Heart tired, went home to spend time with parents

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Experience something, slowly understand, who is worthy of your most concerned about.    When the heart is tired, really want to find a deserted corner, enjoy the release of about inner pressure; or shut himself up alone in the room, crying hooded.I cried, cried, or as heart pain, suddenly a kind of sorrow and grief.    Perhaps, heart, really tired.Foot of the road, when you have gone through, only to find it was so long, thorns, ups and downs, all in the foot.Was scraped his foot, or scratched, I would feel pain, stop and rest, take a look at the scenery, oh!Originally used to seeing the scenery, when looking at the moment, there is not the same feeling.Charming, unique.    In life, I love to get along with, you learn patience and tolerance; to get along with friends, you learned tolerance and understanding.Previously incompatible, become today live in harmony.Heart, indifferent, and all the people and things have become lost edges and corners, no sharp.Nightlife Network Life is one stocked with books, ups and downs all in one.Not all people and things, you understand tolerance, and on the heart, sometimes less than satisfactory.Breaks your heart, make you cry, make you let them go.Every time, will think of elderly parents, she wants to talk about the truth.    When you scarred, home, parents will entertain too warm you, give you the most delicious meals, listen to the most authentic voice of your heart, give you the most pleasant comfort.Departure time, but also give you a big bag small package a lot of things, that large and small bag, filled with all the love it!    That reluctant eyes, asked that chatter, and that figure stood for some time, a long time refused to leave.Every trip home, my heart is not the taste, I do not know warm, sour, or sweet?In the eyes of their parents, we will always be a child grow up, needs care, we need to nourish.Even if we have how unbearable, parents will never abandon us.In their eyes, we are always the most beautiful.    When the heart is tired, went home to spend time with their parents, let the moment get inner peace, healing the most intimate, the most pleasant comfort.

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