themselves to pretend pretend relaxed, but still they got the kind of lukewarm, indifferent feelings.Perhaps, in the eyes of others I am a very strong girl, I would do many things a person does not need anyone’s company, a person I would bite the bullet and go to part-time interview, I would interview a person endure in silence failure As a result, even for their own results reported with this free and easy self-deprecating, a man I did all the things, being pit numerous times, always joking laugh at yourself still said to be more often pits others , you will naturally know how to pit people, Oh, how ridiculous.I do not like interpersonal communication, I did not want to become a man of the world, I just want to do their own, even though a person would be, although sometimes seem very eccentric in the eyes of others, I would not mind.I then why not to fear, I will cry, a person secretly hiding in the yard as a silent cry, do not want to tell anyone in this world, sometimes it is really like an alien world, the world is too complex, simply difficult start to finish but I think they have not been contaminated earth, I will easily trust people, there are still a wanted man open heart, this is a silly yet?When I found that each person’s heart has a wall, a wall of the heart, I know so many people can not Taoxintaofei this world, everyone has a secret on the street, even the people closest to you Like, even if you want a heart unreservedly show in front of his people too, too many secrets in this world, too many people have too many stories, too many untold story, every story might be a scar, and some scabs, and some still bled a touch, I regret my junior, my story does not say anything, but you can tell a missing person.I think about love, I do not want to do anything hard, do not want to blindly take the initiative, and I really feel a little tired, let it go, if you care about, I think we will not be missed.    ”In the population density polyethylene city, there is such a quiet place, like God’s painstaking arrangements.”This is in Shi Tiesheng” I’ve been with the altar “where, really feel happy for him, in that place of hustle and bustle, have accompanied him to the altar, the altar waited for him for hundreds of years, all this is fate.I think I also have my Ditan, long wide river, a beautiful place, where you can moor the heart, although sometimes there is also a lively place, but I still believe there is a quiet waiting for me.In this university, to have such a place near the, it can serve as an earthly paradise.Flowers bloom quietly in the branches, the water flowing slowly over the bridge, I stood quietly enjoy the sounds of nature Xuan beauty of this earth, everything seems to have forgotten, and like everything in my mind the moment.    I actually considered not lonely, at least I think it can be called a friend of the people with me, we were talking about literature, talked about our lives together, there is still a wall between though, but what can, at least to each other the atrium is open to the other side some, it was enough.In fact, between the two of us there are still some differences on the concept of life or different, at least, I am not particularly value the college entrance examination, and she is so to care, she would go to PubMed, and I, for PubMed really do not report too much interest.She felt a person should be allowed to live their own values reflected, let others recognize your value, but I would rather a man obscurity, doing their own thing, maybe you will have a lot of variables.Maybe life is not as simple as I had imagined, maybe I can not find a job and also that I like more than adequate time to do the things they love.I do not like academic, does not like to study, I do not understand why literature can not simply, why should she go dissect’s creative intent and doing the work of numerous anatomic.I do not have much ambition, not much breath, my ideal life just looking for a love of people, have a stable work small, have their own leisure time, not envy anyone who lived for some easy life ,Will suffice.    The University also has more than three years, I still have to return to reality, and the reality of the completion of some tasks in reality “oppression” and then make good use of spare time doing what we love, perhaps, the way there will come happiness, but I can not have too much to expect, I deeply know, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

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