Heart suspense story of hysteria

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1 induced early autumn afternoon, overcast day, sitting alone on the bench bell significant Hony Square, gawk at the direction of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps.He is a professor of neurobiology, a month ago, in the process helping the police catch criminals, he was the murderer stabbed.Tang Zixi been guarding him in the hospital, but after he was discharged, and then she did not return home bell.Tang Zixi is the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol, her father Zhong Yu was a teacher, he almost looked at her birth.Ten years ago, Tang Zixi’s parents passed away unexpectedly, Yu Zhong is her only family.Zhong Yu?I Ge Tao, ah, we are university students.A middle-aged man strode to the bell Yu, a smile on his right hand.Zhong Yu slightest hesitation, shook his hand and politely say: Hello.He dropped out suffering from schizophrenia at the time freshman year, most of the students he does not remember.Ge Tao to see him apathy, Samsam leave leave.Zhong Yu watched him away, wiped his right hand to come up with wet paper towels, not far from the aquarium proudly to.Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure smiling, looking at him, he had gray mood instantly became bright.Yu Tang Zixi head to bell, roll up his arm and murmured: how do you come, I have waited for half an hour.She was dressed in candy colors?Shirt, ponytail, is the most beautiful age.Zhong Yu cramped, the distance between the two men tried to pull.Hurry.Tang Zixi did not seem to feel his relief, he pulled forward.Zhong Yu is happy infected her, let her intimacy to arm themselves.Zhong Yu, you see, clownfish.Zhong Yu bent over, looked down the Tang Zixi fingers, suddenly felt a burst of warm cheek.She kissed him!Zhong Yu busy: child hope, I am your father not ten years ago orphanage rejected your adoption application, we are not father and daughter!Uncle, who are you talking?Childish voice awakened bell Yu, he looked down to see a five-year-old boy looked at him strangely.Tang Zixi his side did not figure, only a colorful clown fish, is watching him through the glass.Uncle, why do you speak for itself?The little boy asked perseverance.Zhong Yu in front of the little boy smiled and whispered: Because I like a man, her ‘addiction’ the.He fell in love with Tang Zixi, often fantasy Tang Zixi at his side.The little boy seeing this, turned and ran to his mother: Mom, that strange uncle.Afternoon light casts the little boy’s mother’s hand, pointing to a nearby big screen saying: time is coming, oh, you are not said to his mother, would like to see a Pisces dance with me?Yeah yeah.The little boy nodded hurriedly, happy to keep up with his mother’s footsteps.Only a few steps away, the boy accidentally hit a young man, he quickly apologized: I’m sorry, brother.Young man ignored him, took out his pocket phone by a couple, Zhuantou Chao looked big screen.Children, older friends, welcome to the colorful underwater world.With the high-pitched voice of the narrator, a large picture screen flashes rapidly at colorful light refraction glass and water, the entire lobby shining colorful.Young man staring at the big screen, the phone slipped from his palm, his pupil instantly enlarge.Frozen in time for three seconds, then he stretched out his hands, covered his neck in pain, eyes discolor.Boom!His forehead against the thick glass.Others have not yet discovered his unusual young man has stiff hands and feet, convulsions, shaking the whole person of the two, at the back of the head knock on the trash.Fighter 120!Zhong Yu screamed, first rushed to the young man.He knelt at his side, left hand and hold his cheeks, his right hand groped for something he can plug Hao bar, he shouted to the crowd shouted: Tell 120, patient seizure, may be associated with intracranial hemorrhage.Zhong Yu voice hardly ever, feel the young man’s spasms stopped.He reached Dazhu man’s neck, the other side of the heart has stopped.what happened?Security went through the crowd in front of the bell Yu.Zhong Yu stood up, and found himself in the crowd outside surrounded by tiers.He suddenly felt difficulty breathing, could not stop his right hand trembling slightly, only to close your eyes and take a deep breath, trying to ease the mood.Sir, are you okay?Security helped hand bell Yu.I’m fine..Zhong Yu throw off the hand of security, inadvertently catch a glimpse of the young man’s pants pocket bulging.He bent over and pulled out a look, really is a bottle, the label says a conspicuous place valproate words.He immediately thought of the little boy’s mother said the boy wanted to see it again.This video has been a quasi-point play it?Zhong Yu asked vexation fast.Security does not answer rhetorical question: Sir, do you know him?He pointed to a young man on the ground.Zhong Yu see the security staring at her with suspicion, he came up two steps at a young man knelt beside him while rummaging, only to find a wallet.ID cards in the wallet revealed 名叫鲍杰明 young man, twenty-six year.Zhong Yu stunned for a moment, suddenly shouted to the crowd: his cell phone yet?Some people see his cell phone yet?No answer his question, I just looked at him with strange eyes.Zhong Yu felt quickly stifled, he wanted to flee from the scene, but he can not.Sir, please come with us to the lounge.Two security guards left and right Jia Zhu Zhong Yu.Zhong Yu did not struggle, but she asked: can you help me make a phone call?Tang Zixi received a phone call hastily rushed to the aquarium, across the glass to see the bell Yu bow sitting on a chair, the room was small and dark, I do not feel a sour heart.Just left the room, he grabbed the bell Yu Tang Zixi shoulder: it was attempted murder Bao Jieming.Slowly you say, what happened?Stern asked Tang Zixi.Zhong Yu took a deep breath two, this said: Bao Jieming carry valproic acid, which is the most important drug treatment of photosensitive epilepsy.Photosensitive epilepsy, epilepsy name suggests is experiencing sudden flashes of light will lead to disorder.I do not understand.Tang Zixi shook his head, looked intently Yu Zhong.She has not seen him for a month.Zhong Yu touched her eyes, take a step back, Chen Sheng said: Bao Jieming just seizures in aquariums, I asked the staff, three in the afternoon every day, they play a very high frequency of light flashing video you mean, some people use the sea Hall fixed-time broadcast video, Bao Jieming induce seizures?Yuehua Jian, Tang Zixi has come up with the phone, press the string of numbers.Soon, Tang Zixi learned from the hospital, Bao Jieming died, the cause of death is under preliminary judgment traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, but he did suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

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