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Part I: heart flowing rhyme Fall in love with a touch of quiet late at night, you want to slowly indulge in the night, stretching thoughts, deep in the distant night sky, flowing out of the distant Qiannian.Night Man Hearted River, releasing hidden fragile, so fragile body and mind, the gentle waves at night, gently, telling.Touch Heart Song flowing melodies, gentle feeling shallow, light lonely exile chat and helpless, a sigh, a breeze, will miss the river on the night of cohesion.Melancholy as you plant, the river heart smear a layer of a touch of sadness, melancholy walk in time, there is the night of desolation and confusion, sadness, swaying in the night shimmer, heart rhyme flow.  Heart rhyme, hovering in the night sky sad, Zaibu Dong thoughts, there will be no one to depend heart into a beautiful dream, even if you use offer all kinds of tenderness, please let me gently shut the door of this fan.  Heart rhyme, like a leaf lonely boat, drifting in the vastness of the night, quiet clear and poignant, forlornness, forget themselves in rivers and lakes.  Heart rhyme, is mist on the prairie, floating in Gesang flower, shaking off to sea of green, with bursts of fragrance dispersed quietly.Pastoral, prairie night sky light Yin, Sese tears in his eyes light Yang, like my heart as bleak.Fog, can not see your eyes looking back I gently put.Gently touch the heart of a lonely hide, swaying in the wind rose red, sentimental.  Heart rhyme, flick on the way funeral flowers, bright red Inner Voices, dim your face, you are not buried petals, but the heart ah!Love broken heart wrapped, hidden his desire not help, clean up the dust of the mind, introspective old mottled shadow replay.  Heart rhyme, next to you quietly leave the back, like a farewell deciduous trees, pain, carved Acacia cold and desolate.Staring an inevitable away from me in the back, pick up a draw leaves in the night sky, grabbing, cotton Without an End of love, pain sway in the cold: take care, bye!  Heart rhyme, like the night blowing in the wind, deeply moved by the pain of heart.Hiding in the night, drunk, and so you wait for you.Pain, tearing my weak heart wall, like a dead flower, the wind trampled.So I use tenderness fingertips, gently little bit, guarding my soul barren patch of ink coming, with the bleak beauty of the text to create and nourish my thoughts, heavy with memories of the first time shy.  You are a living fountain Che strong ripples in my heart, waves, with plaintive tone and passion for life, and rubbing my silence talk, you put your smile, lost in the nightly window.My heart rhyme, flowing for you, but can not given you a complete sleep.    Part II: rainy night romantic, heart flowing evening sky Yun Chen Ning For fall, the distant faint flickering street lights, and the light shine on the windowpane, added some solemn and desolate.A little while rain will have to play down the “flap”, pedestrians stand on the collar, Su Zhaotou in the rain rush of the Fleet of Foot.Lichtung Ming Meng rain like a striped fabric curtains, Banzhebanyan the rare passers-by and vehicles, such as strip slow trickle, the uniform, the bustling river, flowing into the bubbling consciousness gone.Under the rain was pattering network sauna, meditation listening, very clear.That humid atmosphere like a gentle temperament woman – the long, lingering, but can not speak sorrowful.Leisure time in the night twilight feel “Rain” can not speak sorrowful feelings, put this mask as warm and romantic dreams.This can reduce the tip of the cold wind, wandering comfort sparse.Shuangjue cold in the rain, like a light slowly sipping a warm drink hot tea, so everything is condensate, condensate with everything, everything will pour in, are filled with soft ocean in the heart does not self-supporting.  At this night is strong, rain swept sky.Ink stained deep silence parked in a small way bluestone.Then Yu Dianer shed a little thin kiss, the wind has subsided.Holding your hand walk in bluestone path, under the dim light you tender and juvenile children kind, warm and lovely, full of bright smile.Layers of light shining in the rain map, the beginnings of a strip line rain umbrella slide along a stirred hop notes on the floor.This is the sound of raindrops, rainy night in the romantic, the composition of a cheerful tone.  In the rainy season, rainy night seemed to be feeling a pleasure; in the rainy season, let our hearts be baptized in the rain, it seems that is also a romantic sense of loss.Rain will give us a lot of thoughts, rain, like Beating, struck a deep throbbing heart of the sea, casual touch, brings turned out to be a big wave, care, is such a people moving.Wait, what will bring the kind of dialogue?  Night, wings spread thoughts, hazy mind, beauty and desire, flick sad, as if a beautiful woman in a gentle tell, with a shallow smile, never upset with a trace of calm.  Rain dream not a dream, his thoughts flow in such a situation, the heart into a beautiful.  rain!Pattering melancholy.rain!And lingering in my passionate, my passionate admiration of your brilliant smile nightmare.  My heart at the sweet smile, the wetting and romance into the sky, the flow of the distance.  Rainy night romance, the story will be turned into wings of a dream, let Menger continue until dawn.The rain read as Acacia, your heart will go rhyme flow, silent love seal made.  Romantic rainy night, you dream pillow Tian.

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