Heart snow

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Part One: Heart snow has been looking forward to snow, really see snow, I realized that I did not umbrella.An afternoon in the snow, no snow mood, hurry back in time, the heart was soaked.Have come to expect when they would understand what really happened I do not know, things that are accompanied by ideal reality always present in life, I have been looking forward to, it has been happening, I did not see, when I suddenly realized when it has been scattered into the mud, not quietly.Those heart collection, perhaps in the long river of time are constantly being modified my story of unrequited love.  Heart was soaked, people have calmed.Upstairs watching the rain mixed with snow accompanied by yellow leaves floated down and landed on the ground, roll the leaves continue coverage has been falling a few.Then hurried pedestrians or kick or scattered Tasui.Everything was so poignant ending, no self, self-cleaning does not matter, in fact, just leaves a heartless thing, I can understand the frustration of snow?What a pure heaven, I wanted to live a holy land back, but the sadistic wind, relentless rain, only let her poignant dying, turned to water, but can not be exchanged spring.  Tomorrow morning will be to clean sweep the leaves aunt awakened by the sound.Whenever this time, I seem to be able to see that the floor of the yellow leaves of the piles, scooped into the trash.This seems to explain their existence is not to set off the beauty of the world, and have lost the power Desolated for dust, and that voice told me that in this world being cast cement their presence in the final just kind of pollution.Do not need pity, no need, even if did not become garbage, even if the completion of their mission, for many people, whether they have a sense of presence?Tomorrow morning brush voice will more snow sigh, whether snow would think so?I want to be able to hear the snow Yin language.    Part II: Heart snow snow, I stood on the doorstep, looking up at the sky, snow, gray, turbid.Snow lazy, leisurely float in the air.Snow fall has not had time to show her beauty, it was absorbed by the soil, leaving behind traces of shallow.Birds One, two, occasionally in small groups to get together, noisy, suddenly flying leisurely, as if the news excitedly spread the news snow.Nightlife net I think we should put a piece of music, to set off such a wonderful views.Back to the house, turn on the computer, bring up the light music like “Butterfly Lovers”, the point of loop, back on the doorstep.Listen to the beautiful melody of music, eat only a little looking at snow, release the shallow romantic mood.  Gradually dense snow up some speed to accelerate, as if in a hurry.Visiting the land of snow and some overwhelmed, slowly being covered with snow, like a carpet covered with a layer of silver, domesticated hen, the dough.Wall of a tree, like a bride to be married, stretch graceful arms, waiting to wear a white wedding dress.  Music like gentle stream, meanders through the heart into the world of snow.  Snow is like music in the elegant butterflies flying in the complaint about the story spread through the ages.The angel is like falling mundane world, quietly, quietly, want to give this noisy, restless some of the world holy, some peace, to every corner of life with which wash the filth of the world.Time and again, persistent heartbreak.  Before long, everything is covered with snow.I feel like being in another world, another time.Thoughts wandering in the snow castle, plug in the wings of imagination, experience with snow Meaning, analyze the connotation of snow.  ”Shabana flower Feifei sky, red, raw silk scent off who pity, Department of floating gossamer soft spring pavilion, Luo Xu light stick flutter Xiulian, shining bright when able, once falling hard to find, easy to see the flowers fall hard to find, order former worry evil mourner.”These few words suddenly comes to mind, cutting off my daydreams with articles thoughts, as hatched soul, all of a sudden a bit complex.Romantic mood was swept away, replaced by a loss and sadness.  Good times are always short-lived, beautiful scenery but also conceal his lonely desolate fall.Water years, countless vicissitudes.Calendar after the frustration and pain, bear in mind the thick cocoon, I call it strong.  One year spent similar, each year is different.  Once, my heart, snow, snow-like innocence.Today, my heart, snow, snow-like pale cold.

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