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Part One: rapid heartbeat stopped Benz pace, stroking his chest, feeling the heartbeat, whether it tells.I Fall in love with running, running very real process.When run all the way, blood churning hot, flowing, flowing through every inch of skin, it feels really giddy excitement.And often sweat sputtering out, and then fell to the ground leaving a watermark bit by bit, the reality on the pang, which traces with the pace I Ji Ben, let me remember all the time: I once ran this section of the road and left me off the mark.So down not only me, everyone will even remember, there was such a person, ran this place.  Ran all the way, beating thumping sound but also with the way in sharp beating his chest, hit the chest bumped, bursts of heavy resonance.Perhaps it So let me really aware that I was ahead, I was successful!Rich sound faint trace of a person is born of passion and warm.If the only way the genuineness of feeling will make people feel the presence of the living reality.  Pursuit, really good!  Living life, it is the result of the pursuit of existence.Painter pursuit magnificent frame, writer pursuit of beautiful poems, poor pursuit of a better life, the pursuit of the rich family business forever.People like this, there is always a little bit of what longing, which it means desire, but this is the man!This is the people’s worst instincts Or can be said that the human spirit up.  However, when Jiben, if people would stop, stroking his chest, severe heart to hear that, listen to it telling the truth?Why not ask the atria speed up running, whether it pretty tired?It is there to hear it breathing, it’s trembling cry for help?  Perhaps, we are pursuing, but also enjoy.But who does not go skim ourselves, ask yourself whether you really need to pursue?Ask the artist to pursue the frame, whether it is in order to promote the arts?Ask the writer of the Psalms, to really shake a sense of people’s hearts?Ask the poor in the pursuit at the same time, whether or not cherish what they have?Ask the rich continue to struggle at times, it really is necessary to get more life?  Ask.Well, why not stop their own self-serving forward, listen to your heart, listen to the words it was saying.Perhaps well-Zhesha heart child is tired, maybe you can not bear the weight of the complex Silky.  It seems that desperate pursuit of struggling, it really makes sense?  China, with the most rapid rate of rise in the international community, has created a incredible achievement, became the miracle of evidence, can be said that the existence of God.  Indeed, such a country, the country is enough to make people stand tall, broad line of heroic strides in any corner of the world.After all, the country is the most strong dignity!  Guoxing people Xing, the country bad people bad.Fate national and the State Department is closely together.The more prosperous country, a sense of national honor has become more lively.Such a proportional relationship, may be recognized by everyone the truth.  However, if there is such a scene: one after another high-rise buildings going up, directed at the sky, while sitting in front of the building has a more ragged poor man child, a broken pocket Chuaizhuo moaning.  Ever seen a luxury restaurant kitchen behind remote alleys, is a group of bony feet hovering, waiting for Leftover food handouts?  Whether seen on a car speeding road vehicle price, a whizzing dealings figure, only a small plastic pots?  .People and things like that, whether one is a ridiculous theory Miao?  Do not!This is a positive thing in my day and even your side is played out.These looks are undoubtedly a day of famine Miao theory, but it is a worthy cause for thinking of hidden shame.  China’s rapid development, which I have greatly admire.However, at the same time of intense heartbeat, whether the attention of it?This huge chest about what shock is also quietly saying it!  Guoxing and bad people, this is probably a paradox everyone ridiculed it.State whether any of the aspects are in the most glamorous faces running in the forefront of the world, but look inside hysterical, still others are secretly hiding behind the shabby, dirty with.  All this people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi.Intelligent Chinese people ah, their bitterness inside you probably well aware of it than anyone else.Tired of living a day in the upper layer of man-days feasting, invites life, which can not really explain Chinese fame, the country strong and rich people.Although they are Chinese people, but they can not represent what is China.Anti sees them, who secretly hidden in the bottom of life of the poor is a country most people Erque a real microcosm, no added without modification, the most glorious reveal whether or not a country.This group of people is precisely the end of a country’s heart, even if the surface scenery again, even if we can deceive anyone, we can not hide from this strong heartbeat, no doubt a realistic face!  Stop, take a break and listen to his heart beat it!  I love the feeling of running, China also love running speed, at this moment, both of us should stop, stop and ask yourself, listen to your heartbeat, hear its appeal, it needs.    Part II: heartbeat but had to walk all the way to see the best bloom again, a write-off, but the fate edge scattered.Lifetime dedication, nothing more than fate!  Like a dream to do.But I am not in a dream.Trance under the rain, I was free in the scene, this summer does not bring obsession, full of vitality in the world, there is no audio of me, what means to justify their existence?  Fingertip touch of residual fragrance, can no longer smell a trace, yellow wax fingers, like most of the litter of twigs.Numbness of the mouth wipe drinks mixed with bloodshot eyes, mad at the sky in the night, a lights out of the dark red curtains erosion, deep, shallow, and have seen is ended!Pass, people saw the stranger’s own lonely from each other in the back!  Villas Whispering Labyrinth Chu, who can cup drunken moon?  Such as Broken Dreams, Elegy Flurry empty sin, Profit and Loss of months, everything would be no Namida?Twenty years Pipedream hate, once dead, why face?  Also keep, fear see scattered clouds rain fly, not far from the road, when to desolately?Sweep dust and laughter suicide, drop their lives, two lines of Tears!  My dream, my heart, my life, in the deep memory is faint heartbeat at any time to be extinguished!Perhaps the rest of his life can only be inscribed under the heart, why a person happens to be left alone heartbeat?Sauna net change in fate always unconsciously, sometimes broken dreams, perhaps to see tomorrow, beautiful or not?Not to expectations, no grasp of life for perhaps a treasure, who knows?  perhaps.Throw away those unpleasant memories, quietly life, humble live in this city, do not expect something to change.At the moment my biggest wish is to retain, I have this moment, this section of the plain, says no ambition or, say that I am comfortable over work worth mentioning!I was such a day in the afternoon after a meal, can listen to favorite songs, pumping a hint of smoke, thick pot of tea!This feeling another day of sunshine, to meet perhaps so quietly watching my favorite, bursting out with a smile every day in their own lives!  I walked accept every mistake, I slowly to accept my flaws, I gradually the habit, as if no longer believe that there is no case in front of the starry night sky.A lot of people forget the lights dim.I smiled, I forgive every person a misunderstanding.I hope some day dedicated a moment, the cloud scattered rain, brilliant sunlight!Ever since, I have forgotten that bitter mouth, I split goes not very big mouth, not too far-fetched out a hint of smile, looking at the summer sky.Natural closed his eyes, to make every effort to breathe, to enjoy, to obsession.  I was very young, this is a very pleasant answer, but I know there is not much time to rest, because I have not any chronic illness or an incurable disease or something, the reason is very simple, but I hated this day, hate he created the human race, but why their life is so short?  Very strange, recent heart should have been annoying, but surprisingly calm.A restless heart, but still not up rebellion.Sit like a man in prison for decades, used to it, the heart is imprisoned, wanted to look at the activities, but only a slight struggle.  Life is so tangled predicament, light, and also scattered.But the situation does not own.My world, always erase those memories, with the gap between the fingers quietly lost, there is still a lonely man.  Shallow sip a drink booze as good as wild.Elegy smile is better to indulge into tears!All the way through, with so much preparedness, concerns, do not tired it?Along the way, so many left, how can easily leave?  Under the years, that broken window, or that posture, I sketched out your face, but you no longer, burning to do yesterday, a love flowers bloom, is still there.But the heart unbearable destruction.I dream less, they may be more pure love, I am only a man free in the dream.Heart slightly hurt, but smilingly!  Why does heartbeat.Why would a person heartbeat, why two people feel a heart beating.

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