Heart War

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Part One: War is the heart of the night, dark black one, but still clamoring.  Mind disorderly, 6:30 early to soak up the package of instant noodles to eat, simple wash and went to lie down, and want to sleep early.But I think about a mess of things, hit a telephone friend, did not answer, then back to the information is on the outside and quasi-boyfriend to eat, it seems that this phone call I can really not the time, after all, is the tenderness sad, more than simply talk with, stir the people’s dinner really is not authentic, and good friends and friends of friends do not mind how.(I think so) a good friend of mine who knows me in a bad mood, let me alone to information outside pay more attention to take care of yourself, love yourself, myself better, let me also pay more attention to rest ,sleep earlier.  In fact, I recently slept very early every day, only one reason, sleep will not feel lonely, but can wake up early in the morning, sometimes in the morning woke up, opened his eyes, surrounded by dark, and with the hit is how that’s lingering sense of emptiness, 2008, people across the country a happy and startled a shock, but I look back on the exam was lost and love blocked tortured thinner than yellow.  Forget the family after which both eager eyes full of Youyuan sigh harmony.Sorry own more than 90 days and nights of burning the midnight oil studying.What not to fear, nor is it in any complaints, nothing more than want, but just want to give yourself a chance to prove himself did not get.Sometimes I can not help but think: people alive tiring.  ..  Night is so long, the heart will wander, I do not know how to, defense unclear direction, lost his own, leaving infinite melancholy..    Part II: Heart War do not know since when, from time to time in the hearts of even think of a person.  Whenever no one night, the pain will be even more the hearts of the unscrupulous.It will spread to every corner of the body through blood.I remember the last time he asked me, in the end like it or not like him.When he finished the last child of my heart, as if to stop the general, breathing a missed a beat.But I should not like his it?Perhaps all this can not blame anyone, to blame can only blame we are still too young to be responsible for their own doing.You and I became estranged, met is a grace.Since it is wrong to commit ;; destiny, then we should do is not to make the same mistake again, right?If there is an afterlife, I hope to meet as adults fall in love again.I put all the hurt go again, the most sad is that you do not end.I put all the desperation to go again, you are still the most desperate are the starting point.If you can not love, then why should we meet each other it?It is destiny?Once heard to say a personal fate always like a demon general, you play in your own hands, the more tragic story, that is, the more will happen.However, I have never longed for him to love me, just this feeling deeply buried, you can go with the flow and slowly forgotten time.But why, God have to so cruel, so I only wish even this does not make me achieve it?Nightlife course I want to see a grand network of popular fall, I should have kept a vow, promise to marshes near the rapidly changing until you clear pale smile face.  Love missed out in the desert north of colorful crape myrtle flowers, but deserted the reincarnation of the spring and summer.Part III: The War mind back home, see a lot of forgotten faces, hearts filled with appreciation, once the child is like a high moment longer, grow up, too sensible, but once robust face is old, his face filled with vicissitudes, white hair more and more obvious, I do not know joy and sorrow, but lamented the passage of power!But there is one thing I am most miserable, it is to see the original one we play big partner, a once very smart, very lovely boy, but also the most to adults like children.But he now.His name chon, is our old house three neighbors her family’s youngest son, listen to my mother said a Sichuan-born big eyes watery, with an aura, a fortune teller would say that this child grow big must be a just, there must be large Offer, as often someone talking, San Niang always delighted, proud face loneliness.But also specifically to find someone to give him a literate name “chon”, meaning hope his future life would Plains, smooth sailing.  Chon is home to the youngest, the baby is home, where we have a custom, is home to a large child’s name to call between husband and wife, but Niang home address as it is the younger son of chon called each other, just when they did hear the call, the eldest son’s face filled with unhappy, full extent of the visible chon like home.  Over time, chon grown up, indeed shun everyone’s guess, he grew up and became a very clever boy, brain react quickly, he will put those little bits and pieces of things removed from a very young age open to them a closer look, then slowly assembled, so he learned to fix things, small tape recorder, bike.We were at home with a bad thing to find him repair his repair is almost better than we pay for the repair of the master on the outside, that we worship him, our parents would always say the same, like to eat meal, take a look at how clever people chon, and then exposed to a envious look on his face, the mother really lucky chon.  In addition to the clever, diligent chon was a special child, then when we play he will do a lot of housework for the family, and particularly cleanly do not know how he come up, do a dish a lot of tricks, fried, stewed, cold, made me develop a habit, to the point of the meal wanted to go home Cengfan San Niang, straight eat my stomach rounded.  Chon singing is particularly good, clean and clear voice, just like the original singers, what our school programs are not off his big eyes chon, a good makeup to stand on stage, is a landscape, with his singing little outflow, we will take the first prize of chon full of confidence.  And other chon to the age of sixteen, has grown into a big boy, looks more handsome, and height, to more than 170, plus all aspects chon so good, then a lot more around the pursuit of his girl when when the scent of love letter was sent with his hand, he is faint letter back saying “we were young, and now our task is to learn, so we admitted to a good university time to say it.”This is more inspired girls diligence.They put all the energy into the study, in order to round that dream university youth.  Chon is near-perfect, all of us goal in mind and example, no one thought so much of what the future child will encounter, when one day he was in a high-grade low-grade boys to bully children, selfless blocking students will tie a small knife, knife, twice.Bright red blood covered with bleached uniforms.  When taken to the hospital when chon struggling with the will of his mouth over and over again talking about the San Niang, can almost fainted when they heard his son’s accident was helped San Niang’s arrived, because chon knife head moving and cerebral blood vessels deep coma.  Niang kept calling his son, the tears did flow in one night, San Ye almost bald overnight, next day when we rushed to see the moment they seem to old age.  Perhaps God really do not have the heart of a gifted child fall, perhaps by Sanniang San Ye tears touched, after a craniotomy, chon survived, but when he opened his eyes again, but who is also the time do not know, when San Niang excited shouted his name, his eyes dull, silent.  Many students teachers came to the hospital to see him, and those who liked his girls, watching him have been very different with the past, the tears in the eyes of actually spontaneously fell down.  Chon see again when it is already two months later, because half of the skull is removed and the deformed face, and his face cut that scar the road that was once so lovely cool fine big boy has brought a picture people like people, not like a ghost ghost appearance.Because it was sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage, his actions have severely limited when Niang pushing chon sitting in a wheelchair came when the pit of my tears fell down, Sanniang eyes full of tears, but like coax a chon year-old child like to say, “look, this is my sister, call her sister,” chon exposed silly laugh, cried, “sister, Hey, sister,” with vague words to hear these words my heart is like pins and needles pain, I know, chon fell to the degree of intelligence of a two year old.  Things in the past three or four years, under the meticulous care of Sanniang, once again see chon, he was already out of the wheelchair he can limp away, he hit me, I tentatively he asked, chon, who I am?He looked up and thought hard, “Sister” My heart is broken, chon, you know my sister, although you have a lot of people forget, but you do not forget my sister, I was very happy.  I helped him to our new home, looking at our beautiful new home, he felt a strange, very afraid, anxious to go, I put the speakers open, put his original time favorite songs<好汉歌>, Chon actually quiet moment, listening carefully, his mouth constantly moaned, good ecstatic, I put a microphone to him, he had very familiar poke switch, sing a song together, not the original clean voice and even some hoarse, articulation is unclear, but it is so put, I put the maximum amount of sound, attracted a lot of neighbors, their smiling listened carefully, but chon emotional reasons but because the consequences volatility, singing singing into the microphone actually laughed, smiled rest of Sri end, laughter pierced our bodies, pierced our hearts.Part Four: fleeting, the heart of Shame “is not out of the sun, it is bright.”This is the mood of the day even reflections.This time, today, at the moment, there is no sun.Yanjuan frown catch a window dripping, under the umbrella can be slightly clove-like Chouyuan?  Under yellow umbrella, a person.Garish red T-shirt, a hot pants, looked proudly; dark blue umbrella, yellow umbrella, three.Light yellow sweater, light blue jeans, white T, jeans, laughing; light blue umbrella, white T-shirt, long hair flowing, hurry; next Lange umbrella, strong build and body type, white T-shirt, casual pant, tide pole shoes, phoned hearty laughter; purple under the umbrella, a couple to each other and clutch waist overflow face smile.A crowd Bobo, clumps, or in a hurry, or slowly, and over welcome window.However, always can not find those promises clove-like Chouyuan.This is probably not the fleeting and 80 elapsed after comparable to modern 90 bar.  Within the window is blocked patch of dripping, shed a pale fluorescent light, air fluttering Xiaogang music.Heart, some chaos.From the shallots out of the campus, carrying two fleeting gone, the bones of those arrogant and sad, not less.Time and again by the so-called “no intention” to harm, Leila thousand lines; again and again because of these extraordinary move and forget those unhappy; once again, again and again.Heart, perhaps already messy.Once upon a time, like a proud oath vowing such as sunflower, bright and alive.However, that again and again Leila thousand lines, such as sunflower that teach people how brilliant general?But he added that soon “the roots”, again, “Red House” erosion of the whole soul, her is possessed, who also seems to have become a free.Fleeting passing more than 5424 next birthday, next November 11, accidental, or the day set?It is to spend the moon, or their own hearts War?

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