Heart Wenchuan, the situation over China

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(2008 at 14:28 on May 12) At that moment, grief-stricken land of China, Chinese people began to cry.At that moment, the sons and daughters of one mind, the three places sincere earthquake.Goes back to the afternoon of 12 May, scattered sunlight basin gloomy, gray clouds lazily floating in the deep sky mottled appearance of fine lines, heat Mi strong season, adhesive plaster camel sweat knot attached to the skin, how wipe also wipe without a net.Dense humid air, you can always squeeze water, on living in harmony with the asphalt road, steady stream of vehicles moving slowly.Between branches cicada, do not bother singing, hiding under the leaves looking for a breath of coolness. Young mother, while woke the sleeping child, while also urging men rummaging car keys, do not delay the child’s school hours; Maibing Gun of the old lady, sitting under umbrellas, shuffles open the freezer, kindly smile to pick up popsicles, next to a freezer can only little boy, his hands clinging to the freezer lid, dirty little hands, clutching a coin, helplessly staring at the old lady’s palm; transpiration alley, a group of children naked to the waist, barefoot, looked chasing frolic, too late to wipe on the skin color of wheat, while rolling off the sweat; in the office, the air temperature has been lowered, just before documented seated employees, still could not complain about the outside of the hot dry; nursery door, the young beauty’s mother, staring at the hand away innocent child figure teacher, emerged out of his eyes twinkle; under the bridge, the crowds, the old man sounded a basil , sitting in a corner, he stood in front of a bowl, pulling the erhu stand forlornly on the legs.Afternoon basin, people wake up just sitting, went to fight on the way to work, study and life.That day the sun, not much difference with the past, when people still pass under the flyover, the coins in a pocket and pulled out, put the bird in the bowl, issued a “jingle -” Cui Xiang.Children still sitting on his father’s motorcycle back seat, frowning to think, how to get a favorite toy; on the sidewalk side of the road, a few girls walk side by side, talking about the lovely snack, beautiful jewelry and new out comic books; the woman alley, the alley full of children chasing run, yelled at the shoes and clothes.(Read the article Net: World Wide Web.sanwen.All COM), it seems that with the past and not much difference, life goes forward in accordance with the trajectory of people’s thinking.However, the sudden disaster is so rapid, staunch, as if walking towards me prehistoric monster, so you can not avoid thinking and.Land of Abundance of common people, had never dreamed that such a terrible disaster: trembling earth, fall road, broken bed, collapsed buildings, falling viaduct.14:28’s earthquake, in people’s minds, there is no sign of arrival.Tremor on the road, pedestrians swarmed fled, scared face filled with great fear; in the shaking of the building, elevator and corridor mouth, packed with dense mass, standing firm employees, the end of terror make them panic flawless; children’s classroom door, scrambling to run out, timid, still sitting there, disconsolate and cry; depths of the alley, messy and noisy footsteps cries mixed together, outgoing far corner; the church’s priest, while exit the church, while the cross painted on his chest, praying to God; the yard waving palm-leaf fan of the old man, felt the earth shaking, and immediately rushed into the house, went to shake wake up the sleeping grandson; young mothers, shaking the earth in an instant, without hesitation rushed to the pupil is about to disappear in children, in total disregard of the crumbling front door.Dark, black sight, dull choking darkness.The earth suddenly fell, instantly houses collapsed, people trapped in the rubble, and does not distinguish left and right eyes, ears only, in the wrath of the earth, the faintly hear a distant voice.Cry, cry for help, cries, struggling to sound, explosions, burning sound, the sound of falling, collapsing sound.A variety of worried voices from all directions torn eardrum.His hand around to touch, one begins to touch, broken glass pierced fingertips, sharp objects piercing the palm of your hand.He shouted parents’ names, his wife and his son’s name, in the dark, over and over again.Blurred consciousness, his voice hoarse, but he still refuses to stop his hands and lips.People buried under the rubble, dark expanse of space, making them the creeps, rolling waves of more than aftershocks, but also to make them tremble in fear.The world at that moment ripped out his kindly face, anger, things fall into catastrophe, trampled creatures trapped in the endless impasse.Wenchuan, instantaneous become hell on earth, black clouds whispered against the ruins, tens of thousands of palm, from the rubble out, bloody hand, feebly waving direction toward the sky, until of as a stationary exclamation mark.Black eight-legged crow flew from the sky, the gods also the moment dejected silence.Hundreds of millions whose bright eyes, at that moment suddenly muddy blur.The strong earthquake, more than half of Chinese people pass and feel of microseismic, hanging heart suddenly fall into the endless trough.Sad tears in the eyes of wanton proliferation of bed, defeated all strong defense.Although I do not know exactly why the tears to flow, but the grief of people able to clearly feel, somewhere in the land of China is certainly a strong earthquake occurred.There are local earthquakes, there will be a miserable death, the thought of his compatriots – Yellow drinking water, eating green onion tofu, Chinese people grew up wearing Melaleuca successor, he has suffered such great misfortune, deep sad it can not be suppressed systemic breakdown.The strong earthquake quickly spread to the CPC Central Committee, 12 pm, priorities ridden startling news that Premier Wen Jiabao, immediately put down all the work at hand, to catch the plane to the disaster area.Life above all else, time is life, fast, accurate deployment of disaster relief, in order to rescue more lives.Heartbreaking one place of the Prime Minister, after the chartered flight, orbital swelling also been wet, but he had to suppress his sadness, stop and accurate deployment earthquake relief work.However, when the plane arrived in the disaster area, Premier Wen walked down the plane of the moment, his eyes still could not stop to fall down, a lot of trouble as a tragic sight bite heart, who also can not help touching.Without the slightest pause, Premier Wen Jiabao went to span thousands of miles, that body being put to the earthquake relief.Endless aftershocks, so that relief work has been stalled, the worst-hit Wenchuan County, due to the collapse and fracture of the eyes of the surrounding roads, rescue teams have been unable to enter, interrupted communications lines, but also makes contact blocked.Earthquake face daunting task in the face of collapsed walls and rubble continued subsidence, Premier Wen eyes more red, heart empty, unable to tolerate the grief filled, requiring all officers and men, exhausted all means to ensure the safety of people.And he also dragged aging body, struggling in the seismic line, over the past several days, the eyes do not close on time.Even tired to faint, he was unable to open the way, as a good prime minister of the people, always put his people’s good premier life in the first place, how can he have a moment to relax ah!The disappearance of the earthquake spread from north to south and three places, 7.Strong earthquake of 8, two days later, was identified as 8.0, that is since the founding of the strongest earthquake in the land of China faces.Good people, tolerate heart pain, in order to save struggling compatriots in dire straits, help them rebuild their homes after the disaster, spontaneously formed various alliances and disaster relief and rescue teams.Officers across the country were sent to the disaster area, major companies and corporations have generously countless families and individuals to donate money at thrift live frugally, donation boxes in front of the street, full of women and children for children, men and women.From universities across the country to high school, to primary schools and kindergartens, students of all ages, have generously come up with the money accumulated to donate to the disaster area.Various companies, businesses, factories, supermarkets, individual companies, have joined the donor into action, the life time of the disaster the people of the pressure in their hearts, so that they forget to eat and sleep worry.Even on the street, there was this scene, a small alms to beggars after him a hundred dollars to come up with good-hearted people, limped forward climb donations, the money stuffed into it; there is a begging for a day the old beggar, the bowl and all the money, piecemeal clutched a whole dropped into the donation box.Saw this picture, I had tears.Major media have also sent reporters rushed to the front, all television stations interrupted programming round the clock live in earthquake relief work.Overseas Chinese have also returned donations for earthquake fellow citizens contribute their own strength.May 19 morning, Tiananmen Square lowered to half, the State Council May 19 –21 days as a national day of mourning, people of all nationalities to express deep condolences to the earthquake victims compatriots.May 19 14:28 pm, the National People’s silence for three minutes, then cars, trains, ships whistle, air raid sirens.”Surmount earthquake relief!”Since the earthquake occurred up to now, we have seen, not a fleeting slogan, how much screen moving images, blurring my sight you how many moving stories, so you can not calm my heart a long time the power of the earthquake really terrible, but when the earthquake occurred, and we are witnessing shocking, but it is of one mind, sincere consistent power, only this power, our nation is to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and achieve great harmony and prosperity Cornerstone.Aftershocks continue, but along with this strong cohesion, I will believe you, victory is near the front!

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