Heart with Mengfei

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Part one: the heart with the inscription Mengfei: I miss distance measurement by breathing, by the month ending child divination Past and Present.Looking back, a meteor across the Sky.Heart, with the dream take off.Gentle wind, hold the leaves danced the pas de deux tempting.Open heart has been tied tightly, with the mist fall into the winter world together, messy mind a cavity apprehensive.  Ray Qingsi do pull string, ask an Acacia Song.Tears dew lovingly repeated singing, drop cemented eyes long for the deep-seated.Honey, let me send you your pillow moonlight these days.Those distant and ethereal dream ah, at this moment of promise into a deep, rippling in each other’s hearts.Smoke and mirrors flowers misty, desolate reading the mirror Ryoka.Just because love share of mind, I would like for you to make every I, she explains, and his only regret is waiting for the share.I hide in their own world, quietly waiting for everything belongs to us..Fluttering from wind ah, you wind blowing through the years mottled quietly and helpless, bustling with ups and downs; my heart also Dangqi deep sea ripples, circle, circle, circle.Love is a glass of wine on the wine Acacia, we taste, but also with those dejected sigh, or laughing together into a crazy ups and downs.We are only mortal, you can only miss any of the years dragged into a delicate and tortuous shadow.Time flies, inadvertently opened the present that only you can get, but never not read a book.Just opened the book at the moment, jump in front of still or turned for a long time, but also turn that page.Spread plain white rice paper, ink mixing fragrant incense, the only missing a word poetry Fu person.My love, know no?Millennium nostalgic, into a reincarnation of emotion Wanzai.  Between the wavefront flow, the venue and the case before I write light, Huixiu hearts word next book.Honey, do you know Me?This life, I only write to you, as you run to a lifetime of love.  You’ve been hiding in my dreams, he refused to appear clearly.That mysterious dream world, cut off from the sun and the moon deserted circulation of heaven and earth, isolated.You will have to cut off so unreal, so far away.Nightlife net quiet night, watching the solitary flickering, no reason to lament attracted a lot of Xixu.And then show a plain paper, fill a Que Acacia word.Trance, vaguely, in a time of migration, wasted years, across from Qingwo fingers quietly, silently.Former drip followed, nameless corner secretly wiped tears do not know whom.That was a long time bound choking heart, hovering in the dead of night life, the ultimate return of past lives bamboo habitat.  Clinging to pen love, between heaven and earth carved eternal promise.Nib remaining gentleness, after several wasted, tempting leaving only endless love.Leaning out of windows and look, a touch of dawn fascinated by the world, but not the ends of the earth drunk Chilian.Part II: I am a heart with Mengfei Yuchi Yuchi yet full of hope after full eagle can fly freely in the sky whenever my feathers grew more I tried to fly one day they want to fly in a dream blue sky holding this dream I beat myself again and again to become stronger so that his heart with Mengfei I believe that hard work pays off my day because of my efforts and bluer

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