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A: Encourage warm heart a few days ago, wanted to see the county party secretary, county Cheng Shuji very politely said: “I have too many things today, would you please look at it Kewei Song secretary desk.”These days, the once thought to Kewei Song secretary to write articles, but I often wonder at this time to his writing, is not suspected of bribery, but I think carefully, to avoid arousing suspicion is necessary, but I can not stiff in order to avoid arousing suspicion rather than a realistic point, before worrying about this and that reason is because it is too much to consider suspect, even the basic facts – the basic rights of individuals do not know to fight the.  For a long time, because of delays in the implementation of individual treatment for our party’s leading cadres sometimes some bias.However, August 1, 2012, I went to see the courage of Kewei Song Jiangxi Hengfeng County deputy secretary of the county party organization in my mind came the image of a sea change.Kewei Song secretary my face almost impossible to give him any good person, under a large crowd, after listening to my brief description is given a well-deserved but I think it has yet heard of evaluation – Kewei Song secretary, said: that you for so many years, hard working, well done to the party’s task now just want to raise wages through the necessary means, are you required to make progress hearts are valuable, you made to the party own demands is understandable, in this age, there is such a courage is rare.These are Kewei Song secretary to the effect that I had really wanted his words recorded, but it is clearly outdated, always feel not very good.So appropriate for the kind words but I had not heard, after all, his words gave me great courage and strength.”Hard working”, “courage”, “want to increase the number of treatment”, these words very simple, but also very pertinent.”Pros and cons Cunxin know” ah, I had to let my instincts long to make such a judgment.Finally, I sent Kewei Song secretary of a business card, Ke Shuji subconsciously said: “You in the end is the scholars, business card design is also a good thing!”You could say I see more lukewarm leadership, under the leadership encouraged so really rare, especially his words like the spring in March, for my encouragement it is too big.  Praise the party, I think it is not praise him personally, as Kewei Song secretary of the party’s grass-roots represent our status and image, not to mention, as an Internet writer, if an individual life is worthy of praise can go enthusiastic praise of.Besides, the great Mr. Lu Xun in the necessary back under their own over-defined – with confidence and pride definition: “I eat the grass, squeezed out the milk,” If you want to learn predecessors, I praise our party, rather than praise himself, it is above board to do.  Kewei Song secretary let me see the righteousness and strength of our party.    Part II: warm heart back positive, cold yearned for months at that touch of red or flushed evening, I thought of this sentence, but unable to write, afraid of their own shades of stroke and less sad connotation more points, and then be afraid over time, it will not be so afraid that they write a real.Therefore I chose a night and do not know to describe my well-being.Whispering Creek, frown sweet smile, who stands in the Qinhuai River, looking forward.Tears Zhijian, flower diameter cold, who grind tears as ink dip pen on the promise of the Millennium stone Sansei wish.Seem to have forgotten how long it has been there alone, it seems to have become accustomed to the body alone and only life, forget the forgotten concept of time, it so confused thoughts.I want to know who is falling from, we picked up the series from the past life karma in this life injuries, who Qianyindichang residual lobe in the rain, breaking the pool had a calm state of mind.Lonely speechless, in tears I have to.Once he shook Huhu think you can lead if not the king laugh Empress Dowager, but it is their own wishful thinking beyond recognition.The last to know I gave you the warmth whole and told me how other people smile.  Lanna gate dead of night lights, night rain south window, leaving only the rhythm, who Guzhen shallow smell, hear Bashan Nocturne, who know how to spend shade off the residue with a break up at the only pure land.I was just telling my sad, some people say I’m lonely, lonely I will not written your own text in the middle of the night, I will not be lonely seemingly carefree day but the pain attributed to heart it?I do not want to have it dissolved Sansei tears of love in that Qian complains Manwu place, that I also want to rub shoulders, and lift up drunk from how many lingering Chilian, how many poignant poem that life’s horizon tempting to fill.But the reality is so cruel, let me in the Red Dust, the touch roll to climb, get the black and blue, then let slowly wound scarring in the crowd trampling.It is said that the wound is to give absolute warmth and forgiveness.Light rain drops fall Whose eyes, elegant roots, who poured bent tip, I look silent, smile and stare at your pitiful reply, hope in the lonely shore who pick a petal folded bookmark , swipes painted crippled period.A parting Yan Zhilei, Broken Bridge people unknown.Cold yearned for months, just for you prime hand Juyi Peng month, illuminate my heart dawn.Heart-warming back positive, I hope that you smile warm spring that I can not doomed fate hospice.In this world everyone is busy living or get busy dying, I could not bear to warm to demand of others, I am opinionated, its own way, just want to let you have enough cold, indifferent enough, desperate enough, ridiculous I was so desperate to have regard to all.In the end I still can not express the exact meaning of that sentence, it may be it is my portrayal.I was willing to grind tears as ink, pen dipped into a crazy, Romance III wrote that for you.Part Three: March spring breeze warm spring breeze in my heart wet face, a person standing on the street in front of the market, inexplicable, my heart bursts sad.Why I can not walk, can only riding a bicycle, miss, well imagine as fast on the runway before Mercedes-Benz, they miss, kicking in the mud in the mountains where once football, I miss, flying canola flower fields in Yunnan, feel the joy and freedom golden moment.  Positive association in the eyes of an old man attracted to me.March wind, is a bit cold, the cold and wet weather, who can not stand, let alone was an octogenarian old woman.The old woman wearing a thick jacket, old man wearing a red hat, wearing black shoes, she stood there, bent knees, dull eyes stared straight ahead, white hair, wrinkled face, as if that a trace of breeze touching, the elderly but also with its floating fly away.I do not know, standing there in the end is why the elderly?Did no one ask her yet?Does she do with her children did not?Is preparing to present inquiry, along the direction of the eyes of the elderly, an aunt pushed her wheelchair to.Aunt helped her slowly, step by step, she walked in the direction of the wheelchair.Lift step is a slow motion, as if her feet tied stiffened chains.Went to a wheelchair, slowly turned around, hold hands with her aunt’s body, the elderly tentatively, hesitating, afraid of, finally sat in a wheelchair.Her feet, the habit of looking for a foot, foot to lose control, rotating her foot down a few times, twists and turns, only obediently listened to the words of the foot, the foot landed safely.  I looked at the screen scene, my heart mixed feelings.Nursing home old people, not warm bed to sleep, not eating delicious meals, eye presbyopia, cataracts and even some newspapers with unclear and sometimes can only watch TV for a while, lonely heart ah, in March the spring breeze turned into a plume of Acacia, thinking of children from afar, and now children and grandchildren, but can not look forward to the return of warm.Nightlife Net lived alone in the countryside of the woman, often a person facing the death of his wife’s black and white photo frame keep the tears.Daughter had to live in a distant city to work, often can not come back to visit Spring Festival.Grandson remembered high school, very busy, the last ten years, I have not seen my grandmother’s face several times.The family was so poor that a telephone no.Grieving Heart ah, look forward to in March turned into a plume of spring breeze, the distant children and grandchildren can look forward to Huijia see.His wife, ah, his wife, since you gone, my loneliness deeper, children are not around, usually even a greetings of people do not, I might as well follow you go to heaven, I will be reunited with you.March spring ah, you is not too cold voice of the old man sent to heaven?  Once, I was in the hospital, watching the scenes of appalling scene was so fear.Eighty-year-old man, pee on the bed, hands are shaking, and soon passed away.An old man, by the need to maintain oxygen to survive, deep eyes, mouth, groaning with pain, pull no urine, only to pull out the urinary catheter stuck to.In the outpatient department of a tertiary hospital, an old man with trembling, seem to have lost the ability to control the body, a group of young and healthy nurse, tied him to the bed, carried to the ambulance.  March spring ah, you blow a green willow, blowing red flowers, you put the bird crisp voice to summon you to the gurgling streams flowing figure, you put the last of the winter snows to melt, you put the spring beautiful wake up, you spring to life to the country, to bring people’s hearts.But ah, why do I feel your warmth?But ah, why the old man’s heart have to endure the loneliness and pain of torture?Old people are not sick will be terrible, and it will not be cold endured the pain of children?  March spring breeze, I know, you can not help be helpless old people.However, we can not put them minimize the damage?Sons and daughters, you are not should always go home to see your parents, helping them brush chopsticks wash dishes; neighborhood, you are not more attention should implement more practical action to old people who; youth, are you trying to divide half the time you travel to the needy old people; government officials, are not you should make a more complete measures to enable people to do the old old age, a sense of security, a feeling of happiness , old school it?  March spring breeze, although you can not tangible to help needy elderly.But, in my mind at the moment, but you wake up I had hemp purpose of heart.Were you taught me how to obey my parents, you taught me to use practical actions to help those who have difficulties, you, taught me Although physically disabled, but will not be disabled.Were you taught me to fight for the future of vaccination, rainy day, good exercise, not so old and so weak before!  Let our hearts spring speckled throughout the world now, among people also felt the spring heart is so warm, pleasant!    Part Four: warm heart Xiang Xi, also well enough years instantaneous flow away from between the fingers, such as a loose fireworks, flowers, flowers and fall.This season season cycle, flashed.- Article: fences sparsely forever, for us, it may be impossible.Also fell side by side silhouette sunset eyes, it seems early for us to notice the last sunset tale ending.Now look, even in silhouette looks are not clear.We have forgotten each other, forgotten by then seriously said always remember clear of each other, just to be outside now you walk in the dust, and I was wandering in the mortal world.But I know.If you can catch if you see a long time in a place, I do not really care about will stand together side by side.  Over and over again in the paper that says do not say goodbye, but once again expand trip.You never know I do not and never have to say goodbye to you.Every time approached, only to secretly look at you.Each time away, but in order to stay a harmless space, so you have no reason for me to say goodbye.I would rather wade wading in a hurry to reveal the mountain, never reluctant to let you see me behind you, a pupil of the eye gaze.Never say goodbye, I vowed to set up a city at a distance of reach of.In addition you refuse to range.  Remember to talk to you when he said that the most important person or thing.It will not be easily lifted.You agree that occurred long lasting no sound each other, the original, this is the best proof, because I’m not the best in your eyes.and so.I do not disappointing end to give you: I am not your heart the worst, I can not make you too tired birth.Let me make it so good nor bad.Then I stood not far nor near places.Keep a hold crossing heart, leaving the best to give you a berth.And I, nor let you see my worst aground.  Crazy world of anger, sometimes known as black prison-like dark without the light of day.Only one person.It can be submerged another person full of life.I never refused to admit that you will destroy my world.Because, I do not know nothing outside dust is not thinking nothing Gu?This is the Red colored.Because students will feel colored in different flavors and circles the earth.Like when you think.Shallow faint sour powder: As read once, half wipe wipe dew setting sun half: As from Italy from.But not just gray gray ink dance.I still like playing with the distance apart of you.Excluding the dust in the dust outside.  I like to listen to your voice, listen to your smile.Unfortunately, never let you know, my request is actually so small.The period you like to listen to music heard through the rainy season and snow season.The one you sang the familiar to the people around know.Just your smile buried in his deepest end of the night.Grabbing the wrong shoulder those days sketched on paper into a further sum.So, like.In the days to come more and more into a long silence.And staring quietly standing posture.Pass the attack at the dust waiting, though people gone, but at least with the wind.  If one day be forgotten you, please do not say you’re sorry.There is a persistent Only one person has enough.To me, that is not load.And to you, is a load bearing permanent, I would prefer a trip to the afterlife lupine jiggle your past life.If one day I will also forget you.Please forgive my life mottled discoloration.I believe my last efforts will continue to be a complete’m sorry, even if no longer remember to whom.I do not hold hands, and grow old without.Leaving only a symbol forget to facilitate the search for the afterlife.  The end of the year.My hair was a bit longer, distribute always messy, but often do not bother Shulong.Once you pair of Jin Jing Su hand often through my black hair, shed a little jerky in tenderness between me.There is always a blue lamp Buddha, there is always a fleeting too indistinct, determined as the total cold mirror, cool air is not always black hair.Have your day has become a book, quietly deep taste, like people early planting into your appearance.but it is.Only wait and see far.    Part Five: heart-warming people say is missing under the glass of alcohol poisoning when you decide to drink it, it will be with the flow of blood through the body cloth and slowly ate away at your mind, including your life.When you are stepping on the ladder a little bit painful climb, sadly, do not know to build on the slip eternal hate, but do not know regret it forever inextricably poison, one day you really missed it, the remorse , understand, be all in all, already have changed.  Icy abyss, your breathing seal knot, how much you yearn for a permanent temperature, body and mind can be baked cold, bitter when you wait, hoping, all this was imminent demise as a meteor-like tactile difficult.  Bitter dried up tree trunks may not wait for next spring, will cut the raft were burned at the time of his dying, he leaves with his gazing together away because he did not want to look at his beloved leaves him Like ashes, sadly, he thought, there is no tree, leaf, where the source of the absorption of nutrients, and where to find the courage to live and hope.With drawn to the moment, it can only have been doomed alleys, day by day thin, a little bitter dried up, and eventually shriveled body, they are collectively burned, buried, swallowed by a ruthless soil.  Wang Yang can not stand in the Hai Lang Tao scared, you would rather hang on a pool of water, even if you can not see the outside of the rainbow look like, there is no ideal impulse, desire and no longing for distant.Everything is just because the heart is blocked, the idea is broken, life is poisoned and plundered.  When all the stories in the scoring on the end, it will be doomed to turn this page of history, we do not care if it’s perfect, whether as heart wish.Perhaps, in all of the depths of memory, only a floral flying time, will not withstand the people, recalling the tragic.  Assume, in the parting of the day is the rainy season, you will be in every rainy season, we can read, that the rhythm of the rain, in the gap left by missing beat, more willing to savor, drizzle, drop palm off that wet feeling.  There is a habit, and others do not want to talk, for fear others could not understand you, but only add sadness, accompanied by only one person pure character, give him painted the color of their own feelings, thoughts tell a bright blue color, pour grief is left out of the gray, cold and vent the pain is biting black.When a piece of paper revealed a number of mood, thoughts heart also will float, along with engraving, carving work, it is the most complex color blending this world.  Dream passing quiet road, such as azure in the stars, and if the heart rhythm is slim Valley hum songs, thoughts wrapped, covered with heart-hyun.  Once, after a show window at the front of the store, I heard playing inside in a letter “from the song”, was particularly fond of the kind of frenetic screaming feeling, and now when listening to the same song, has no At that time the feeling of melancholy, sad Toru, may my heart for too long repressed pain, and paralysis of his own.  Today, things are passed moved, walked the so-called “light did not program” are all trying stepped on.Those delicate and touching eachother, had no such shortage of marsh, rust on the moss, covered with a beautiful black.Slowly, those grand ambitions, become good at silence, not as Firelight diffuse redness of the skin, so be it, as to miss the last drop of submissive, self warm.

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